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Nursery School Guildford: Fitzsimmons place Nursery. Mistakes we do while selecting a Nursery or Day Care. 12 February 2016 Posted by: Fitzsimmons Choosing the right nursery school or day care centre is perhaps the one of the most important decision a parent makes at this early stage of parenthood. Getting it right makes for a great experience for both toddler and parent – getting it wrong causes stress, anxiety and worry. Here at Fitzsimmons Place Nursery we see some of the common mistakes parents make. Firstly our most important piece of advice – take your time. So many parents rush the process; they have a quick look at two or three nurseries and then make decisions without looking at either the full or big picture. Secondly, location, location, location – the nearest nursery is not always the best nursery for your child. Thirdly don’t rely on reputation or the snazziness of the website or social media – take the time to visit and understand for yourself what each nursery on your shortlist can offer.

Get it right and its happy days for your child and ease of mind for you the parent. Fitzsimmons Place Nursery, 32 Portsmouth Road, Guildford, Surrey GU2 4DJ. Pre-School Nutrition And Education. 07 April 2016 Posted by: Fitzsimmons In a recent study, 70% of obese children grow up to have adult obese issues and the process of educating people to make healthy eating choices starts at a very early age and at Fitzsimmons Place Nursery we take very special care in producing menu’s that are healthy, nutritious as well as being delicious.

Today it is estimated 1 in 5 children of a pre-school age are already obese. As childcare specialists / educators we have the opportunity and the responsibility to work with families to help preschoolers learn about food and to separate good foods from not so good foods. In this process it is important to also educate that generally all foods are ok in moderation and excessive eating of any foods is not good for the body or mind. Impact Of Fun Classroom Learning On A Child's Brain - 15 April 2016 Posted by: Fitzsimmons Teachers at all levels understand that humour is inherently social and the contagious nature of humour naturally builds a sense of social community by lowering defences and bringing individuals together. By making the classroom a ‘fun’ place, children are receptive to learning quicker, enjoying their learning time more and also find it easier to communicate with their classroom buddies in a much better way.

Essentially humour and fun activate our sense of wonder, which is where learning begins so it seems rather logical that humour and fun enhance retention and improves learning. A recent study showed that having fun with appropriate humour resulted in increased retention and improved social interaction to a higher level. The children’s TV show Sesame Street has harnessed the power of humor for decades. Factors to consider when choosing the best nursery school for your child | Fitzsimmons Place Nursery.

Perhaps one of the first major challenges for young parents is how do you choose the right nursery school for your child, who could be as young as a few months old. There are practical and logistical considerations to take into account such as the proximity to work or links to transport networks which are important to meet the parents need, however in turn it is equally , if not more important, to ensure that the needs of your child are met. Here are some key points when choosing a nursery schools for your child; Look at the big picture – what is the ethos & culture of the nursery and the environment in which your child will spend a considerable time, and does this marry with your own family values.

Look at the actual facilities and resources, toys and activities that you see happening when you go to have a look around. How does the nursery plan for your child? Lastly – ask to speak to parents who have, or have had a child in the nursery. Like this: Like Loading... What can you expect when sending your child to a nursery school? 05 January 2016 Posted by: Fitzsimmons As a parent the key question to be answered when looking at a nursery school for your child, is what do you want and or expect from the school. It is important you have a clear picture of what you want and expect prior to starting the search process. Each nursery offers a different angle on everything that is important.

The early days of schooling are so important for the child, as it sets the standard and gives the parent peace of mind. Our goal at Fitzsimmons Place Nursery is to allow each and every child to improve their social skills at their own pace, to make new friends and to allow them to grow in confidence and independence. As they grow we allow them to do more and more by themselves, learning by doing, with able staff guiding them as they begin their journey of exploration. How important is a nursery school in a child’s development? A good Nursery, well selected, can act as a springboard for any child’s development and play a significant role in how and at what pace the child develops. The first key aspect is how a nursery supports and promotes social and emotional development of the child whilst working in partnership with the parents and carers to provide positive feedback and modelling appropriate behaviour.

