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First Choice Restoration SERVING ALL YOUR CLEANUP NEEDS Relating To Storm, Mold, Fire, Smoke, and Water Damage. First Choice Restoration with locations in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware means we are only minutes away from helping you mitigate your damages. We have over 35 years experience in Water remediation, Fire damage remediation, Mold remediation, Storm damage remediation, Carpet cleaning, Deodorization, and Contents cleaning.

Water Damage Camden NJ. Water Damage Philadelphia, PA. Water Damage is one of the largest nuisances for Philadelphia, PA homeowners.

Water Damage Philadelphia, PA

Water damage can erode the walls of your home, grow mold, and even cause foul odors. If you suspect water damage in your home don’t hesitate to call First Choice Restoration, the first choice in water damage remediation in the Philadelphia, PA area. However, the best way to avoid water damage is to prevent it from ever occurring. By following simple steps described below, you can ensure that your home isn’t effected by preventable water damage. Water Stained Ceilings Camden NJ. Roofing leaks, plumbing problems, and natural disasters can all water damage.

Water Stained Ceilings Camden NJ

An unfortunate consequence of water damage is stained ceilings. Water stained ceilings are an eyesore for the property owner and they should be removed immediately. In addition to the consequences of an unattractive ceiling, water can collect and cause mold. Mold is a problem every property owner wants to avoid, since breathing in spores can cause a myriad of health problems. Water Damage Camden County NJ. Water damaged wall in a Philadelphia home When there is a flood in your home, whether it was caused by a natural catastrophic event or a broken pipe caused it, your walls are definitely going to get moist and wet.

Water Damage Camden County NJ

While personal property such as clothing and home furnishing are unquestionably easy to handle, even if that means getting rid of some of it, walls are a bit harder to correctly take care of. However, there are a few things a homeowner can do to mitigate the water damage. Acting quickly is of the utmost importance! Do not let your walls stay wet for more than 24 to 48 hours. Air is Very Important Once the walls have been discarded, your best bet for reducing mold damage is to let air in from the outside.

If Mold Does Occur Caution must be exercised in removing the mold ridden walls as disturbing the affected walls will cause release of mold spores that could have an adverse affect on your health. Smoke Damage Restoration Cherry Hill NJ. Cherry Hill, NJ smoke damage cleanup A building fire can be a very scary experience to live through, but don’t worry; First Choice Restoration of Cherry Hill, NJ will be right by your side.

Smoke Damage Restoration Cherry Hill NJ

You can trust our IICRC specialists to clean your smoke damaged building and personal property thoroughly. Smoke Damage King of Prussia, PA. At some point in your life you are likely to experience a fire or serious smoke damage to your business or home.

Smoke Damage King of Prussia, PA

Property owners should never handle the cleanup by themselves. The first step is to call First Choice Restoration of Philadelphia. When it comes to fire and smoke, it is best to leave the cleanup and restoration to our IICRC professionals. Our professionals can help determine which items may be salvageable and what can be refurbished rather than replaced.

Water Damage Restoration Philadelphia PA. As one of America’s first cities, Philadelphia’s streets have a rich history.

Water Damage Restoration Philadelphia PA

From the liberty bell to the museums, Philadelphia proudly celebrates its colorful past. Tourists may notice the beautiful historic homes found in nearly every neighborhood. Fire Damage Restoration Philadelphia, PA. The first few days following a house fire will probably be some of the most overwhelming of your life.

Fire Damage Restoration Philadelphia, PA

Salvaging what remains of your home and possessions isn’t an easy task. Recovering from a house fire is an emotional process and it may be difficult to think correctly at first. Fire Damage Turnersville, NJ. When a property is exposed to fire damage, cleanup is a necessary step since soot, ash and water will cause further damage to your home or business.

Fire Damage Turnersville, NJ

The problem is the water and chemicals used to control the fire can also cause secondary damage to the home. The untrained homeowner will attempt their own cleaning methods (such as using household cleaning products or using a steam cleaner), which can leave an even bigger mess in their property. The chemicals found in common cleaning products can react adversely to the remnants of the fire damage and may even cause permanent damage to the structure. What property owners don’t know is that fire damage cleanup is an extremely difficult job and that hiring a professional is the only way to ensure your home or business doesn’t sustain permanent damage. When selecting a firm make sure that they have the proper training. Mold Removal King of Prussia, PA.

