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I have experience in health-wellness education, fitness instruction and wellness coaching for corporate and individual clients.

10 Best Home Remedies For Hair Growth And Thickness. 7 Most-Effective Ways To Use Cucumber For Weight Loss. Baking Soda and Lemon Juice – Weight Loss & Other Health Benefits. Expert-Recommended Exercises & Diet To Get An Hourglass Figure. Possible 9 Reasons Why People Don’t Meditate. 10 Antiviral Natural Herbs For Lung Mucus Clearing. Nutrition Difference Between White And Brown Bread. Hourglass Figure – Best Gym Exercises and Post-Workout Diet To Follow. 10 Best DIY Face Masks For Oily Skin. Control blood pressure with natural ways at home - Meditation. Blood pressure is the amount of force in which blood flows in our circulatory system.

Control blood pressure with natural ways at home - Meditation

Oxygen and nutrients travel through the blood to the tissues and the organs. Without pressure, the movement of the blood is not possible. It also plays a major role in the immunity system and insulin hormone regulation. It helps to remove the toxins from the liver and kidneys. When heart contracts, it forces the blood out and creates blood pressure. The blood pressure is measured by the device known as sphygmomanometer which includes a stethoscope, rubber armband and the cuff which is inflated manually or by machine. How blood pressure is calculated? Two figures are taken into consideration while calculating blood pressure i.e. the Systolic pressure and the Diastolic pressure.

Low Blood Pressure is also known as Hypotension. The blood flow starts to decline with age. High BP is also known as Hypertension. Yoga is a spiritual journey that brings harmony between mind and body. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Fresh and healthy start of the morning - HealthnWellness. Fresh and healthy start of mornings is the backbone of the day.

Fresh and healthy start of the morning - HealthnWellness

Your morning start decides how your day gonna be. If mornings are properly planned, then the day can be miraculously damn good. So let me focus on how the small changes in the mornings can recharge your day and fill you with positivity. So change your mornings and see the world change for you. In this piece of writing, I am going to focus on how you can start your mornings on a fresh note. Best Yoga Asanas For Weight Gain - Health & Wellness. Yoga asanas for Weight Gain – Do people keep mocking you about your skinny body?

Best Yoga Asanas For Weight Gain - Health & Wellness

Are you looking for natural & effective ways to put on some weight? How marijuana affects your brain and body? - Health. How marijuana affects your brain and body many Modern medications can sometimes be a little over for the natural human body processes, and this is the reason we choose to shift to nature and its unlimited sources of cure.

How marijuana affects your brain and body? - Health

Using nature as a cure for our physical as well as mental problems and diseases is an ancient practice that is still followed with new perspectives of modernity. These natural ingredients have their own beneficial effects as well as limitations. Marijuana or as we call it, Cannabis is an important medical ingredient and natural source of the cure. However, most people still tend to believe in their side effects and limiting points. Causes of love handles and ways to get rid of them - Wellness. What are love handles?

Causes of love handles and ways to get rid of them - Wellness

Love handles refer to the extra fat accumulation around the sides of the waist and hips. Love handles are embarrassing as they are easily visible when you are wearing a tight t-shirt or top. Thus, people always look for effective ways to get rid of these. The fat accumulation is generally over your oblique muscles, which are often overlooked during abdominal exercises. Therefore, everyone finds it very difficult to get rid of the love handles. Baking soda bath benefits to health - Fitness health forever. We all know about baking soda.

Baking soda bath benefits to health - Fitness health forever

It is a commonly used chemical compound used in various household purposes. Scientists have long backed the effects of drinking baking soda to help lose weight. This is helpful as the chemical compound reacts with our stomach’s digestive juices and acids. How to get a summer body you'll feel confident about- Nutrition. It’s that time of the year again where the weather is getting warmer, flowers are starting to blossom, and birds are flocking to their summer nests.

How to get a summer body you'll feel confident about- Nutrition

While you are supposed to enjoy this marvelous period of the year, you are getting kind of anxious, because you know that this is just an overture to the troublesome process that awaits. And that is the process of shedding all those winter reserves you have stored around your belly and thighs. After all, summer is the season where all of those imperfections are most clearly seen. However, you needn’t lose sleep over this, as there is still time to get a summer body you’ll feel confident about. Let’s see how you ought to tackle this challenge. It is important that I make a disclaimer right from the start. Having a bit looser diet plan that you can stick with is better than the more rigorous one you are struggling to maintain. Fibromyalgia causes symptoms treatment- Wellness. Fibromyalgia is an unexplained disease whose diagnose is not so easy.

Fibromyalgia causes symptoms treatment- Wellness

Almost 6-7 percent of the world population is affected by this chronic disease. According to a study, 16 million Americans are suffered from this disease. Though it can be found in men and kids but the most affected target audience are the ladies. Utilize Sundays to see the miracle on your life - Wellness. Hi friends, All of you must be very busy for the five days or even 6 days weekly routine or hectic schedule.

Utilize Sundays to see the miracle on your life - Wellness

You must have felt as if you are dragging yourself throughout the week indulged in the daily chores and feel like a machine. The mind and body feel exhausted and lack of time to fulfill the desired course of action. You find only a day off and that is a Sunday. Don’t waste your Sundays by taking this day for granted. Cabbage for pain relief - Wrapping leg in cabbage for pain relief. A green leaf vegetable works wonder when used topically for pain relief.

