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The main worry for fleet owners and individual car owners is the theft of cars. When a car is stolen it can lead to a lot of revenue loss and also capital loss. However, when you fix a reliable gps tracker for car, you need not worry. The tracker will help you to keep track of your car always. Even when it is on a ride or when it is stationary. This helps in charting the route of the car also and helps to identify wasteful trips too. The cost of the tracker is well worth the safety and reliability that the trackers brings with it. For additional contact reach us at 9698188333 9698488444‬ or mail us Visit our website for more information.

Vehicle Tracking Software. Vehicle GPS Tracking Device | Track Car, Bus &Truck Online – fleettrack. Even in the most remote areas with unstable network, you will be covered by a GSM frequency band of 900/1800 or 950/1900 MHZ. Add unlimited devices in the Fleettrack application for tracking your family’s cars and bikes or a fleet of various vehicles like cars, vans, trucks, cabs etc. across the Globe. It gives you real-time view and history of all your vehicles on one easy to use screen.

Track your friends, family, employees as well as colleagues with the real-time tracking of Fleettrack tracking devices. This feature enables you to track in the present time with exact location instantly. Fleettrack tracking app enables you to create zones for tracking your friends, family, employees as well as colleagues. It alerts you every time they enter or exit the specified area. Get notifications via this feature to check whether the Ignition is ON or OFF. Set your own speed limits and get alerts whenever it is exceeded.

Set your own speed limits and get alerts whenever it is exceeded. Fleet Tracking Software6. GPS Vehicle Tracker are easy to fix.