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Fintech Ecosystem, Research, and Potential. VentureRadar. Mutually Assured Disruption. Illustration by Kotryna Zukauskaite A version of this article appeared in the Spring 2016 issue of strategy+business.

Mutually Assured Disruption

In June 2014, Spanish bank Santander and online business lender Funding Circle announced a customer-sharing agreement in the United Kingdom. When Santander turns down a loan applicant, the company refers the borrower to Funding Circle. In exchange, Funding Circle sends some of its customers to Santander for cash management and other services. How Banks and Fintech Can Find Common Ground. For a long time, the terms "user friendly" and "banking experience" rarely appeared in the same sentence.

How Banks and Fintech Can Find Common Ground

Between limited banking hours and holidays, customer portals that would make Windows 3.1 look sophisticated and weeklong waits to transfer funds, almost nothing within the industry was designed around the customer. This approach didn't hurt banks, since complex regulation, capital requirements and entrenched technology kept potential disruptors at bay.

Now that's changing, thanks to a number of financial technology startups that are dismantling traditional business models and heightening customers' expectations. As the almighty Apple just proved with negotiations around the rollout of its eponymous payments platform, a siege on the financial industry has begun. While large financial institutions aren't driving the bulk of this change, collaboration between startups and established players has the potential to pay off in a big way for both parties. U.K. Push for Open Bank APIs Makes U.S. Look So Last Century. While a handful of U.S. banks are opening their software and data to outside applications, something much bolder is happening in Europe: governments are championing the practice, especially the U.K.

U.K. Push for Open Bank APIs Makes U.S. Look So Last Century

The push for open bank APIs, or application programming interfaces, could transform the way consumers across the Atlantic interact with their banks and increase competition among providers. Switching or opening checking accounts may get easier, for example, since customers could more easily port their transaction history from one institution to another, and comparison services could give them greater insight into the costs of their accounts.

The prospect is both tantalizing and terrifying for banks. On the one hand, traditional products would become more commoditized. But open APIs would allow them to explore new business models, such as running their own app stores. "The banks have the opportunity to be a marketplace of solutions," said Kristin Moyer, a research vice president at Gartner. 5 Things You Need To Know About PSD2. Speculation over the much anticipated PSD2 – revised Payment Services Directive – has been gathering for quite a while now.

5 Things You Need To Know About PSD2

Last week the European Parliament adopted the revised Directive on Payment Services (or PSD2), and with it the PSD2 reality got a little bit closer. UK fintech startups worth $1 billion - Business Insider. GoCardlessGoCardless founder Hiroki Takeuchi.

UK fintech startups worth $1 billion - Business Insider

Financial technology — also known as fintech — is one of the hottest areas of investment at the moment and one of the scariest developments for banks. The 15 most exciting startups in Level39 - Business Insider. Level39Level39 boss Eric Van Der Kleij.

The 15 most exciting startups in Level39 - Business Insider

Office space Level39 in Canary Wharf is the biggest hub of fintech talent in London, and possibly the world. It's home to more than 170 startups, ranging from one-person operations to teams of 30-plus. Despite its name, Level39 now takes up three floors. We've picked out the 15 most exciting companies based in the space, ranking them based on which we think have the potential to become the next TransferWise. About Level39 & Contact Details. Level39 is Europe’s largest technology accelerator space for finance, cyber-securities, retail and future cities technology companies.

About Level39 & Contact Details

Headed up by Eric Van der Kleij , members of our Canary Wharf incubator are put in the same room as experienced entrepreneurs, technology investors and industry experts in order to accelerate their traction and access to markets. FinTech Connect - Resources. After the Startupbootcamp FinTech demo day in November we went to their offices and spoke with COO Marcus Gnirck, along with some of the startups and mentors that were involved.

FinTech Connect - Resources

Watch part 1 of this special feature now. The FinTech50 2014. Homeabout contact The FinTech50 2014, as selected by our panel.

The FinTech50 2014

Click on any logo to view a snapshot of that business. You can also download the publication, or view a digital version. If you're a FinTech50, past or present, and would like a digital logo, contact us. We will be announcing The FinTech50 2015 in January 2015 in the City of London. FinTech City - home of The FinTech50. Fintech Innovation Lab London: About. Uk.businessinsider. Finance Leaders Advise & Invest. FINTECH Circle brings together a group of senior Directors, Managing Directors, Owners and Partners of Financial Services firms who share a common interest in Financial Services Technology (“FINTECH”) and want to get personally involved either by sharing their vast finance experience with innovative FINTECH firms and/or by becoming private angel investors.

Finance Leaders Advise & Invest

FINTECH Circle members will be invited to exclusive FINTECH and angel investment education seminars and to events where FINTECH firms present themselves, their business models and technologies. FINTECH Circle will enable you to build a portfolio of investments in emerging FINTECH businesses. Our members are senior leaders in Financial Services with unique skills and many years of expertise across Investment Banking, Asset Management, Transaction Banking, Wholesale Retail Banking and Insurance. Becoming an Angel Tax Relief Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) Tax Relief Income tax relief of 30 per cent. Income tax relief of 50 per cent. The FinTech50 2014. Ten CEOs who are disrupting finance with technology. Financial technology, or FinTech, is a rapidly expanding market segment filled with companies that are irrevocably changing the way consumers, businesses and financial organizations interact with each other worldwide.

Fintech Innovation Lab London: Partnerships. We’re delighted to have the UK’s leading financial institutions partnering with us on the FinTech Innovation Lab London The Banks Partners Foundation Sponsor. FinTech London Accelerator · Startupbootcamp FinTech is the leading accelerator focused on financial innovation. We provide funding, mentorship, office space in the heart of London and access to a global network of investors and VCs, for up to 10 selected FinTech startups across the globe. For three months, the selected startups collaborate with 400+ mentors, partners, and investors to build world class FinTech products, with the ultimate goal of becoming industry leading companies.

What We Offer: Extensive mentorship from +400 entrepreneurs, investors, and partners Access to top markets in Europe, US and APAC 3+1 months free office space €15K in cash per team €450K+ in partner services Exposure to 200+ Angels & VCs Invitation to SBC global alumni network and growth program.