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FleetRobo Fleet Management Solutions are the end to end solution for managing vehicle effectively and efficiently. It is an IT-enabled Solution that streamlines day to day process of managing, controlling and maintaining the fleet of vehicles for continuously running.

Risks Accompanied with Traditional Vehicle Tracking Methods. The vehicle tracking system is the technology that is used to locate the area of a vehicle utilizing various strategies like GPS and other route frameworks working by means of satellite and ground-based stations.

Risks Accompanied with Traditional Vehicle Tracking Methods

The modern vehicle tracking system utilizes GPS technology that finds vehicles at any place on earth. If we talk about this time of high business uncertainty, do you know where actually your fleet is running? How much they have traveled during the entire day? Whether the driver ensures a smooth driving pattern or not?

How much fuel is consumed and refilled during the trip? Now, let’s discuss some potential risks associated with Non-Tracking of the Vehicle 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Why FleetRoboTM GPS E-Lock Is Best Locking Solution Ever! In reference to the tragic event that happened recently in Madhya Pradesh, the authorities are keen to put several constraints on the movement of Goods specifically Spirit Tankers.

Why FleetRoboTM GPS E-Lock Is Best Locking Solution Ever!

The constraints including real-time visibility of the means of transport, lock/Unlock Mechanism, Geo-Fencing of the Route it traveled, etc. FleetRobo™, with the nurturing experience of more than 34 Years, has come forward to aid authorities to cater to these day-to-day challenges and tends to provide efficient, cost-effective and easy-to-use technology embedded solutions, so that they can ponder the best strategies for their department rather than focusing on the movement of the Goods. So the Question lies that what are the benefits that FleetRobo™ is providing MP Excise Department to cater to these day-to-day challenges? So, here are the underlying benefits of the state of art FleetRobo™ RFID/GPS embedded E-Lock to provide the best locking solution to the user: FleetRobo Social Distancing App to safeguard your workplace! Bill Gates said in an interview that, “The coronavirus pandemic pits all the humanity against the virus.

FleetRobo Social Distancing App to safeguard your workplace!

The damage to health, wealth, and well-being has already been enormous. This is like a world war, except in this case, we’re all on the same side.” Besides the serious implications for people’s health, COVID-19 (coronavirus) has also affected the economy of the world by putting all business on hold. For the safety of their employee’s organizations have curated the policies of work from home and have put all their workforce on remote for doing their work. Now that the situation is coming back to normal in various parts of the countries, organizations are looking out for various ways to bring in the new normal. A few months’ rear, we are not much familiar with the term “communal distancing”. We all know that maintaining such a level of social distancing by self-power is such a troublesome job for everyone. Some of the Key- Points about of our solution: Author: Anuj Gupta. GPS Vehicle Tracking Products for Public Convenience (Garbage Collection Trucks)

Today Vehicle tracking system is not just confined to cargo and transportation industry, in fact the government departments are accepting the importance of telematics products like it was never before.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Products for Public Convenience (Garbage Collection Trucks)

Governments are using vehicle tracking systems for police department for improving road safety and reaction time to reach to crime scene and for civic operations for better functioning of their cities civic amenities. Modern vehicle tracking system are small and easy to install on any type of vehicle and are coupled with easy vehicle tracking software interface to operate and monitor vehicle in real time. Recently, Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) started project for installing GPS Vehicle Tracking System for its garbage collection to monitor the movement. The decision came ensuing the complaints of residents that garbage is not collected regularly.

“We will now expand the project to other wards. How android apps are expanding horizon in Vehicle Telematics? Android apps in taxi and cab management solutions primarily used by daily cab service provider is an intuitive communication alternative that not just provide convenience for the Driver, fleet operator and remotely sitting feel manager to communicate with Central operation center to retrieve booking and information but also streamlines the overall fleet management operations to enhance performance and increase ROI.

How android apps are expanding horizon in Vehicle Telematics?

