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Motorola Moto X Lazy iPhone Commercial Song by Miguel - TV Commercial Songs. This is a commercial advertisement for Motorola Moto X. This commercial was released in September 9, 2013 in the United States entitled “Lazy iPhone.” It was made by Droga5, New York advertising agency. And this man (Plays Lazy Phone ) who shows up in the commercial ad of Moto X is an actor and stand-up comedian from Denver born in 1981 and his name is T. J. Miller. If you want to know more or are interested in him, you can Google his images. The song which was used in the commercial ad of Motorola Moto X is “Adorn” by the American R&B recording artist Miguel released on August 7th 2012.

For those of you who like this song “Adorn”, you can download it from Amazon or iTunes. In addition, the official Youtube channel of Miguel provides the official music video of this song “Adorn”. Motorola Moto X: Lazy iPhone Commercial Song: Adorn by Miguel Buy the song on Amazon or iTunes here and buy a album CD at eBay This is the lyrics that is used in the commercial ad. The Art Of Writing Great Voice Over Scripts. We typically spend our schooling years writing for a teacher to silently read our essays and reports.

Unless we’ve had special training, how could we suddenly know how to write for the ear? Yet that’s what we’re expected to do when storyboarding and writing voice over scripts. Writing for audio is a different kind of writing. If you’re having trouble making the transition from eye to ear, here are some tips. Write like you speak In most cases, writing for the ear is more informal than writing to be read. Get to the point quickly When you’re writing for audio, you don’t have much time to lead up to the point. Learn from commercial scripts You can learn a lot from the scripts written for those short 30-second radio commercials. Speak with one voice Perhaps you’re on a big project with several instructional designers furiously writing away, oblivious to the voice they are using.

Speaking with one voice emerges out of consistency. Keep sentences short but varied Let them read it Edit in phases. Simple, Funny, Cheap Radio Ad Scripts Win Awards. | Freelance Copywriting Services.