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Digital Video Recorder

Water Purifier Online in India. Five Reasons to Invest In a Water Purifier  High Definition CCTV Camera From Eurovigil. Eureka Forbes. Euro Vigil. Aquaguard Reviva RO Water Purifier. Eurovigil : Central Monitoring system. Eurovigil : Video door phone products. Things to Check before Buying Security Systems for Your Home. Three Reasons To Install Video Door Phones. Buy Best Wet & Dry vacuum Vacuum Cleaner : Euroclean WD X2 - Eureka Forbes.

What to consider when buying a vacuum cleaner? Euroclean WD X2 Vacuum Cleaner Buy Now.

What to consider when buying a vacuum cleaner?

Car Vacuum Cleaner, Best Car Vacuum Cleaner. Euroclean WD X2 Vacuum Cleaner Buy Now.

Car Vacuum Cleaner, Best Car Vacuum Cleaner

Eurovigil Electronic Security Products. The Importance of Minerals in Your Drinking Water. Dr.

The Importance of Minerals in Your Drinking Water

Aquaguard Classic+ Water Purifier Buy Now Dr. Aquaguard Magna NXT HD RO+UV Water Purifier Buy Now Dr. Why do you need to consume purified water during the monsoons? Dr.

Why do you need to consume purified water during the monsoons?

Aquaguard Classic+ Water Purifier Buy Now Dr. Euroclean iClean Vacuum Cleaner. Why Should You Invest In A High Definition CCTV System. Tips To Manage Employees Habits Through Biometric System. Organisations nowadays run on tight schedules and cut-throat deadlines.

Tips To Manage Employees Habits Through Biometric System

Time is an essential no matter on which level of corporate hierarchy you rank. We all know, how the absence of time management affects the overall growth and outcome of the organisation and individuals. And therefore, to avoid any compromises, an organisation must encourage the habit of time management. We have entered the digital age where majority of the employees on the executive and managerial level are millennials. Moreover, most of the start-up businesses are led by millennials.

In earlier days, timecards were maintained manually that was time-consuming and had discrepancies like time theft, payroll errors, lack of coordination and more. Different Types Of Motion Sensors And Their Working. A motion detector sensor is a gadget that notifies moving items, mostly human beings.

Different Types Of Motion Sensors And Their Working

It is nowadays vital for all security frameworks and are utilised in workplaces, banks, shopping centers and other commercial premises. The fundamental task of movement sensor is to detect a criminal and send a caution to your control board, which gives an alarm to your center of monitoring. Movement sensors respond to various circumstances like development in your lounge room, entryways, windows being opened or closed. Tips For Choosing The Right Biometric Attendance System. A smarter workplace is a feature of our technology- enabled times.

Tips For Choosing The Right Biometric Attendance System

With newer and newer mechanisms in place to make employee management easier and smoother, it is no surprise that most workplaces are turning to biometric attendance. The system has multiple uses- allowing premise access, registering attendance, improving productivity, increasing accountability from all stakeholders. Smoke Detectors. How To Maintain A Water Purifier Efficiently? Eureka Forbes’ pilot study finds presence of heavy metals like Arsenic, Lead, Nickel, Chromium, Cadmium, in indoor air – samples tested at FICCI Research & Analysis Centre. 8 Proven Tips to Manage Asthma and Allergies. Euroclean Bravo Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA Filteration. Eurovigil Home Security Risk Assessment. What Is Finger Door Lock System? How Does It Work? Have you ever forgotten the keys to the main door of your office and then went back home to fetch them?

What Is Finger Door Lock System? How Does It Work?

Or simply misplaced your house keys and then changed your whole lock in fear of some miscreant finding the keys? Or do you in general have a tendency to forget your keys? If the answer to any of those questions is ‘yes’, then the world of technology has something convenient to offer you: biometric door lock. Tips For Buying An Intruder Alarm System. A smart intruder security system is a collection of internet-connected technologically advanced gadgets, which consist of door locks, motion sensors, wireless security cameras, sirens and sensors that can discover moments or suspicious activity when a window or a door is opened.

Tips For Buying An Intruder Alarm System

There are some high-end intruder systems models in the market that are run by a central internet-connected hub, which connects wirelessly with your tablet or smartphone and communicates with them. Through that, you can receive alerts, and view live CCTV footage. If you are looking to install one, look at the following tips to ensure you select the best system with advance technology. Go for a system, which has an outdoor siren or a dummy siren as these can deter an intruder even from outside. Key To Finding The Perfect Video Intercom System For Your Home. You can never be cautious enough with home security especially if you are working and you leave your kids alone at home, or you’re going for a holiday, and you want to keep an eye on the passerby.

