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Start Up! Stamford - A business focused, community based, outreach project. Why alternative forms of finance are becoming popular among small firms. The days of nervously heading off to the bank in your smartest suit with the last three years’ business accounts in your briefcase could soon be numbered.

Why alternative forms of finance are becoming popular among small firms

The recent statistics from the Bank of England’s Funding for Lending Scheme (FLS) reiterated what small business owners already knew: small firms are not getting help from the banks. The FLS scheme recorded yet another poor performance in the second quarter of this year, with net lending by banks involved in the programme falling to minus £3.9bn between April and June. The Bank of England reported that net lending to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) was minus £435m, compared with minus £719m in the first quarter. With the traditional model of bank lending apparently not working, small businesses are increasingly turning to the fast-growing alternative finance industry. 100 entrepreneurs walk into a dark forest… - 3 Steps to Fearless Leadership. Sep 2 81 Flares Twitter 26 Facebook 22 Google+ 3 Pin It Share 6 6 StumbleUpon 1 LinkedIn 23 inShare23 81 Flares × Few adventures are as exhilarating as building a company from scratch — and that’s coming from a once avid kite-surfer like me.

3 Steps to Fearless Leadership

That feeling when you land your first customer, close a round of funding, or mold your product into something powerful and elegant is indescribable. But once you hit certain milestones and invest a certain amount of money and time, the stakes start getting pretty high. There’s a growing pool of customers, investors, and employees that all have an interest in the success of your company. Your employees live somewhere between the excitement of that success and the fear of failure. 10 Startup Founder Blogs That Every Entrepreneur Should Read - Social Media T... 11 Successful Entrepreneurs You Should Be Following On Twitter - Social Media...

Twitter Now Lets Anyone Check How Many People Saw Their Tweets. Twitter's Tweet Activity Dashboard Is Coming to All Users. Do Better Work by Taking Time Off. Jason SurfrApp is the founder of IWearYourShirt and author of Creativity For Sale.

Do Better Work by Taking Time Off

Want to read more of his writing? Go to I can remember it clear as day. The first year of IWearYourShirt was coming to a (fun and profitable) end and people were emailing in to congratulate me on pulling off such a crazy idea. Besides the accolades, there was a message that got repeated over and over: “Jason, you did a great job with the first year of IWearYourShirt, but you need to plan to take some time off! I read those emails, and there were lots of them, and thought to myself: “Pshhh, only normal people need days off, I’m superhuman!” I was dead wrong. Throughout 2010 fatigue started to set in. I missed out on some big opportunities because I didn’t have the creative energy to respond to yet another email. In 2011, I made the decision to remove one day each week from the IWearYourShirt calendar (Saturday). While that one day off a week was helpful, the damage was already done.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Hosting or Joining a Twitter Chat. A few months ago we started up a new Twitter chat series, #Bufferchat.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Hosting or Joining a Twitter Chat

Picdeck is Tweetdeck for Instagram. Pinterest Releases New Analytics Dashboard for Businesses. Following Instagram, Pinterest today launched a series of new analytics tools to help businesses measure and analyze the performance of their pins.

Pinterest Releases New Analytics Dashboard for Businesses

The revamped analytics dashboard shows what visitors are engaging with the most; in a screenshot, Pinterest shows a leaderboard for the most repinned Pins over the last 30 days. The company says this will provide greater insights into “what people love most from your Pinterest profile and website,” as well as the volume of traffic attributed to a Pin It button. Digging deeper, the dashboard also offers brands new insights into what their engaged Pinterest users are interested in. Pinterest improves insights as new analytics launch. Pinterest has revealed improvements to the analytics functions for registered business users.

Pinterest improves insights as new analytics launch

The new analytics allow users to discover how much traffic their site gets from the Pin It button, as well as learning more about the people who engage with the business and what else they’re into. Jason Costa, product manager at Pinterest, announced the changes. He said: “We often hear from businesses who change their product and marketing strategies based on insights they learn on Pinterest. 50+ Humorous But Evil True Facts About Our Daily Life - Likecool. Photos du journal - The Chris Evans Breakfast Show. How to See Messages in the Facebook App Without Downloading Messenger - Masha...

A Selfie Guide For Men. Restaurant Has Generous Policy With Water. Pinterest Makes It Easier to Find What Just What You're Looking For. Pinterest is building out its discovery tools once again.

Pinterest Makes It Easier to Find What Just What You're Looking For

The San Francisco-based virtual scrapbooking site announced on Thursday that you can now follow specific interests in addition to following other users. Pinterest already offered a categories tabs where users could search for pins by more general groupings, but now, those categories include more specific interests that users can subscribe to. For example, you can follow interests like hiking, camping or running under the broader "outdoors" category.

What's 'Precrastinating' and Why is it Just as Bad as Procrastinating? 24 More Clever And Playful Street Art Ideas By OakOak. OakOak, a French street artist whom we previously wrote about here and here, is back with more of his signature clever and witty street art pieces.

24 More Clever And Playful Street Art Ideas By OakOak

Entrepreneurs Startup Advice And Lessons. LEGO Figures Make Perfect Cable Holders. The Easiest, Cheapest Ways to Prep Your Home for a Quick Sale.