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SURFdrive. Making Colors (7): Failure and Success in Historical Remaking - Jessie Wei-Hsuan Chen. *This blog post is part of the series Making Colors. The historical remaking research of my project is supported by the grant from the Oak Spring Garden Foundation. The first lesson I learned when I began the historical remaking research of my project was embracing the mistakes, errors, and failures in the process and result. They have been an expected and integral part of the making and remaking process in the past year. Despite knowing so, it was frustrating nonetheless when an experiment did not lead to a successful pigment, wash, or painting. However, I find myself not only welcoming failed experiments, but often valuing them more than successful ones as I progress over time.

Defining success in artistic production What do failure and success mean within the context of artistic production, then? When conducting historical reconstruction or remaking experiments, I often apply similar criteria to assess the results. Fig. 1. Fig. 2. Making a pastill Fig. 3/Vid. 1. Shifting perspectives. Planting Pigments | Universiteit Utrecht | About.