We would like to bring out the disruptive change brought by android applications not leaving this vehicle telematics industry untouched. The intuitive interface of android apps and smart integration into existing IT systems have made it breakthrough technological device for customer booking management, generating duty, generating bills, remote vehicle tracking, retiring reports etc. Let’s show you the usage of android apps at facets of vehicle telematics: Android apps for taxi management gives easy access to vacant taxi or the requirement of taxi at a particular time. 1. Growing Trends In Fleet Management System Market. Though in nascent stages in Indian market, fleet management system is growing fast,specially in metro cities like Delhi NCR, part of this because of emerging private taxi and cab operation business.

Growing Trends In Fleet Management System Market

Also government regulations for installing tracking devices to ensure safety and security in public transportation system and for efficient commercial transportation has given opportunity to IT Companies to invest time and money to develop a robust and reliable business solution. The benefits of having complete fleet management solution for organization fleet haven’t fully introduced to fleet owners but the information is reaching to them and more and more operators are planning to install and replace the manual processes of fleet management system with automated systems. Women safety is major concern in metro cities, specially in Delhi, as more and more case are reported for safety of women in city. GPS Vehicle Tracking Advantages - Fleet Robo. Gone are the days when GPS Vehicle Tracking devices & GPS Navigation devices were considered as an accessory for a car embellishment.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Advantages - Fleet Robo

In 21st Century, these are proving to be a handy tool to ensure safety and security to passengers against crimes and mis-happening with women, senior citizens, children and in fact shared transportation Vehicle commuters (BPO Cabs, Taxi, Car Pooling, Public Transport etc.) GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems:- • Safe guard you, elders, children, women and guests against possible mis happening.

GPS Vehicle Tracking System in India. Implementation of GPS Vehicle Tracking System in Business process and for individual usage is getting popular in India. It is not just limited to its implementation is public transport vehicle, rather it is accepted in all type of agencies/companies involved in Transportation, Logistic, Safety and Security etc.

Recently, it is been announced to install GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices in all public transport vehicles in Delhi. But, let’s not get fascinated by 360’ Buzz about Vehicle Tracking, GPS Navigations etc. rather lets apprehend and spread the precise Benefit of GPS Vehicle Tracking System. What are the Benefits? How it can be helpful? Need for Car GPS Tracker and Car Management Systems to check Driver Indiscipline. What do you feel is the reason for chaos on Indian Roads?

Need for Car GPS Tracker and Car Management Systems to check Driver Indiscipline

1. Lack of driver training 2. How GPS vehicle Tracking System Work ? - Fleet Robo. GPS Vehicle tracking system works with syndication of electronic device installed in vehicle, or fleet of vehicle with ICT (Information and communication technology) Infrastructure.

How GPS vehicle Tracking System Work ? - Fleet Robo

The electronic device with GPS receivers installed in Vehicle helps to define the latitudinal and longitudinal degree of location, while they receive signals from satellite. The locational data and other information is sent to the base station (where the server and purpose-designed computer software are developed and installed) to collect and arrange all the information. The collected information can be viewed using Software system installed on computer with internet connectivity. There are lot many companies that provide different interface to view and monitor the vehicle across different terrain.

The data can be view in tabular form and also one can track & monitor the remote vehicle location on digital map also. GPS Vehicle Tracking – Cars, Trucks, Load Vehicles & School Buses - Fleet Robo. Scenario is getting changed! Safety and Security of Vehicle along with Passenger as well as load is becoming primary objective for all type of enterprises. The demand as well as need both is proportionately increasing for GPS Car Tracking System . Be it a Transportation Company (Cab Service Provider) or Enterprise with Big Fleet of Cars, or an individual car owner with chauffeur Driven Vehicle, its is becoming important for everyone to deploy GPS Car Tracking System to ensure safe transit of Passengers, proper handling of Vehicle, effective utilization of shared resources and prevention against fuel siphoning and theft.