Key To Finding The Perfect Video Intercom System For Your Home

If you are tired of running house errands and want an easy way to directly communicate with the visitors at the door, then installing a video intercom system would best suit your need. With just a push of a button, you can instantly talk to anyone from across the room. Before describing the way to buy the best Video Intercom System, let us see why it is important nowadays. The main advantage of Video Intercom Phones is that they are wireless and use radio waves to communicate for short distance connectivity. Tips For Buying An Emergency Panic Button For The Elderly. An Emergency panic button an electronic gadget used to alarm individuals when a person needs help. Most are minimised and can be worn or carried by the individual in a tote or pocket. These panic alerts are smaller, light and suitable for in the home out. There might be a loud alarm or extremely high- pitched noise that goes off, intended to frighten away any intruder.

There is likewise a button that doesn’t make noise, however, sends a sign straightforwardly to the police or rescue team. Euroclean Xforce Vacuum Cleaner. Eurovigil Digital security system. 4 Reasons Why Burglars Hate Home Burglar Alarm System. If it is bad for the burglars, it is good for you. You can take simple measures to show the burglars that your house is off-limits for them by installing a burglar alarm. It can’t be ignored that burglar alarms are a must-have for security reasons. If you set up a home burglar alarm system, they will resent for the following prime reasons.

Everyone knows that installing a burglar alarm system is beneficial, but no one knows the exact reason why. Let us have a look at the top compelling reasons why burglar alarms are good for you and hated by burglars. 3 Vital Mistakes To Avoid While Installing Indoor CCTV Camera. In the purview of the rising concerns of the residential crime rates such as house break-ins, especially that is guarded only by the elderly people, it has become vital for all homeowners to protect their home and loved ones from the miscreants.

One of the best ways to ensure safety is to install a robust security system in the home. You can install a CCTV camera in your premises to keep track of all the activities around the house 24×7. Today, there are many high-tech CCTV cameras available in the market that have advanced features to suit the different needs of the homeowners. These security cameras, apart from ringing a warning signal to the potential thieves and robbers that they are being monitored are also of great use for other indoor purposes like keeping a tab on the activities of your pets and elderly people. Some of the high-end camera from companies like Eurovigil allows you to monitor the camera feed on your mobile even on the go. Dome Vs Bullet Camera - What You Need To Know.

A CCTV camera is installed to prevent the burglaries and other mishaps, but does the CCTV system that you wish to buy fit your needs? There are various types of CCTV cameras, and you need to know their functions well before investing. Two of the main types of security cameras are dome camera and bullet camera. Only after knowing about the key features of these cameras you can decide which of these cameras can solve the security issue for your premises. Let’s study in detail about both Dome and Bullet Camera to understand their function for utmost utility.

5 Great Benefits of Installing Home Automation System. All the predictions of the sci-fi movies of the 20th century are coming true. Technologically integrated homes, use of automation has become such an integral part of our homes and lives that it is difficult to imagine how we even lived without it just a decade ago.

If you have still not jumped onto the bandwagon and made smart home technology a part of your everyday being, then here are five reasons that are sure to compel you into bringing this technology home: Monetary Savings Imagine a control panel that understands that when the temperature in the house drops, it should open the automated curtains instead of switching on the air conditioner, which is essentially a power-hungry appliance. Forgot to switch off the lights in the house when you headed out on your 10-day vacation?

No problem. Home water purifiers, Best water purifier in India. Dr. Aquaguard Classic+ Water Purifier Buy Now Dr. Aquaguard Magna NXT HD RO+UV Water Purifier Buy Now. Why do you need to consume purified water during the monsoons? Why Filtered Water Is Preferred Over Bottled Water. Dr. Aquaguard Classic+ Water Purifier Buy Now Dr. Aquaguard Magna NXT HD RO+UV Water Purifier Buy Now. Aquaguard - Paani Ka Doctor. Eurovigil : Access Control Systems. Eurovigil : Intrusion alarm systems (wired and wireless) Checklist Before Buying Digital Video Recorder. When setting up a new home, which appliances should be upgraded first? Dr. Home water purifiers, Best water purifier in India. The Importance of Minerals in Your Drinking Water. CCTV – I View HD200 2MP.

