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Tython - Droïdes MCR-99. SWTOR MCR-99 Droid Reconnaissance guide with location of MCR-99 droids to scan for the hidden exploration achievements. Navigation Rewards Doing this hidden exploration achievement on all the planets will reward the 50 point achievement The Droids You’re Looking For under Locations –> General –> Macrobinoculars.

Each planet’s Droid Reconnaissance achievement (found under Location-> Planet –> Exploration) will also reward 10 points each for a total of 20x 10 + 50 = 250 achievement points. In addition, there is pet reward not tied in with the achievement and the process to getting it is very buggy so you must do the following carefully. You must do all the scanning on only one character. You do not need to scan planets/droids designed for the other faction. The pet comes with a mail. The pet should be attached with a mail. Alderaan – 6 Droids Map of Alderaan with the MCR-99 Droid locations.Note that the marked red dots are where you can view the MCR-99 droids, not their actual location. 1. 2. Tython - Droïdes MCR-99 [] Tython - Droïdes MCR-99 [Youtube]