The nursery environment will encourage and promote language skills which play an important role towards helping the child learn to communicate and interact with other children and adults. These skills are critical for future learning and school readiness. During their time at nursery, the child will learn how to take care of themselves, have their curiosity nurtured and become sensitive to the world that surrounds them. A bad nursery simply offers a babysitting service – what does your nursery offer? Fitzsimmons Place Nursery Ofsted Report Like this: Like Loading... 15 October: Staff and Returning to Work - Fitzsimmons Place Nursery. 31 October 2016 Posted by: Fitzsimmons October has been a busy month for Fitzsimmons Place Nursery, we have had a number of new children starting across various ages and it is always lovely to see new children settling but in addition we have had 3 ‘old’ faces returning to work after a period of absence.

Sarah- Jane Foxall has come back to us in the capacity of Nursery Manager after 9 months away on maternity leave. Little Harrison has already settled into Panda’s and seems to be enjoying every day. Also we have Emily Tonks – better known as ‘Cookie’ re-joining us after being away for 5 years raising her son Eddie, but the lure of Fitzsimmons and the relationship she has with other members of staff has had a magnetic effect and she is back in the kitchen producing the most wonderful cakes and ‘cookies’. Returning to work after a period with a new born child is always an emotional time for the parent and is never an easy time.

Ensure proper education and nutrition with Fitzsimmons Place Nursery | Fitzsimmons Place Nursery. Fitzsimmons Place Nursery in Guildford, Surrey offers highest quality child day- care and pre- school learning for kids between 3 months to 5 years. The play school has been operating in a 1.5 acre land from the last 2 decades and is proximate to Guildford Station and town centre. The four- storeyed- school has an indoor hall, a playground, a garden; and a forest school for the children to explore natural environment .It has separate rooms for kids – for day care, for sleep and for dining. The school abides by the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) statuary system which emphasizes on education and learning, for all round development of the child. The play school supplements children’s skills by arranging educational toys, books and sports equipment’s for them. Special care is taken to create awareness in the child for reading and writing skills; and for subjects like Maths, Expressive Art , design and understanding of the world .

For more visit to Ensure proper education and nutrition with Fitzsimmons Place Nursery | Fitzsimmons Place Nursery. Nurture your little one with Fitzsimmons Place Nursery | Fitzsimmons Place Nursery. Set up in 1995 in 1.5 acres of land, Fitzsimmons Place Nursery in Guildford,Surrey provides day-care and pre-school learning of the highest standard. Fitzsimmons Place Nursery adheres to The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) statuary system which advances education and learning, and gives kids the wide scope of information to a great future advancement through school and life.They offer entire day care for kids between 3 months to 5 years.

Whether you are searching for full time day care or basically a couple of sessions a week, they offer childcare that works on the most ideal path for you. Special care is taken to create awareness in the child for reading and writing skills; and for subjects like Maths, Expressive Art and design and understanding of the world . Craftsmanship, music, creative play and cooking are all included within these schedules. They lay stress on communication skills, physical development, confidence building and concern for others.

Like this: Like Loading... What Are The Benefits Of Nursery Care? 06 September 2016 Posted by: Fitzsimmons Your Child Generally very young children will want to spend their days playing with friends and having fun. During this period they will learn about acceptable social behaviour such as sharing, being in the company of others and an understanding of how our normal days are structured. At Fitzsimmons Place Nursery, a private day care provider, we operate a fairly structured day but allow for flexibility as the day unfolds. In addition, we include in our curriculum things like potty training, table manners, tasting new foods, colours and sounds. You: The Parent Once your child has enrolled into Fitzsimmons Place Nursery, you will feel safe in the knowledge that the wellbeing and development of your child is secure and our utmost priority and that together with you and the staff of FPN, we will be giving your child the best possible start in life.

