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FiveSDigital is an impact sourcing business process management company based out of India, with global clientele. With over 1400 team members across our 7 delivery centres in India, we are operational in tier 2/3 towns across India. Visit us at:

Contact Center Solutions. Business Process Outsourcing. HRMS Software. CRM Software. Data Preparation Service. Document Management System. Contact Center Solution. RPA Software. Intelligent Process Automation. Robotic Process Automation Software. Chatbot Software. FiveSdigital. Best Data Preparation Service - FiveSdigital. How to make Intelligent Process Automation - FiveSdigital. Benefit of RPA - Fivesdigital. Bes Quality Management Software System - FiveSdigital. Delivery of excellent customer experience is utmost priority for any contact center.

Bes Quality Management Software System - FiveSdigital

With manual quality assurance and audit processes, there are high leakages and inefficiencies, that impacts team’s performance with low feedback efficacy and repetitive mundane tasks. Quality teams across the call centers spend most of their time in sampling, following up for feedbacks, recording feedbacks and reporting. This impacts the overall performance and delays process improvement initiatives at contact centers. Virtual Workforce Solutions - FiveSdigital. Inventory Management System - FiveSdigital. Inventory Management System (IMS) is a software that keeps the track of sales, orders, delivery, and complete supply chain.

Inventory Management System - FiveSdigital

Keeping track of inventory is a primary requirement in the overall management of any business. Managing inventory for small buisness can be easy but for large industries it can be a complex task. Thus, FiveSdigital provides IMS software to manage and control the needs of customer as per the clients business. Our inventory management system software helps our clients to maximize their warehouse efficiency. We combine both our industrial experience and technology to act as an external arm for our clients. Benefits of our inventory management system : Best Shared Services - FiveSdigital. Best Data Services - FiveSdigital. Our data services platform combines scale, flexibility and quality delivery for organizations looking to move digital first approach or powering their Artificial intelligence / Machine learning programs.

Best Data Services - FiveSdigital

Data services provide several additional benefits – direct third party applications integration, thus ease of data input and output flow and single point of interaction. Through the customizable platform, any digitalization process, AI/ML data labeling projects can be integrated and be ready for processing and generating output in less than 2-3 weeks. Our data services platform solution has two main objectives: A digitalization approach converting data from a format to another format.

Input and output data string for direct integration into ERPs/ business applications. Custom Development Software - FiveSdigital. Virtual Workforce Software - FiveSdigital. Organizations are turning towards virtual workforce solution adoption due to infrastructure, talent, safety, and cost constraints.

Virtual Workforce Software - FiveSdigital

Virtual support offers flexibility and balance of resources as well as skillset. Our virtual workforce solution enables you to get just the right team, equipped with right skillset, tools, devices and security. You just need to hire us and accelerate your journey towards meeting business goal without worrying about operations and technological needs across departments. We do the heavy lifting for you. Quality Management System - FiveSdigital. Best Data Services Platform - FiveSdigital. Custom Software Development Services - FiveSdigital. Off-the-shelf solution might cut development time but often there is a gap between the business demands and the available solution.

Custom Software Development Services - FiveSdigital

Here comes in the role of custom software solutions whereby the system is customized according to the specific requirements of the business, choosing the best metrics and tools. While using off the shelf solution you invariably deploy the same standards and methodology used by others. On the other hand, using bespoke software solutions allows you to enforce your differentiated strategy tailor-made for your specific business requirements. Inventory Management System -FiveSdigital. Business Process Outsourcing Services - FiveSdigital. Business Process Outsourcing Services can be used to analyze, streamline, and transform the way businesses operate.

Business Process Outsourcing Services - FiveSdigital

This can range from simple fine-tuning to a radical overhaul of how your company currently conducts business. The goal is to optimize costs, improve margins, while providing a better experience for both your people and customers. We assist organizations in improving operations with the help of cognitive approach, digital transformation and smart workflows. Our rich experience in building and running efficient business processes enables us to focus on delivering a combined business and IT solutions & services. Best Document Management System - FiveSdigital. Get The Best Data Preparation Services - FiveSdigital. World is moving towards data driven decision with wide acceptance of digital transformation and automation.