Quickly Identify Mold After water damage occurs, it is important to quickly identify mold; since a damp environment is ideal for its growth.

Mold Removal King of Prussia, PA

It is important to mitigate mold right away because it can destroy household materials such as, drywall, wood, and cloth. Wind Damage Philadelphia. Wind is often an overlooked cause of property damage, especially for those who don’t live in an area affected by tropical storms.

Wind Damage Philadelphia

Even though storms are a common occurrence, they can cost a property owner thousands of dollars in damage if they are unprepared. Follow these common-sense tips when protecting your home and property against wind damage. Mold Damage Restoration Philadelphia PA. Mold in your home could pose a risk to the health and well-being of you and your family.

Improper cleanup could make a serious problem worst by inadvertently spreading spores to previously unaffected areas of your home. Mold is the cause of that musty smell that emanates from the damp areas of your home such as the basement. Mold consists of air-born spores that spread when the appropriate conditions are present. As it grows it can then release new spores into the air and can be inhaled by the inhabitants of your home. These spores could cause more problems than just staunch odors. Wind Damage Restoration Delaware County PA. Wind storms can be problematic to homes and businesses. Wind damage from storms such as hurricanes, tornadoes, straight line winds, and thunder storms can cause damage to roofing shingles, siding, windows, and landscaping.

It is extremely important to have wind damage cleanup and repair performed immediately after it occurs. What almost all property owners realize that tornadoes and wind from hurricanes cause property damage. Often times, property owners do not realize the devastation that slight wind can cause. Fire Damage Cleanup Philadelphia PA. When a fire occurs at your home or business fire damage cleanup must be performed immediately. The damage to your structure can range from mild smoke infiltration to total destruction of the building. Because of the complexity of property destruction from fire, it is important to have a certified First Choice Restoration technicians evaluate your property damage.

Once the evaluation process is complete. Our experienced fire restoration professionals will begin to cleanup your property according to our onsite pretesting procedures. Behavior of smoke is an important factor in the fire damage cleanup process. Most importantly, we go through your house like a fine tooth comb. We truly understand the stress and disruption of life that happens with every fire loss. Water Damage Restoration Bensalem PA. Water Damage Cleanup: Water damage to buildings requires prompt attention. Whether it is damage from leaking pipes or storm damage. You need a remediation company with the reliability and expertise to help you reclaim your home or business.

This is why it is extremely important to have water damage cleanup performed immediately after it occurs. Property owners find themselves in an extremely stressful situation after having water damage occur in their homes or businesses. Smoke Damage Remediation Croydon PA. Water Damage Restoration Philadelphia County. Mold Remediation Cherry Hill NJ. Storm Damage Cleanup Bensalem PA. When you experience any storm damage, whether wind, lightening, hail, tornadoes, or hurricanes, First Choice Restoration of Philadelphia will be there for you. Our Emergency Response team will arrive at your home or business to protect your property from the elements.

We will board-up and tarp-cover any exposed areas to prevent further damage and loss, and we’ll begin clean-up and water removal immediately. We’ll remove debris and inspect your flat or shingled roof, siding, windows, and all aspects of your home to ensure its safety. And if any of those construction items need to be repaired, we have all the restoration and construction services to make it right. You’ll get the best professional service and dependable team of experts to repair the damage done, and we will restore your property to pre-loss condition. Complete Pack out-Board-up-SecurityWater ExtractionDryingDehumidificationThermal ImagingMonitoring Temporary: PowerLightsHeatingPlumbing. Mold Removal Philadelphia PA. Water Damage- Philadelphia, Pa. Wind Damage - Bucks County, PA. Mold Testing-Chester County, PA. Fire Damage Camden County,NJ. Restoration Mitigation Bensalem PA. Restoration Mitigation Philadelphia,PA. Water Damage Bensalem,PA. Fire Damage Philadelphia,PA. Wind Damage Bensalem,PA.

Mold Restoration Philadelphia,PA.