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AdviceGames. As robo-advisors take over, how do the incumbents respond? Yesterday I said something better change, and it is.

As robo-advisors take over, how do the incumbents respond?

This blog has covered extensively how things are changing in payments, retail and commercial banking, but I haven’t covered investment banking or asset management as much. So here's an insight sourced from yesterday's Financial Times. According to a poll of 400 senior executives by State Street, the custodian bank, four-fifths of senior asset management staff expect the fund market to be disrupted by an outside participant in the same way Apple upended the music industry with the introduction of iTunes. 79% fear they will face direct competition from a non-traditional entrant to asset management.

No wonder as Alibaba and Tencent are distributing asset management products in China, and have launched banks MyBank and WeBank respectively. Alibaba, China’s leading ecommerce company, started distributing a money-market fund, Yu’E Bao, last year and raised $65 billion within its first 12 months to $93 billion in less than two years. Robo-Advisors Report 2015. Mar. 16, 2015 The disruptive effects of robo-advisors and automated investment services to the traditional wealth management industry are growing.

Robo-Advisors Report 2015

Whereas the market development in 2014 was dominated by the launch and growth of start-ups, established wealth management providers have started to strike back and are opening up to the robo-trend themselves. This is a key finding of our 2015 report on robo-advisors "Robo-Advisors 2.0: How Automated Investing is Infiltrating Wealth Management Industry". Transformation from robo-advisor 1.0 to robo-advisor 2.0. Compared to our last year’s survey we find that the robo-advisor movement has been growing up and the report identifies three main trends shaping the development in the robo-advisor industry: The (established) wealth management industry as a whole is opening up to the robo-trend as signified most prominently by the new offering by Schwab Intelligent Portfolios. 14 Companies That Are Leading Online Investment Platforms. For many years, we have been working with investment advisors to make the best use of our money.

14 Companies That Are Leading Online Investment Platforms

The accuracy and consistency of their advice have always been in question, but we never cared about it much till the time we started having choices. And now that software is taking over the world, we do have choices that are based on analytics and automation. Today, nearly $19 billion is managed by online investment platforms, sometimes dubbed as robo-advisors. These include: Betterment: Betterment is a robo-advisor which manages more than $2 billion in 93,000 accounts. Wealthfront: Wealthfront is the world’s largest automated investment service with over $2.5 billion in client assets. Motif Investing: Motif Investing, a Silicon Valley-based company, is an online brokerage that allows investors to invest in stock and bond portfolios built around everyday ideas and broad economic trends, and create customized motifs. Kate Latest posts by Kate (see all) About us - MoneyFarm.

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New investor - Money on Toast. Wealth Wizards - Online Pension Advice. NestEgg Roboadvisor — Vanare. Revolutionary Platform It is difficult to provide scalable solutions in a cost effective way, while delivering sophisticated and tailored advice.

NestEgg Roboadvisor — Vanare

Clients are looking for on-demand information and expertise, stretching thin valuable resources at the firm. Firms have historically turned away clients based on asset levels and struggled serving smaller friends and family accounts. Technology was reserved for the back office and the middle office, but not for true client engagement. However, client expectations have changed. Product Features. Lauching NestEgg FinTech. NestEgg is launching an offering focused on helping financial institutions provide scalable online financial services to their clients.

Lauching NestEgg FinTech

We offer the best-in-class technology for automating financial advice. See our newly launched website, Our offering starts with education and financial literacy, focusing on providing answers to clients and generating return on marketing for institutions. Our second product is a lead-generation portfolio builder, which modernizes financial advisor practices and connects users to asset allocations, and complete user profiles to advisors. The NestEgg "crown jewel" is a full private-label online wealth management RIA, taking the best practices and learning of running a consumer-facing online investment advisor. I am excited about how far the company has come since its founding in 2010. Along the way, we’ve met awesome colleagues, sophisticated financial partners, and smart venture capitalists. Nutmeg: Online Investment Management.