Get The Best Data Preparation Services - FiveSdigital

Data forms the crucial and basic unit of efficient decision making, thus automation. Data is available and also generated in the various forms viz text, audio, image, and video. Data preparation services involves the rationalization and validation of data to make sure data is well formatted into a form be processed and analyzed with ease. Wide application of processed data incudes analytics, training machines based on AI, ML algorithms. To train machines for the desired functionality data preparation services plays a crucial role. FiveS digital works on various forms of data viz. text, voice, video and image. Our Services: Bounding Boxes: Outline the objects using 2D/3D bounding boxes for in depth recognition of various objects.

Best Hrms Software - FiveSdigital. Omnichannel Contact Center Solution - FiveSdigital. In digital first world, customers look for the simplest way to connect with an organization, depending on the stage of the customer journey.

Omnichannel Contact Center Solution - FiveSdigital

Be it social media, chat, calls or emails, businesses must have a one-view solution platform for the customers. Thus, omnichannel contact center solution helps you support multiple channel customer engagement simultaneously within a single interaction, building efficiencies. Our contact center solutions can be customized basis the business requirement and budget, also to help you mine valuable data from customer interactions along all your communication channels. Eventually, turning that data into actionable insights enabling you to continuously improve products, processes and thus customer experience. Apart from letting your customers reach out to you for support as they want, it lets your agents move between channels to help your customers. CRM Systems - FiveSdigital. Robotic Process Automation - FiveSdigital. Best Chatbots Solution & Software - FiveSdigital.

Now, most businesses are focused on digital first approach.

Best Chatbots Solution & Software - FiveSdigital

And, being efficient is always a great idea. In order to enable our clients to frame and work on an efficient customer experience solution, we work closely on delivering omni-channel contact center solution. One of the key growing option is Chatbot Soultion. We assist our clients to build an advanced interactive experience for their customers with our Chatbot solution. We partner with the best-in-class solutions to cater the business case, and, also build some of our own custom chatbots, powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Once the majority of repetitive tasks are handled by the chatbot Solution, issues needing human skills are transferred to the available support team member. How to Document Management System - FiveSdigital. With extensive experience and expertise in managed services, FiveSdigital anticipated the loopholes and inefficiencies oft he prevailing document management system.

How to Document Management System - FiveSdigital

Taking all the gaps in consideration, we developed a solution specific to the document intense industries. We have developed Osprey DMSTM model to manage and process customers document right from the application submission to warehousing, all on our private network. What is Hrms Software - HRMS System. HRMS stands for Human Resource Management System. HRMS is all about managing human resources functions such as administration, recruiting and training, payroll, and employee performance analysis into one software package. FiveSdigital HRMS is a customized integration solution, that brings together the company’s HR modules on one platform.

It helps our clients to manage their people assets as per company’s standards. Untitled. CRM management - FiveSdigital. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is a strategy to manage company's relationships and interactions with their potential customers. Untitled. RPA Services & Solutions - FiveSdigital. Robotic Process Automation RPA, IPA and bots are the answers to repetitive tasks needing too much of manual intervention. Thus, enabling human capital being used for more intellectual and skilled operations. With Robotic Process Automation(RPA) around for quite a few years, organizations are looking for more and beyond. Data Preparation Services Provider Company- fivesdigital. Get The Best Intelligent Process Automation services at best price - FivesDigital. With our IPA Intelligent Process Automation services, we enable organizations to augment fundamental process by analyzing and redesigning looking at opportunities to automate mundane and repetitive tasks.

With the help of next-generation systems and platforms, we delivery exemplary value to our customers. We work on platforms like, Kofax, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere and Ui Path etc. With this, people can be upskilled and can skip repetitive, routine, and replicable tasks. The main purpose of Intelligent Process Automation(IPA) is to enhance productivity & efficiency and reduce operational risks thereby improving overall processes, thus impacting customer experience.

Leading ITES, KPO, BPO, backoffice service provider in India - Fivesdigital.