The Secret World

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The Black Market - Lagspike TV. CGN: The Secret World. The Secret World | Funcom. The Secret World Official Forums. The Secret World character builds « Karl's Journey. This is actually an update to my previous post Balance, Diversity, and The Secret World.

The Secret World character builds « Karl's Journey

Please take a look there for the basic information about how character abilities are built into a “deck” for your character. In a dev blog entry from Martin Bruusgaard, lead designer for The Secret World, Martin shares some additional information about how abilities work, the syngergies between them, and refines the numbers slightly. Read the full article at: Martin Bruusgaard explains character development. The Secret Sandbox. Raithwood's Complete Crafting Guide v.2. Check out the release version of the crafting guide.

Raithwood's Complete Crafting Guide v.2

Hey all. It’s been an amazing week. We just finished off Beta Weekend #2 and what a blast it was.