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Adobe Education Exchange. The Adobe Digital Careers activities align to the key design, research and communication, project management and technical skills that are required for students to be successful in their future digital career.

Adobe Education Exchange

Activities contain an instructor guide (with learning objectives, step-by-step teaching instructions, assessment rubric, and details on alignment to the Adobe Certified Associate exams) and student technical guides or worksheets. Each activity will take between 1-3 hours to teach, depending on the activity and the level of your students. Activities can be adapted, used on their own, or combined in a sequence to create projects and curriculums. The Adobe Digital Careers curriculums (Visual Design, Digital Design, Digital Video, and Interactive Design) are examples of sequences of these activities put together to form a series of projects.

Think you know the top web browsers? – Samsung Internet Developers – Medium. If you attend web developer events in much of Europe and North America, inevitably you will see the same browser logos keep cropping up in the speakers’ slides: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE/Edge, Opera… It is a common idea that these are the five “major browsers”.

Think you know the top web browsers? – Samsung Internet Developers – Medium

Word Cloud Generators for Google Chromebooks. When I attended the All Things Google conference last week, of course I brought my Samsung Chromebook, which I love!

Word Cloud Generators for Google Chromebooks

However, after speaking with +Kate Baker she enlightened me on a few things about the device. Practical Ed Tech Handbook - 2017 Edition. In 2015 and 2016 I published a 30 page PDF that I called the Practical Ed Tech Handbook.

Practical Ed Tech Handbook - 2017 Edition

Those have been accessed more than 100,000 times. Today, I revised the Practical Ed Tech Handbook for 2017. Within the pages of the 30 page document you will find short reviews of my favorite tools for creating videos, the best tools communicating with parents including blogging and text messaging, and my favorite options for creating digital portfolios. The Practical Ed Tech Handbook also includes reviews of tools for recording and publishing audio files and tools for conducting formative assessments. Finally, the Practical Ed Tech Handbook includes resources for teaching digital citizenship and for helping students improve their web search skills. Search All the GIFs & Make Your Own Animated GIF. 6 Degrees of Information. Amherst County Internet Safety Portal. Inanimate Alice. Ready to Learn Coding? Here are resources. Plus: Teaching with Scratch.

There are several ways to start learning about code, and each offers something a little different.

Ready to Learn Coding? Here are resources. Plus: Teaching with Scratch

Not all coding sites are created equal, and not every site or initiative works for every teacher or learner. A playful, introductory experience might not satisfy a teacher looking for a civic-minded coding experience, while an in-depth tutorial on programming games might not be the best starting place for a kid interested in web design. For novices, there are many ways to enter the coding ecosystem. Online coding lessons <Here’s Where to go/> Several sites offer free, online, self-paced lessons to help you learn text-based code—coding in the raw, so to speak.

Coding Skills Empower Us All. Illustration by Marco Goran Romano We’ve all seen the hashtags: #code, #coding, #HourofCode, #LearnToCode, #programming.

Coding Skills Empower Us All

Code is trending in education. So is the pushback against it. Get Cracking on Code. Matt Ferguson was in a dead-end job, and he knew it.

Get Cracking on Code

He’d become a paralegal because it gave him flexibility to spend time with his family. Problem loading page. Make Way for Wikis. Grandview Elementary in Monsey, NY, is one lucky school.

Make Way for Wikis

Its media specialist, Sarah Chauncey, is a tech-smart pioneer. Using free software called (the “pb” stands for peanut butter), she spent two hours last month setting up password-protected wikis, or collaborative Web sites, for six classes totaling about 140 third graders. She created the wikis to give students a communal—and fun—space in which to sharpen their writing skills. Make Way for Wikis. The Schoenblog. Langwitches. Teachers Lounge - itslearning. URL Shortener. QR Code Generator. Landing Pages. Analytics.

QR Code Generator: QR Stuff Free Online QR Code Generator And Creator For Brochures, Print Advertising, Business Cards & Stickers. Computer Science in Every High School. Computer Science Unplugged. EdSurge : The Best in Education Technology. K-12 Libraries and Technology. Office Sway - Create and share amazing stories, presentations, and more.

36 Free Killer Apps You Shouldn't Live Without. 12 Effective Ways to Use Google Drive in Education. Looking for new ways to use Google?

12 Effective Ways to Use Google Drive in Education

This infographic highlights 12 Effective Ways to Use Google Drive in Education. TubeChop Embedding YouTube videos into PowerPoint. TubeChop - Chop YouTube Videos. Librarians Have Key Roles in Blended and Online Learning. In January, I joined teacher librarians Steve Coker and Sarah Applegate from the North Thurston (WA) School District to teach a graduate library course at the University of Washington.

Librarians Have Key Roles in Blended and Online Learning

This wholly online course made me think about the roles that librarians might play as online and blended learning expands in our schools. The points: online and blended learning Many other teacher librarians instruct at the university level in online or blended-learning scenarios. I suspect that more teach or collaborate in K–12 online courses. When you add those who took virtual classes as students, it’s clear that online teaching and learning are now key skill sets for 21st-century information professionals. Curriculum. Ed Tech Site & Tools. Internet Safety - Privacy - Etiquette.

Get EduCreative - Home. 8 digital skills we must teach our children. The social and economic impact of technology is widespread and accelerating. The speed and volume of information have increased exponentially. Experts are predicting that 90% of the entire population will be connected to the internet within 10 years. With the internet of things, the digital and physical worlds will soon be merged. These changes herald exciting possibilities.

Presentation Tools

Home. Classroom Technology News. Why Schools Must Move Beyond One-to-One Computing. Perhaps it was the driving rain and the dark grey clouds of an approaching storm that contributed to the superintendent’s choice of words. He had spent the past month reviewing one-to-one computing programs in various school districts as he tried to decide whether his own district should commit to the enormous expense of a one-to-one program at a time of declining resources. List of the largest libraries in the United States. A complication that arises when comparing the size of library collections is the different definition of holdings or volumes used by public libraries and academic/research libraries.