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What CrossFit is, and what people often perceive it to be, can be quite different. This often leads to frustration when new clients join a CrossFit Pittsburgh Affiliate with specific goals in mind that don’t line up with what CrossFit is designed to achieve. One area where we see this a lot is with fat loss.

How can you benefit from a personal trainer at home? - spencerhospitaltc. While everyone wants to get trained by a CrossFit Pittsburgh doesn’t mean everyone needs one.

How can you benefit from a personal trainer at home? - spencerhospitaltc

On the other hand, hiring a personal trainer has a set of advantages to those who cannot work on their own Here are benefits of hiring personal trainer and the reasons why people benefit from working with them. Customized fitness programs A lot of people with chronic health conditions or injuries prefer working out with a personal trainer. On the other hand, people like athletes need a personal trainer to maximize their performance and strength to participate in different sports tournaments. Efficiency Undoubtedly, personal trainers help a lot of people to get results by helping them make the most of each workout. Motivation. When You Hire An In Home Personal Trainer. Benefits you can discover with personal training. Benefits you can discover with personal training Are you tired of exercising and working out to attain minimal results?

Benefits you can discover with personal training

Are you struggling to get back in shape? Not sure about workout sessions that work for you or how to get started? If any of these questions above are bothering you then you would certainly benefit through a personal training. Do not worry you can set up your studio with Crossfit Pittsburgh gym without any hassles. Benefits You Can Discover With Personal Training. What is a Crossfit workout and what are its benefits? Crossfit gyms CrossFit can be defined as the functional movement carried out at high intensity.

What is a Crossfit workout and what are its benefits?

You will find constant variation in this workout that offers a boost for your body with each session to enhance your fitness levels. What Is A Crossfit Workout And What Are Its Benefits. What is the Practical Diet Revolution? When it comes to a healthy life, diet is the most important part.

What is the Practical Diet Revolution?

Exercise is extremely important. However, it is possible to be healthy by eating a healthy diet with a mediocre fitness plan. It is not possible to be healthy with a great fitness program but a crappy diet. Understanding the Zone Diet Lecture. After receiving a lot of interest, we will be offering a lecture this Saturday morning on the basics of the Zone Diet.

Understanding the Zone Diet Lecture

This will be open to anyone and will be offered at 9:00 am in lieu of the regular Saturday morning class. It will be at the box. What I Learned From a 24 Hour Fast. About a month ago, David Brinker asked me to participate in the “30 Day Stoic Challenge.”

What I Learned From a 24 Hour Fast

The Challenge runs through October and is hosted by the mainstream Stoic writer, Ryan Holiday. As someone trying to learn more about Stoic Philosophy, I was intrigued, but I had one condition: if we do it, we have to keep each other accountable. I didn’t want to sign up for a challenge like this is then slack off halfway through the month. Brinker agreed, so we signed up. What CrossFit Is . . . and Isn't. What CrossFit is, and what people often perceive it to be, can be quite different.

What CrossFit Is . . . and Isn't

This often leads to frustration when new clients join a CrossFit Affiliate with specific goals in mind that don’t line up with what CrossFit is designed to achieve. One area where we see this a lot is with fat loss. The Stronger Revolution - Staying Present. Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Subscribe: Email | | More All too often, we find ourselves reflecting too much on past events, or trying to plan far into the future.

The Stronger Revolution - Staying Present

The result is that we are missing what is happening in the present. We are not staying present here, right now, today. This is a potential misinterpretation of the Stronger Revolution Philosophy. The Stronger Revolution: Overcoming Adversity. Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Subscribe: Email | | More Anything that steps in the way of our goal progress is known as adversity.

The Stronger Revolution: Overcoming Adversity

Whether it is big or small, adversity provides us a chance to grow, learn, and develop as human beings. It is why the process of goal achievement is so much more important than actually achieving the goal. Anyone can pick achievable goals. Goal Setting Strategies. Web Cures Digital. Increasing Exercise Difficulty to Get Better Fitness and Weight Loss Result2. Core Values. Increasing Exercise Difficulty to Get Better Fitness and Weight Loss Results. There are a number of ways an exercise can be made harder other than packing on more weight.

Increasing Exercise Difficulty to Get Better Fitness and Weight Loss Results

This is important knowledge for injury prevention as well as for specific training purposes. A personal trainer Gyms in Cumming GA will have the knowledge to scale up and down the movement depending on the level of the client or athlete. Tempo Let’s take the bench press exercise for an example. A regular bench press would have the tempo of one second down and one second up; which is great for learning and practicing technique. Consistency is Key - Pittsburgh Crossfit.

The Proper Way to Set and Achieve Goals - Pittsburgh Crossfit. There is a rule in business that if you are not growing, you are dying. For people, the same rule applies, but the threat of dying is not a literal one. Instead, dying is in a sense staying stagnant, not developing, or becoming too routine.