GPS Vehicle Tracking System in Bangalore and Hyderabad. The demand for GPS Vehicle Tracking is increasing in all parts of world.

GPS Vehicle Tracking System in Bangalore and Hyderabad

There are plenty of vendors across India to provide GPS enabled tracking system for cars, bus, trucks, bike etc. Galerie de Fleet Robo. Fleet Management Software System - Fleet Robo. Fleet Management is not a jargon to denote Fleet Monitoring and Control (Vehicle Tracking and vehicle dispatching) only. It is a much broader term that encompasses all related activities that help in managing vehicle financing, vehicle maintenance, vehicle telematics (tracking and diagnostics), driver management, speed management, fuel management, customer record management and health & safety management. It is a challenge in itself to manage the plethora of activities involved manually. If you are not able to manage it effectively, believe me, you will be losing somewhere and hampering your business landscape!!

Fleet Management Software has emerged as powerful tool to streamline operational processes involved in Fleet Management. In fact, they are shaping the success path for leading Transport organizations by cutting down overhead expenses, bringing efficiency and increasing returns. As an enterprise what 4 things you should see in Fleet Management Software:- 1. Integrated Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking Software - Fleet Robo. If your are dealt with a product offering with integrated fleet management and vehicle tracking software that can work on all modern devices like smartphones & tablets in addition to conventional web browsing machine like desktops and laptops. Here is the solution for you: Fleet Robo – Fleet Management Solutions. It is an end to end fleet management software solution that can be customized to facilitate the specific and niche requirement of companies & transporters with varied Business operational methodology.

It is obvious a fleet of school buses will require a different feature set with emphasis on security of students with Panic Button (SOS) and emergency alerts and it will be all together different feature set requirement for inter state transporter for load transit. Similarly, cab service provider and taxi management companies will be more interested in automatic vehicle dispatching. 4 things you should see in Fleet Management Software - Fleet Robo. 1. Robust Application 2. Complete Solution 3. Customizable 4. Fleet Robo-Fleet Management Solutions Blog Feeds. School Bus Fleet Management Solution with Vehicle Tracking System. School Bus Fleet Management.

Benefits of Taxi and Cab Management Software System - Fleet Robo. We discussed about all the points of customer service and ensuring safety to passenger specially women, just to make one pint, i.e. to build trust with the customer. It is very important to build your brand name as trustworthy cab services. Benefits of Cab and Taxi Management Software System - Fleet Robo. For a cab service provider the biggest challenge is to find and dispatch the vehicle on customer request in minimum possible time in order to reduce Customer Waiting time, provide impromptu customer services and thereby bring customer delight.

Taxi Dispatching Software - Fleet Robo. Taxi dispatching is a concept where the location of a vehicle is determined using GPS and location information is transmitted through Network infrastructure with GPRS enabled Network SIM. Vehicle Tracking Application on Apple iTunes App Store. Vehicle Tracking in India. GPS Vehicle Tracking and GPS Navigation - Fleet Robo. Often, the term GPS Tracking and GPS Navigation are mingled and used indifferently in describing them as solution for Car Security and Safety. Few consider it overlapping terms and can be quiet baffling in understanding it precise utility.

Vehicle Tracking Software for Transportation Industry - Fleet Robo. If someone ask me what is the future of Automotive Transport Companies in India, what will be my answer? Vehicle Tracking Software for Transportation Industry (part -2) Let’s do an interesting activity! You write down Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats for your business in below table:- Try to populate the list for each of the above requirement. It’s not as easy to find out things!! As per well know saying,” The difference between success and failure for a business is, understanding about Strength and Weaknesses.” SWOT Analysis helps you in taking right decision for the same you should have precise data.

Fleet Robo - Vehicle Tracking Software Solutions. Automate Your Cab Services and Taxi Management. “Cab and Taxi” are getting popular these days for transit from one place to another. Demand for Telematics for Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management in India. Emerging Demand for Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking System in Mumbai & Pune. Role of Telematics in Transport Management.