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For Kelvin Hall. Kelvin Hall. Our discovery space in Kelvin Hall.

Kelvin Hall

At Glasgow's Kelvin Hall you have access to thousands of digital resources in the National Library of Scotland's collections. If you are not familiar with the National Library, visit the discovery space for an interactive introduction to our collections. What you can do at Kelvin Hall Discovering our collections. Digital resources. Digital gallery. Digital gallery features. eResources - National Library of Scotland. National Library of Scotland registration gives you free access to an extensive range of eResources.

eResources - National Library of Scotland

All of these resources are available in our George IV Bridge Building and at Kelvin Hall. If your main address is in Scotland you can access many of them from any computer outwith the National Library, subject to the publishers' licensing terms and conditions. You can also use a number of open access resources without registering. Browse by access type - eResources - National Library of Scotland. National Library of Scotland - Map Images. Moving Image Archive catalogue. Learning Zone. ELD. Readers' guide to electronic legal deposit. A guide for registered readers The National Library of Scotland has the legal right to collect, store, preserve and give access to the nation's memory in the digital age.

Readers' guide to electronic legal deposit

Legal deposit content includes online articles, books and websites. What is available We collect a mixture of electronic content, including e-books and journal articles, as well as archived websites from the UK domain web archive — all '.uk', plus '.scot' and some '.com', etc. Social media content, such as from Twitter and Facebook, is part of the legislation, and therefore legal deposit libraries can collect them. UK Web Archive access tool.

View and search UK content from the web using the Legal deposit UK Web Archive access tool available at the National Library of Scotland.

UK Web Archive access tool

Content which the UK's legal deposit libraries can harvest via the UK Web domain crawl includes millions of sites from the '.uk' domain and a great many from other UK-based domans, such as '.scot' or '.london'. Who has access? Anyone who has an NLS library card can use the web archive access tool from computers in the Library's reading rooms. Please note: When a website or resource is being viewed via the tool, access is locked to one user within the system.