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10 Puzzle Websites to Sharpen Your Programming Skills. Solving programming puzzles is a fun way to develop your logical and problem solving abilities.

10 Puzzle Websites to Sharpen Your Programming Skills

Also, when you’re familiarizing yourself with a new programming language, solving puzzles for that language can help speed up the learning process. Here are the top 10 popular programming puzzle sites that will help test your thinking and improve your programming, problem solving, and logical thinking skills. 1. 8 Online Programming Contests. Today, many companies take advantage of the drawing power of contests to draw out the power of the crowd.

8 Online Programming Contests

We have taken a look at photo contests and design contests before. Then there is Google with its lineup of contests you should keep an eye on. One of the contests Google hosts is CodeJam; its annual programming competition. Google is of course not alone when it comes to calling up the brightest minds. Other biggies like Microsoft with its Imagine Cup and IBM are second to none. Pex for fun - from Microsoft Research. Code Golf. Project Euler. The International Obfuscated C Code Contest. Programming Contests, Software Development, and Employment Services at TopCoder.