Cabbage for pain relief - Wrapping leg in cabbage for pain relief

Sounds astonishing? Yes, this is true in the case of cabbage. Let’s know about the vegetable before going into some amazing facets. All about cabbage. Exercise to gain weight- Increase weight with exercises- Fitness. Yes…You can exercise and gain weight at the same time. Do you wonder how is that? 5 Fabulous exercises for gaining weight/ Exercise to gain weight. Best natural Skin Whitening Remedies at home- Wellness. When we talk about skin problems, acne and period pimples often steal the spotlight. We often overlook the quandary of dark skin shade that can be equally frustrating when it comes to achieving a white and flawless tone. The skin comes in different shades, from tanned to white and brown to wheatish. Out of these, dark skin tends to be more problematic than the fairer tone. Not only the dark skin shows uneven patches more prominently, but it also makes our lives difficult by plummeting our confidence in the outer world.

Post Heart surgery Exercises Boon in providing relief - Health. Heart surgery is the process of treating the malfunction or the disfunction of heart-related activities. The heart is an essential part of the body as it conducts and processes the flow of blood throughout the body and assists other organs to function properly. The post-heart surgery exercises are crucial for determining whether the situation will be contained, or will they get aggravated. Heart attacks or cardiac arrest may have lethal consequences as the heart is one of the most sensitive organs of the body.

Any slender sensations can cause major havoc. Thus it is necessary to treat the issue with immense precision and care. How to stop suicidal thoughts - Fitness Health Forever - Wellness. How to stop suicidal thoughts Our brain is a powerhouse with millions of nerve cells connected together with billions of synopsis. The brain is working 24/7 even when we are sleeping. The organ is the control center of emotions, anxiety, response to stimuli and a plethora of other functions.

Needless to say, the brain controls what we think and how our thinking affects our emotions. In this universal cluster of emotions, thoughts might not always come from a positive lane. Overview. Homemade facial to detox your skin naturally - Wellness. Homemade facial to detox your skin naturally Detoxification is not unknown to various beauticians and beauty enthusiasts.

The process has been used since ages as a cleaning procedure that ignites the glow in our skin. It helps cleanse and nourish our skin from the inside. Benefits of baking soda and apple cider vinegar face mask- Wellness. Baking soda is a versatile compound that has its benefits in various applications. Liver damage symptoms-10 Common symptoms of liver damage - Health. 10 Common symptoms of liver damage. Graying of hairs- Prevent premature graying of hairs look younger. Ways to Protect Our Arteries, Defend our Hearts & Live Longer-Read More. Keeping your arteries young and healthy is not a cakewalk. Given today’s lifestyle, the process becomes more daunting than ever. Fitnesshealthforever. Fitnesshealthforever. When we do not concentrate on our diet, we tend to gain much weight than our body can handle. The scientists say that we become overweight simply when we are unable to burn more calories than we intake.

Fitnesshealthforever. Body Language Guide for parents - Fitness Health Forever. Are you using a bad body language? The most intriguing relationship of all today has been the parent-child relationship because most of us fail to know the essence of it. Buying high profile luxuries for your children won’t let you win their hearts. Harmful Effects of Smartphones on Kids Health - Fitness Health Forever. We live in a tech-driven universe where our morning starts with social media notifications and end with email messages.

We tend to look at phones more than we look at our family member’s faces. When we go somewhere hanging out, we are occupied in using smartphones rather than giving attention to other people around. And we look for friends on social media in the whole world without even knowing whose living in our neighbor. The problem of dark lips Fitness Health Forever - Read More. Hello friends, Some of you must be facing dark circles. Cabbage benefits for skin - Take care of your skin naturally. Cabbage is one of the most popular green leaf foods belonging to the all-time popular cruciferous vegetable family. Natural remedies and tips for fair and glowing skin - Fitness Health Forever.

Blood Blisters On Feet: What To And What Not To Do?- Health Tips. Baking soda to loss thigh and arm fat - Fitness health forever. Stay young with these natural foods - Fitness Health Forever. 13 Most Common Habits That Can Easily Damage Your Kidneys. What Type of Food to Eat on a Daily Basis? Benefits of good nutrition- Fitness Health Forever. 2019 Stay Healthy And Gain 1 kilo In 7 days - Fitness Health Forever. Overview for Normal Glucose Digestion and Diabetes Mellitus - Health Tips. The Importance of healthy Diet for Body - Fitness Health Forever. Herbal Remedy for Runny and Stuffy Nose.

Fitness Health Forever. Yoga’s Contribution to Menopause. Precise brain stimulation boosts memory. 5 ways to exercise to gain weight - Fitness Health Forever. Heart diseases can be avoided by some simple health tips - Read more. Deadly Effects of Tobacco Addiction - Fitness Health Forever. Touched the milestone for physical fitness- Fitness Health Forever. What too much of Caffeine can do to your health! - Fitness Health Forever. Benefits of a plant-based diet. What are the benefits of hiring a wellness specialist? Monkey Fever (KFD) Keeps Spreading. Novel Coronavirus: Overview, Symptoms, and Prevention- Health News.

2019 Stay Healthy And Gain 1 kilo In 7 days. New to meditation? Here’s a beginner’s guide to meditation. Health. Health. Health. Health. Psychedelics. Meditation. Improve your concentration and memory with meditation and make it like never before. Boost Your Brain Power With Meditation arona. How you use your 5 Senses for Stress Management. Stay Fit and Boost Your Metabolic Rate by 50% Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms. What too much of Caffeine can do to your health! The Numerous Therapeutic Effects Of Massage Therapy. SPIDER BITES.