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First Choice Restoration SERVING ALL YOUR CLEANUP NEEDS Relating To Storm, Mold, Fire, Smoke, and Water Damage. First Choice Restoration with locations in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware means we are only minutes away from helping you mitigate your damages. We have over 35 years experience in Water remediation, Fire damage remediation, Mold remediation, Storm damage remediation, Carpet cleaning, Deodorization, and Contents cleaning.

Sewage Backups: How do they happen and how do you handle them - First Choice Restoration. It’s every homeowner’s nightmare to deal with a sewage situation.

Sewage Backups: How do they happen and how do you handle them - First Choice Restoration

Sewage lines become obstructed and cause a backup of contaminated water. These lines can become obstructed for a number of reasons, but these types of situations should only be cleaned up by professionals. Clogs– Sewage can backup into a home if there is a clog in a toilet drain, sink drain, or a main drain. Clogs can be created by hair, grease, or solid materials like paper. Tree Roots– Roots on trees can grow to be really long, and those long roots can often interfere with sewer lines. Damaged Sewer Lines– Older pipes are made from cast iron or clay. Heavy Rainfall- Large amounts of rain can overburden public sewer lines. Preventing Backups Do not Pour Grease Down the Drain – The first tip to prevent backups should be a no brainer. Dispose of Paper Products Properly – Paper towels, diapers, and feminine products should not be flushed down the toilet as they can clog the sewer line.

Disinfecting After the Flu - First Choice Restoration. Everyone encounters someone who has had or does have the flu at one point or another in their lives.

Disinfecting After the Flu - First Choice Restoration

How are people supposed to disinfect their homes when a family member has the flu? Should they toss everything can be washed into the washing machine? Should they scrub down al of the surfaces with a disinfectant? What To Do When a Washing Machine Overflows - First Choice Restoration. Washing machines, or any appliance in your home, are not infallible.

What To Do When a Washing Machine Overflows - First Choice Restoration

Over time they can experience malfunctions, break or overflow. When a washing machine or other appliance malfunctions and overflows it can be nerve wracking and cause the property owner to panic and not think logically. However, there are a few simple steps that an insured should take when this occurs. Switch off the power supply at the circuit breaker or fuse box. The insured should not press the cancel button the on the washing machines control panel since this can make the overflow worse by switching it into drain mode.After shutting off the power, the insured should remove all removable items from the flooded area, including furniture and area rugs.

Tips to Prevent Overflow: Avoid overstuffing the washing machine with laundry. Philadelphia, PA, Bucks County, Delaware County, Montogemery County, Serving all NJ. Drying Out Concrete. First choice Restoration wet concrete dry out Drying out a home after water damage is extremely important.

Drying Out Concrete

Moisture mixed with humidity can lead to more mold, additional damage, and health risks. Everything within the home, from the ceilings to the flooring needs to be properly dried out. This includes any concrete within the home. When a contractor with little to no experience is drying out properties, they assume that the concrete is already dry. When Dishwashers Leak. There are a number of reasons that a dishwasher can leak.

When Dishwashers Leak

However, most instances do not require a professional to fix it. Below are some of the most common causes of a leaking dishwasher and tips to fix the situation. Before using the dishwasher, the buyer should read the instruction manual so as to not use the appliance improperly.The dishwasher should not be overloaded.The instruction manual will tell the buyer what type and how much detergent should be used. The buyer should stick to the amount that the manual instructs buyers to use. Using too much detergent could cause the detergent and water to spill out of the appliance.The buyer should make sure that the dishwasher is placed in an area of the home where the appliance will be level.

Homeowners should remember that when dealing with appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines that the power supply to the appliance should be shut off. Removing Musty Odors After Water Damage. Water damage can occur to any home.

Removing Musty Odors After Water Damage

Often times water damage can be taken care of properly and still leave behind a musty odor. This smell is more than likely caused by mold. To properly fix the problem of a musty home, the affected areas would have to be dried and the mold would need to be properly removed. However, there are some tips to remove mold related odors. The homeowner should check damp places throughout the home that could support the growth of mold.

Risks of Cleaning Up After a Sewage Loss. Sewage flooding typically happens in the basement or in a bathroom.

Risks of Cleaning Up After a Sewage Loss

This type of flooding is a major problem and needs to be addressed immediately. Homeowners can usually clean up most floods on their own, however a sewage cleanup involves many risks that make this a cleanup that homeowners should not do on their own. Health Risks Sewage consists of grey water (from sinks, tubs, showers, and dishwashers) or black water. Sewage floods involve the water that is used to flush toilets and is mixed with human waste that it flushes away. Sewage contains contaminants like parasites, viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Preventing Frozen Pipes. Pipes in homes can and will freeze if not properly protected.

Preventing Frozen Pipes

Often times when pipes freeze, they can burst spewing gallons of water into a home. However, there are steps that a homeowner can take to prevent pipes in their home from freezing. How to Prevent Pipes from Freezing -Put adequate insulation around pipes that are vulnerable to cold air -Wrap vulnerable pipes with heat tape -If possible/practical, use an indoor valve to shut off water supply to outdoor faucets during the winter. HVAC Mold Prevention. Mold grows in environments that are moisture laden and that have temperatures between 32 and 120.