Eurovigil : Video door phone products. Eurovigil : CCTvs. Video Door Phone - Eurovigil. 6 Benefits Of Installing Digital Security System In Schools. Schools are meant to be a safe place where children learn and grow. However, over the years, there has been a growing number of crimes occurring in the school premises mainly because of the negligence of the school authorities or lack of security measures available on the premises. The school management is obliged to guarantee the safety and security of the students and one way to do that is to install a digital CCTV camera system within the premises.

Whilst it is true that, it is difficult to monitor the actions of every students and keep a tab on the activities around all corners of the school manually, surveillance technology can make the task much easier. The digital surveillance system would also supplement the security guard and make the school a lot safer and secured. Today, many schools have invested in a robust surveillance system and have reaped numerous benefits. Monitor The Rest Room Area It is illegal for all establishments to install camera inside the rest room. 7 Tips To Buy Wireless Video Surveillance System. Best Places To Install Office Security Systems To Maximise Security.

Simply investing in the most expensive, state-of-the-art office surveillance system doesn’t guarantee the best security. To get the most out of it, you need to install the CCTV cameras in the most practical spots. CCTV cameras are placed based on either of two objectives- capture the identity of the visitor, or monitor the activities in general.

If you’re unsure about what these spots are, look at the following list: Entrance A focused camera place about 3-4 feet above what would be the average height of the visitor is a strategic vantage point. What Is the Right Height To Install Outdoor CCTV Systems? Most outdoor surveillance cameras are mounted on the walls of the main house structure or peripheral walls. Here are the ways to assess the risk of your property. Biometric Access Control System. 5 Tips To Choose the Best Home Surveillance System. Finding the best home surveillance system may not be an easy task given how many different brands and products exist in the market. Questions such as, “What should be my top priority?” , “What are the best features that I absolutely need?”

A Beginners Guide to Buy CCTV Camera for Housing Society. Important Things To Know About IP Camera System. Top 3 Applications of Biometric Access Control System. 5 Reasons To Consider Setting Up A Burglar Alarm For Your Business. 6 Inventive Uses For Your Home Security System. 10 Ways An Electronic Alarm System Will Buy You Peace Of Mind. 5 Reasons Why Home Owners Prefer Using Video Doorbell. 5 Ways To Get A Cost-Effective Home Automation.

Multi Apartment Elcom Video Door Phone. 6 Incredible Benefits of Installing A Wireless Intrusion Alarm System from Eurovigil. 10 Features To Look For In Biometric Attendance System. 7 Ways To Maintain Your Video Intercom System. How Is The Biometric Attendance System Right For Your Business? Make The Most Of Your Video Intercom System: Here Are 5 Amazing Things You Can Do With It. Why You Should Know About CCTV Camera Price. Electronic Security System for Banks and Jewelers. 5 Reasons Why You Should Think About Buying Security Camera for Home. 8 Factors to Consider While Choosing a Network Video Recorder for your CCTV Security System. Enhance your Home and Office Security with Video Door Phone. IP Camera Vs. CCTV Camera – Which Works Better? Which One Should I Choose? Eurovigil : CCTvs.

5 Essential Things to Check in Video Door Phones Before Buying Them. Eurovigil AC Controller To Save Power Consumption. Valuable Tips To Picking The Right Home Intercom System. 5 Benefits of Using Video Intercom System in Homes. Security Camera for Homes for Round the Clock Protection. Risk Assess your Home to Install an Optimal Security System for Total Protection. Buying CCTV Camera for the First Time? Here's What you need To Look For. Contemplating to Buy a Video Door Phone? 5 Basic and Essential Features It Must Have. 5 Important Reasons To Secure Your Home With A Video Intercom System. Give Your House 4-Dimensional Security With These Electronic Security Systems. 5 Important Components of a Modern Home Automation System. Does Video Door Phone in India Make Sense? Eurovigil Wired and Wireless Intrusion Alarm System.

Multi Apartment Elcom - Video Door Phone - India. Looking To Buy A Fire Alarm? Know What Function... Home Risk Assessment - The Cornerstone Of All The Security Measures At Your Home. Dome Vs Bullet Vs Varifocal CCTV Cameras — A Head-To-Head Comparison. How Can You Keep Your Building Premises Safe From Attacks Using Fire Alarm Systems? How To Use A CCTV Camera? How Is A Video Door Phone Installed?