While CrossFit appeals to many people in many different walks of life, there is one common characteristic, CrossFitters want to “grow” as people and become better versions of themselves. Helping people grow in all aspects of life is one of the Core Values of Industrial Athletics. However, simply saying we want to grow as humans is only the first step. No Complaining Challenge - Pittsburgh Crossfit.

Starting Monday, September 18, 2017, we are issuing a NO COMPLAINING Challenge at IA. We are challenging our members to avoid complaining for 1 month. That means in the gym and out of the gym. Here are the details: New Monthly Programming Feature - Pittsburgh Crossfit. Starting this month (October) we will be adding a new feature to the Programming at Industrial Athletics. Generally speaking, we all do a great job of tracking our max effort lifts. We create spreadsheets and use apps to keep track of things like a 1 rep back squat or a 1 rep squat snatch.

We then use percentages of those max lifts in our regular programming and to help us pick scaling for certain workouts. New Fundamentals Class Times - Pittsburgh Crossfit. Morning and Evening Routines - Pittsburgh Crossfit. Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe: Android | Email | | More The Stronger Revolution is all about optimizing your life and achieving your goals through the aggregation of marginal gains. The daily progress needed to achieve your goals requires that you are firing on all cylinders as much as possible. On Episode #13 of The Stronger Revolution, I talk about the importance of morning and evening routines, and how to start your own. These routines act as bookends to our day to guarantee we are productive. I would argue that most people don’t have a morning or evening routine. Instead, we use morning and evening routines. For a morning routine, you want to start with a consistent wakeup time.

For an evening routine, the goal is to wind down, destress, and quiet our mind to prepare for a restful night of sleeping. For more information on morning and evening routines, check out my Podcast: May Fundamentals Registration Open! - Pittsburgh Crossfit. Mastering Your Diet - Pittsburgh Crossfit. Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe: Android | Email | | More There are four areas of your life that are basic to everyone and that you should be putting energy toward mastering: Sleep, Diet, Exercise, Putting First Things First. Once you have sleep under control, your diet will have the next largest impact on your body.

Your diet is your primary energy source. Put in good food, and you will have good energy. Regardless of your opinion, it has been shown through study after study that there are three necessary principles to a good diet: Eat all nature foodEat at least 3 times a day, but not more than 5Eat until you are full, but not stuffed Simply following these three principles will improve your diet. However, if more control and modifications to your diet is desired, next start to clean it up. For more information on the steps listed above, check out our episode: Effectuating Long Term Change - Pittsburgh Crossfit. We are deep within our No Complaining Challenge and the changes to date have been noticeable. By simply bringing awareness to our negativity on a daily basis, those who want to live better happier lives have started changing their vocal language. Sometimes we see members decide not to say anything at all.

Other times, we see members start to complain, realize what they are doing, and change their language to something more positive. Internal awareness and external changes are step 1 and 2 of long term changes in behavior. Step 3 takes more practice. 1. 2. 3. 4. We are super excited to see our members being more mindful about voicing complaints. Effectuating Long Term Change - Pittsburgh Crossfit.

You Learn from Doing, not Achieving - Pittsburgh Crossfit. Stephanie and me hanging at the start of Leg 2 of the Marathon Relay Last Sunday was the 2018 Pittsburgh Marathon. A year earlier was the first time I ran in the Marathon, agreeing to complete one leg (the shortest) of the Marathon relay on a team for the gym. In the end, I completed two legs because one of our members wanted to run with someone. The 9+ miles I completed was the most I ever ran at one time.

This year, I signed up for the same two legs on one of our relay teams, and decided at the last minute to run a third leg with another member. However, I learned nothing from completing my goal. There were a lot of small lessons along the way. More important are the BIG lessons I learned along the way: CrossFit really does prepare you for just about anything you want to do.

The point is none of these lessons were learned by crossing the line at 16.7 miles. Goals are important, but only if achieving those goals puts us through a process that forces us to learn. It's About the Experience - Pittsburgh Crossfit. Newsletter and new "CFE" program - Pittsburgh Crossfit. Internal vs External Motivation - Pittsburgh Crossfit. The idea of competition in CrossFit has been on my mind a lot recently. As a high intensity functional fitness program, the presence of competition can drive someone to push harder than they ever thought possible. Knowing that an athlete next to you may finish those last reps before you do will push you to the red line to finish first. We look at the white board to see how our WOD results stack up against others who have done the same WOD that day. We compare lifting numbers to see whose 1 rep max is highest. Additionally, as humans, we are constantly driven to improve ourselves and be better than we were yesterday.

