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Reduce fuel consumption. Electronic Work Diary, EWD Australia. Utilities Utilities businesses, are frequently customer facing in one capacity or another.

Electronic Work Diary, EWD Australia

Typically one can expect utilities providers to have several vehicles on the road at any given time. These vehicles can be across Australia, in remote areas or densely populated cities. It is critical in that case for utilities companies to be able to track their fleet in a Real-Time environment, whether this is for job dispatch, improvements to productivity and bottom line, or OH&S. reasons FleetSeek has an impressive track record of working with national fleets, and is no stranger to managing large fleets. Safety Systems Australia. Safety & Efficiency for Truck Transportation The impact of a truck drivers driving style can impact fuel economy by as much as 30%.

Safety Systems Australia

Our system reports provide real time reporting on a trucks fuel consumption, but most importantly it shows how an individual is driving a truck in terms of the time in engines “sweet spot”, in over rev and excessive idle times. Our customers use this information from their trucks to coach their drivers to drive more fuel efficiently, which we expect will bring them fuel savings of between 7 – 12%. This not only saves fuel costs but also reduces carbon emissions too. As well as efficiency reporting, Fleetseek provides key fleet safety statistics including speeding, brake utilisation, harsh braking, acceleration, cornering, and TEBS activations (trailer electronic braking systems).

Fleet Safety Systems Australia. Fatigue Management Australia, Construction / Plant & Equipment Construction / Plant & Equipment The equipment and tools that are used within the Construction industry are critical to delivering on projects, big and small.

Fatigue Management Australia, Construction / Plant & Equipment

It is vital that these valued tools are utilised properly, and maintained to increase the lifespan of each piece of equipment, vehicle, or plant. This robust machinery – need to be monitored in unique ways, that are in line with industry compliance standards, and Real-Time visibility is highly important. Fleet Safety Solutions, Driver Behavior Analysis, Reduce Fuel Consumption

8 Best Reasons Why You Should Choose Fleet Seek Fleet Tracking Software in Australia. Do you run a business that has to deal with vehicles?

8 Best Reasons Why You Should Choose Fleet Seek Fleet Tracking Software in Australia

If you own a business where you have a number of vehicles to regulate then managing them effectively is a must. No matter if the core domain of your business is to import or export or you provide transportation services to businesses, the tracking system can come to real use. By deploying it to your existing system, you will be able to extract brilliant outcomes and investing Fleet Sleek is a must if you live anywhere in Australia. Tracking software has recently gained momentum for their amazing usability and Fleet Seek is one of a kind.

Fleet Tracking Software is necessary for your business, no matter of what size it may be. Fatigue Management Australia. Theft protection & Recovery Software Transport & Logistics Long haul, short haul, or just around the corner!

Theft protection & Recovery Software

FleetSeek understands the real demands of Fleet Management for Trucks, Utes, Cars, and Trailers. It’s too easy to keep using that same old route that you have always used as you know it – however it may not be the most cost effective, or safest (your driver may be in very remote areas alone). Or you driver may have capacity to take a load on the way from a drop as a job might be close to his route back to the yard. FleetSeek, uses the latest technology, and with our specially developed solutions designed for the Transport & Logistics industries. Fleet Safety Solutions, Driver Behavior Analysis, Reduce Fuel Consumption Fleet Cameras Australia, Driver Safety Camera, Camtracker Live in Australia. Reduce accidents, minimise claim costs and protect your fleet.

Fleet Cameras Australia, Driver Safety Camera, Camtracker Live in Australia

Among the first in Australia, we provde fleet cameras Australia wide, this driver saftey camera also features telematics technology. As well as being able to view live footage from the dash cam as it happens, other data is also regularly updated. GPS position, temperature systems and braking are recorded in order for CAMtracker to better detect unsafe driving. This driver safety camera is currently working for fleets across 15 countries with almost 100 million miles being monitored monthly. Worldwide fleet camera specialist. Untitled — Telematics Solutions Australia. Fleet Safety Solutions, Driver Behavior Analysis, Reduce Fuel Consumption Untitled — NextG GPS Vehicle Tracking. LIVE Temperature Monitoring Refrigerated Vehicles

LIVE Temperature Monitoring Refrigerated Vehicles Live combined vehicle tracking and temperature monitoringMonitor real-time visibility of temperatures across your fleetProvide customers with proof of load temperatureReal-time alerts via SMS, email and VoipAudit trail for reporting and dealing with discrepancies The Challenge In a highly competitive market, operators are looking for new technologies that can give them a competitive advantage in running a more efficient and productive refrigerated transport operation.

LIVE Temperature Monitoring Refrigerated Vehicles

Theft protection & Recovery Software Untitled — Cloud Based GPS Tracking Solution. Telematics Solutions Australia, Telematics. Fleet Tracking Software, GPS Vehicle Tracking System Australia.