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Audio Engineering Program - Dark Horse Institute. A recording arts program taught by top studio engineers On the first day of classes, held in one of the four recording studios, you’ll be actively learning and participating in studio-related audio engineering tasks.

Audio Engineering Program - Dark Horse Institute

Recording classes at Dark Horse Institute are small to ensure that our students get plenty of one on one time with their instructors and recording equipment as needed. That means from day one, you will learn by doing, not just watching. In addition to hands-on experience with our studio equipment, as part of your studies at DHI, we’ll bring in two professional working bands for you to work with and record as final projects. You’ll get invaluable experience and knowledge in music production and the recording arts from our instructors, who have decades of credits from recording the “who’s who” of recording artists from all genres of music. Members Only - Home Music Studio 1. Professional Online Audio Frequency Signal Generator. Human Hearing. The human ear is an exceedingly complex organ.

Human Hearing

To make matters even more difficult, the information from two ears is combined in a perplexing neural network, the human brain. Keep in mind that the following is only a brief overview; there are many subtle effects and poorly understood phenomena related to human hearing. Figure 22-1 illustrates the major structures and processes that comprise the human ear. Drum micing:Glyn Johns technique. Glyn Johns Technique Glyn Johns is a famous recording engineer.

Drum micing:Glyn Johns technique

Mick Guzauski - Official. Pensado's Place. About Top mixing engineer Dave Pensado (Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, Mariah Carey, Elton John, Michael Jackson, and more!)

Pensado's Place

Talks all things music and audio in his weekly show, Pensado’s Place. Dave gives you insights into his career and teaches you how to get that “platinum record” sound for your own mixes. The show includes interviews with top music industry artists,engineers, producers, mixers, and record executives, as well as in depth tutorials in engineering and mixing. Mac OS X Audio - The Ultimate OS X Music and Audio Production Site. RECORDING.ORG. Harmony Central. The Recording Revolution. I’ve written before on expanding your inputs with ADAT, and how it’s a simple way to get more channels of audio into your ADAT equipped interface.

The Recording Revolution

Today, however, I want to show you exactly how to hook the darn thing up and specifically in Pro Tools how to set things up to work flawlessly. In… Read more » Some of you out there may own and use an audio interface that features an optical ADAT input. Tape Op Message Board. Audio archiving, video digitising and tape preservation in Bristol, UK. RECORDING. - MPG Online Music Production School. Recording Workshop - Music, Audio and Sound Production School. De-Essing Files. This page will introduce how to use the Spitfish add-on to decrease the ess sounds in a file.

De-Essing Files

If you find your file to be really essy (with strong S sounds), you can try using this tool. Download & Install the Spitfish Add-on The latest version of Fish Fillets (which contains Spitfish) can be found here. To install: Unzip the Zip file. Using Spitfish Open the Audacity file you want to de-ess. When satisfied with the levels, click the "listen" button again to turn it off, and click Preview to listen to the preview of the de-essed track. Make Home Recordings Pro Audio Recordings. 3dB. Adhesive and Double Sided Foam Tape. Homepage. East West Audio Body Shop. Studio Acoustics. ZSound Acoustical Tuning Systems. Ensemble System The ZSound Ensemble system, offers top of the line acoustic control for the uncompromising recording engineer.

ZSound Acoustical Tuning Systems

Complete packages available for 100 - 500ft2 rooms for critical listening spaces. Ensemble is available in four ranges of room sizes to ensure there is one that’s right for you. Click here for size layouts. AcousticCalculator. How to build an acoustic diffuser. A Acoustics. A Acoustics. Traps between joists in ceiling corners. Thanks for the answer on the mitering question, The first pics where more what I imagined.

Traps between joists in ceiling corners

But the 2nd looks nice also. . . Corner trap needs to go around curtain rod. CornerTraps. I built some corner/Bass traps for a spare bedroom I'm converting into a little project studio at my condo.


I couldn't seem to find rockwool or the equivalent, so I went with R-30 fiberglass insulation. I used this as a guide, but I changed the design a little. Instead of making the same frames, I made the sides of the frame at a 45degree angle to help maximize the space in the room, and I thought it would look better. During construction, I just used basic tools, no shop, nothing fancy. Circular saw, power drill, speed square (a must!)

Best way to "deal with" standing waves without treatment. So, right now my mixing/tracking room is a VERY basic setup, with very little treatment (that was amateurishly done by your's truly).

Best way to "deal with" standing waves without treatment

The room is a strange one -- it's essentially rectangular, but with a "nook" at one end. The room is basically an "L" shape. Room EQ Wizard Tutorial - GIK Acoustics. Room EQ Wizard tutorial presented by GIK Acoustics. Best way to "deal with" standing waves without treatment. Welcome to R+D. REW - Room EQ Wizard Room Acoustics Software. How To Set Up a Room. More RealTraps Articles Straight talk about finding the ideal loudspeaker placement and listening position.

FuzzMeasure Pro 3. FuzzMeasure Pro 3 delivers a comprehensive suite of features geared towards professionals in the acoustics, live sound, and recording industries. By combining a complete toolset with an elegant yet simple user interface, FuzzMeasure Pro 3 lets you capture all the measurements you need without getting in your way.

Overview FuzzMeasure Pro is an audio and acoustical measurement application used to create, produce, and analyze visually stunning graphs of your measurements. Using FuzzMeasure’s tools you can easily gather measurements of a home theatre system, recording studio, stage, auditorium, raw loudspeaker components, and more. Technology FuzzMeasure leverages many technologies found within Apple's Mac OS X Leopard operating system. Audio. Future Producers. Sign Up For My "2 Week Mastering Mini-Course" - The Ultimate Mastering Formula.