Unfortunately, these two types of competition (interval vs. external) can cause some serious internal conflict. Growth through Adversity: An Example - Pittsburgh Crossfit. Matt Chan was one of the original badass CrossFit competitors and one of the last CrossFitters to compete at a high level while maintaining a reasonable balance in his life of nutrition, competition training, family, running an affiliate, and spending time outdoors doing what he called, “Expressing fitness.” Because I “grew up” in CrossFit with Matt Chan as a role model, I have taken his phrase of Expressing Fitness, and apply it to what we do outside of the gym. One of the great benefits of CrossFit is that we gain the ability to use our fitness to experience new challenges. For example, running in the Pittsburgh Marathon, stand-up paddle boarding, throwing axes, white water rafting, hiking, etc. On August 10 and 11, 2018, a group of us decided to use Express Our Fitness by taking on a new challenge, A Trail Ragnar.

For those who aren’t familiar, A Trail Ragnar is a race in the woods where a team of 8 people each have to complete a loop of 3.5, 4.6, and 6.5 miles. Decision Making Part 2 - Pittsburgh Crossfit. Double Unders and Squat Snatches - Pittsburgh Crossfit. Industrial Athletics - CrossFit Gym In Pittsburgh. Do You Have Standards??? - Pittsburgh Crossfit. A few weeks ago, we had a person drop in during a workout with burpees. From round 1, it was clear that his gym did not uphold the same strict standards for burpees that we demand from our athletes. Chest to the ground was questionable, hips never opened at the top, and arms did not extend over his head (let alone clap). The situation made me think of the emphasis we place on standards and how clear we try to be with our clients about how important standards are. During every Fundamentals Class, and even in our free introductions to CrossFit, we explain the importance of standards when we introduce the CrossFit Kettle Bell Swing.

So, why are standards so important? Coach's Corner Reviews - Pittsburgh Crossfit. Closed for the Patriot Games - Pittsburgh Crossfit. Closed for Industrial Athletics Basketball - Pittsburgh Crossfit. Building Power in Your Kipping Pull-Ups. Burnout - Pittsburgh Crossfit. Latest WOD Archives - Pittsburgh Crossfit. How to Stay Balanced During Major Life Changes. Blog Archives - Pittsburgh Crossfit. Fitness Coach: Should You Hire a Virtual Trainer? Creating Some Space from Technology - Pittsburgh Crossfit. Strength Training for Women and Fitness Journey. The Gym 365 Strength & Fitness 24/7/365 – Techeduhp. Announcements Archives - Pittsburgh Crossfit. The Travels of Coach: CrossFit Gyms - Cheap Phentermine 24x7. Announcement: Addressing the Class Cap - Pittsburgh Crossfit. Build a Strong Core with Side Planks. What is a CrossFit Workout. What is a CrossFit Workout? – Club Oxigeno. Achieve a Pull-up: 5 Things I Learned. How to Make the Most Out of Gym Supplements – Techeduhp.

Industrial Athletics. Industrial Athletics - CrossFit Gym In Pittsburgh. Industrial Athletics - CrossFit Gym In Pittsburgh. Industrial Athletics - CrossFit Gym In Pittsburgh. 12 Days of Christmas and Cookie Exchange for 12/14/2019 - Pittsburgh Crossfit. The Best Crossfit Gym In Pittsburgh. What Is Crossfit And Is It Worth The Money? Is Crossfit Good To Lose Weight? - blog/post - Crossfit. Personal Trainer’s Tips on How to Stop Overeating. 3 Ways to Stop Overeating – Tips From Personal Trainers in Richmond. 3 Ways to Actually Reach Your Personal Fitness Goals - Aigapda. Increasing Exercise Difficulty to Get Better Fitness and Weight Loss Results. Hip Hinge Exercise Can Help Strengthen. Personal Trainer for Hip Hinging. No Shame in Asking for Fitness Help 3. No Shame in Asking for Fitness Help. There Is No Shame in Asking For Fitness Help. THERE IS NO SHAME IN ASKING FOR FITNESS HELP. How to Combat the Lame Hotel Gym Syndrome. How to Combat the Lame Hotel Gym Syndrome.

7 Things Not To Do When Trying To Lose Weight. 5 Ways to Optimize Your Workout 4. 5 Ways To Optimize Your Workout. How Crossfit Fort Lauderdale has Changed My Life. How Crossfit Fort Lauderdale has Changed My Life. 10 Things You Should Do To Be Better Crossfitter. 10 things you should do to be better cross fitter. What to Look For In a Crossfit Gym. What To Look For In A Crossfit Gym? A high touch Crossfit Gym in Pittsburgh PA. What is Crossfit . . . And Isn’t For You Mystery. Best way for Safe Crossfit - CrossFit Elements Session - Industrial Athletics. What Is Money. What Is Money’s Worth In Crossfit? – Agriculture Benin. There's Big Money in BEST CROSSFIT PITTSBURGH. Elements of the Best Crossfit Pittsburgh. Fitness & Health Club Industrial-athletics. A High Touch Gym. Crossfit Pittsburgh Fitness and Lifestyle Goals. Elements of the Best CrossFit. Elements of the Best CrossFit. Is CrossFit better than gym? A Recipe for Safe Crossfit-