Back To School. 23 August 2016 Posted by: Fitzsimmons After a long (hot??) Summer, at this time of August our thoughts start to turn to the new school year. The Olympics is now over (and what a great result for Team GB – performances the whole nation can be proud of) and television stations are now bombarding us with back to school adverts, we need to get organised and start the process of transitioning our children back into a routine that includes the early starts, the busy exhausting days, temper tantrums, early nights etc. If your child is starting a new school, thoughts will turn to your own organisational skills, questioning yourself your own decisions and whether or not you have made the right choice for your child.

At Fitzsimmons Place Nursery, a private day care nursery in the centre of Guildford, things are a little calmer. Here are a few tips that can help you in this busy and sometimes stressful part of the year – remember you too will be going back to work, possibly starting a new job etc: About Fitzsimmons Place Nursery – Guildford, Surrey - 19 July 2016 Posted by: Fitzsimmons Fitzsimmons Place Nursery provides quality day care for children aged from a few weeks old to those just about to start school. The nursery operates for 5 days a week and 51 weeks of the year (closed Christmas week) and can offer places either on a full time basis for just a single day. FPN is a private nursery operating for over 20 years in the Guildford area and is generally considered on the very best nursery schools in Surrey. It is set in a beautiful Victorian building in 1 ½ acres of private grounds, about a 10 ten walk from Guildford station and town centre (direction towards Godalming) and outside comprises of a soft all weather play area, 2 activity grass areas including climbing frames, sand pit as well as its very own Forest School set in ½ acre of land.

This year we have redecorated a number of rooms and completely refurnished them with new exciting and modern equipment to give a light and airy feel and look. Colours – The Possible Effects On A Child’s Brain. 09 July 2016 Posted by: Fitzsimmons Colour is everywhere, it surrounds us all and has a tremendous influence on children’s development and as a result most quality private nurseries focus on making the classroom bright and cheerful as strong colours lift confidence and creativity. Physiologically, colours have subtle effects on how we feel and babies and toddlers are no exception to this.

There are four psychological primary colours, red, blue, yellow and green – And by reflecting on the colours displayed in banners and rooms, we can create a more relaxed and warm environment for babies and toddlers. June Macleod has written in great depth about colours and their influence on young children and how colours impact our mental, physical and spiritual self and more information can be found in her book ‘Colours of the Soul’. How important is a nursery school in a child’s development? Here are some key points when choosing a nursery schools for your child. Child Care Schools – How They Work And Their Strategy For Every Child.

20 May 2016 Posted by: Fitzsimmons Meeting the individual needs of all children lies at the heart of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Every child deserves the best possible start in life, and the support to fulfil their potential. A child’s experiences in the early years of life, has a major impact on their future life chances.

All early year’s providers must have, and implement an effective policy for ensuring equality of opportunity and a plan for supporting children with learning difficulties and disabilities. Practitioners need to focus on each child’s individual learning development and care needs to ensure that the children and families with whom they work, are fully included. Quality childcare takes this into consideration and a private nursery such as Fitzsimmons Place Nursery in Guildford offers opportunities that are unique to the area. Impact Of Fun Classroom Learning On A Child’s Brain. Pre-School Nutrition And Education Go Hand In Hand. FITZSIMMONS PLACE NURSERY — We care for your children when you are at office...

How pre-school is the start to your child’s future - 12 February 2016 Posted by: Fitzsimmons ‘The education of the child shall be directed to the development of the child’s personality, talents, mental and physical abilities’’ UN 1989 When your child enters preschool for the first time, they begin a journey of education that will take many years to complete and will have many highs and lows as well as good times and bad times. Pre-school is the starting point and every nursery has to prepare the groundwork and get children learning to enjoy the art of learning. Children have a natural desire to learn, the thirst for knowledge needs to be fed and nurtured as the child develops and pre-school is the very first phase in the process. Starting pre-school is a big step for a child and parent’s need to play an essential role in preparing their little ones for the experience.

What is a Forest School? What can you expect when sending your child to a nursery school?  Some common fears and worries, when sending your child for the first time to a nursery school  How important is a nursery school in a child’s development? | Fitzsimmons Place Nursery. Factors to consider when choosing the best nursery school for your child. Fitzsimmons Place Nursery, 32 Portsmouth Road, Guildford, Surrey GU2 4DJ.