HVAC Mold Prevention

This means that HVAC systems are a place where mold can grow. Below are some tips to prevent mold growth in your HVAC system: Drain Pan Maintenance: Winter Weather Damage. Winters in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey area can be extremely cold and wet.

Winter Weather Damage

Which can cause damage to homes. Water damage caused by winter weather should be cleaned up by a licensed professional such as First Choice Restoration, LLC. Top Causes of Winter Water Damage: Burst or Frozen Pipes Pipes that are frozen can build up large amounts of pressure which can lead to cracks/breaks in the pipe and eventual flooding when the ice melts. Ice Dams and Roof Leaks. Preventing Mold in Carpets. When people think of mold they often think of their walls but not their carpets. Mold can affect many surfaces including carpets. How Does it Grow? Mold spores are everywhere and all they need to grow is a damp surface, oxygen, and an organic food source. When carpeting gets wet and is not properly dried mold can grow rapidly due to dust and dander trapped in the carpet. If the carpet stays wet for an extended period of time, then the mold will continue to grow.

Signs of Mold in Carpet. Minimizing Hurricane Damage. While we may not live in a direct hurricane path, we still get remnants of hurricane rain and wind. Thus, it is important to know how to minimize the damage to your home. Preparing your Property There are at least 5 things that a homeowner can do to minimize the damage to their homes. Installing storm shutters to a home can help against debris and pressurization. Asbestos Remediation. Often, when disaster strikes a home more issues appear during the cleanup. One such issue could be the discovery of asbestos containing material throughout the home. When people hear that they have asbestos in their home they panic. This article will go through the ins and outs of asbestos and its removal by a certified contractor. What is it and Where is it Located?

Asbestos is a mineral fiber that can only be positively identified by a specific type of microscope. Roofing and siding shingles cementroofing and siding materialsInsulation of a home built between 1930-1950Attic and wall insulation as vermiculite oreTextured paint and wall patchingArtificial ashes and embers used in gas fireplacesOld stove-top padsWalls and floors around woodburning stovesVinyl floor tiles and backing on vinyl sheet flooringVinyl floor adhesiveasbestos blanket or tape on hot water and steam pipes in older homesOil and coal furnaces door gasket insulation What to do if there is Asbestos or Suspected Asbestos? Philadelphia, PA, Bucks County, Delaware County, Montogemery County, Serving all NJ. Water Damage Mitigation: Toilet Overflow. Toilet overflow is one of the top 5 causes of water damage. Overflow can be caused by a clog in the bowl or a malfunction in the tank. Whatever the cause is the damage can be extensive.

The damage can be contained to just around the toilet or can spread through the floors and walls to other areas. Cleanup for this would require the help of a certified restoration company. What Should You Do in Case of an Overflow? If the toilet starts to overflow what should a homeowner do? Assessing the Damage. Steps to Remediate Mold. Philadelphia, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/14/2018 --Mold spores exist in small quantities everywhere, including in homes. You cannot remove all mold from inside of a structure. Restoration companies, such as First Choice restoration, understand what goes in to removing and remediating mold within a building.

There are essentially 5 steps to mold remediation. Step 1: Moisture Moisture is usually the source of mold growth. Step 2: Documentation of the problem and developing a plan of action The property owner should document all mold growth with pictures, videos, and written accounts. Step 3: Calculate contamination.

There are 3 Main Types of Smoke Residues Left After a Fire. Tips to help the Homeowner Through a Nor'easter - Water Damage Cleanup Burlington NJ. Mold Damage Clean Up Philadelphia PA. Mold in your home could pose a risk to the health and well-being of you and your family. Improper cleanup could make a serious problem worst by inadvertently spreading spores to previously unaffected areas of your home. Mold is the cause of that musty smell that emanates from the damp areas of your home such as the basement.

Mold consists of air-born spores that spread when the appropriate conditions are present. Water Damaged Basement, Philadelphia PA. If you live in a colder climate, you know that your home will have to brave the elements during the winter season. Water Damage Camden NJ. Water Damage Philadelphia, PA. Water Stained Ceilings Camden NJ. Water Damage Camden County NJ. Smoke Damage Restoration Cherry Hill NJ. Cherry Hill, NJ smoke damage cleanup. Smoke Damage King of Prussia, PA. Mold Damage Philadephia. Water Damage Restoration Philadelphia PA. Fire Damage Restoration Philadelphia, PA. Fire Damage Turnersville, NJ. Mold Removal King of Prussia, PA. Wind Damage Philadelphia. Mold Damage Restoration Philadelphia PA. Wind Damage Restoration Delaware County PA. Fire Damage Cleanup Philadelphia PA. Water Damage Restoration Bensalem PA.

Smoke Damage Remediation Croydon PA. Water Damage Restoration Philadelphia County. Mold Remediation Cherry Hill NJ. Storm Damage Cleanup Bensalem PA. Mold Removal Philadelphia PA. Water Damage- Philadelphia, Pa. Wind Damage - Bucks County, PA. Mold Testing-Chester County, PA. Fire Damage Camden County,NJ. Restoration Mitigation Bensalem PA. Restoration Mitigation Philadelphia,PA. Water Damage Bensalem,PA. Fire Damage Philadelphia,PA.

Wind Damage Bensalem,PA. Mold Restoration Philadelphia,PA.