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Fitin20-Mike MacKinnon

Mike MacKinnon is the Co-Founder of Fit In 20 & has more than of 10 years experience in the health & fitness industry. Contact Mike today & get in the best shape of your life! Visit web-

Online Fitness & Weight Loss Courses from fitin20-Personal training GTA. It’s finally here.

Online Fitness & Weight Loss Courses from fitin20-Personal training GTA

THE course you’ve been waiting for: the one that gives you THE SECRET TO PERMANENT WEIGHT LOSS . After working with almost 300 people personally over the past 12 years, I’ve learned A LOT about what works, and what doesn’t work. I myself was 95 lbs overweight in 2001. By May of 2003 I had lost only 10 lbs, and so I turned to a coach: someone who could teach me about weight loss. I’m glad I did. In just 6 months I shed 85 lbs of body fat. So I combined my education (B.Comm., 1991; M.Div., 2000, CPTN-CPT, Pn1 Cand.), my experience (I’m 48 years old and an ordained Spiritualist minister), and what I learned personally from struggling with weight loss.

It teaches the same sorts of things that the very best experts in the field teach. If it doesn’t work for you AND you can honestly say you followed it exactly, then I’ll happily refund your money after 90 days, no questions asked. Mississauga personal training. Mike MacKinnon is a certified personal trainer with the Certified Professional Trainer’s Network, and has been since 2006.

Mississauga personal training

Currently he is working towards the prestigious “Precision Nutrition 1” certification with Dr. John Berardi, as well as a certification with strength coach and author Karsten Jensen in Karsten’s “Flexible Periodization Method.” Mike is certified as well with Dr. Ken Kinakin, DC, CSCS, in his “Upper Body Muscle Testing” and “Lower Body Muscle Testing” protocols. Mike is an avid believer in continuing education, constantly attending seminars and symposia in order to increase his knowledge base. 1.

In 2001 Mike was 95 lbs overweight. Mike hired a coach who set him on the path he’s on today. Mike is also a competitive powerlifter, having posted lifts of 407 lbs in the deadlift, 346.5 lbs in the squat and 269.5 in the bench press, for a total of 1,023 lbs lifted, putting him in the coveted “1,000 lb club!” GTA fitness training -Diet Plan in Mississauga. The “Fit in 20” Philosophy: “Eat for a healthy weight, Exercise for health” This thinking goes against the grain.

GTA fitness training -Diet Plan in Mississauga

The fitness industry would have you believe that exercise is crucial to weight loss; and it is…but not in the way you might think. Consider this data. Dr. John Berardi, PhD, recently worked on a study at the University of Texas to answer the question “Does exercise alone work as a method of weight loss?” Both groups were encouraged to NOT change their eating habits. The exercise group lost a lot more weight than the group that didn’t exercise, right? Now that’s a scary thing for many of you because, if you’re like me, the problem is that WE DON’T SEEM TO BE ABLE TO CHANGE WHAT WE EAT FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME! Mike has created a program that is GUARANTEED TO WORK, IF YOU FOLLOW THE SUGGESTIONS IN IT.

You can meet with Mike face-to-face to work through the program, or you can take it as a self-study course. But what about those of you who HAVE changed what you eat. Personalized Fitness Training Program in Mississauga. The “Fit in 20” Philosophy: “Less is More” In 2009 I watched Dr.

Personalized Fitness Training Program in Mississauga

Ken Kinakin, DC, CSCS, prepare for a powerlifting competition. I used to work with him, so I was able to follow his training regimen closely. His workouts lasted no longer than 20-30 minutes, he never did any cardio, and he never trained more than 3 to 4 times per week. In a short time I watched his strength and muscularity skyrocket, while his bodyfat % dropped rapidly. About that time, Men’s Health magazine came out with a book on 15 minute exercises, citing the benefits of training less for better results.

The benefit of these high intensity circuits is that you can target multiple energy systems in the body because you’re doing different kinds of training at the same time. Of course, this type of training wouldn’t be adequate for a bodybuilder or a powerlifter, but for the average person who wants to lose weight, tone up and just get in shape, it’s FANTASTIC. GTA fitness training fitin20 – workout programs in 20 minutes!