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Finora Car Care

We at Finora Car Care, are emotionally involved in car cleaning, painting, car denting and car polishing in Pune, using the best products across the world.

Car Interior Cleaning – Finora Car Care – Finora Car Care. Think about feeding some young children in your car?

Car Interior Cleaning – Finora Car Care – Finora Car Care

Is a puppy in the backseat not toilet trained yet? Or just some plain old dust collecting? Not to worry, our impeccable car interior cleaning services have you covered! We offer a variety of packages depending on how clean you want your interior to be. However, we guarantee that we always prioritize your satisfaction in the detailing of the car and always make sure your vehicle does not matter in any kind of exclusive internal service. Along with detailing your interior car, we offer treatments such as interior vacuuming, deodorizing, shampooing, conditioning, window cleaning as well as treatments for your interior door rubbers and panels.

Bumper Repair in Pune - Finora Car Care. When it comes to vehicle safety, the bumper of your vehicle is an important component.

Bumper Repair in Pune - Finora Car Care

Designed to absorb a lot of impact during collisions, the bumper protects you and your vehicle from significant damage. Without this component, even a small fender bender can cause major damage to your car. You want your vehicle to always be safe, and Finora Car Care Express can ensure that it happens. Our shop in Pune is home to knowledgeable technicians and service consultants who can determine whether your bumper can be repaired or replaced. If oppressors, they will serve quickly and look as if the bumper has never been damaged. When It Should Be Replaced When it comes to bumper repair, not all damage is repressive. Maintenance & Performance Treatments - FINORA. Car Accessories - FINORA.

5 Ways To Remove Dents From Your Vehicle. At some point in our lives, we all have broken into our vehicle.

5 Ways To Remove Dents From Your Vehicle

No one wants to see damage to their vehicle. But do not be afraid and keep calm, the problem can be solved without any problem until you have some understanding of the subject. Once you have broken into your vehicle, here are some ways to solve this problem. If you notice a small denture on your vehicle, two different but similar methods you can try are expansion and contraction. With the extension, you will need a heat source that will help expand your vehicle and see the dent out.

This method requires the use of a screwdriver blade and a hammer. This approach is more suitable for larger dents. Similarly with the screwdriver method, you will need to use caution with this approach. Car Accessories - FINORA. The Importance Of Repairing Or Replacing A Bumper After A Car Crash – Finora Car Care. If you were involved in a minor car accident, you may not think it is important to repair or replace the bumper. although it is.

The Importance Of Repairing Or Replacing A Bumper After A Car Crash – Finora Car Care

Here are some reasons why it is important to repair or replace the bumper after a car accident, including minor fender benders. Repairing or replacing the bumper allows the repair company to look for further damage One of the biggest reasons to bumper repair or replace a damaged bumper is that it gives a repair technician the ability to look under the bumper for further damage. The material under the bumper is foam-like. If an accident occurs, it can be damaged and pushed inside. Waxoyl Car Corrosion Protection. Headlamp Polish - For a Safe Driving! Best Maintenance Sprays. Best Car Polishes: Give Your Car The Shine it Deserves. More than just Polishing your car it's just to look good.

Best Car Polishes: Give Your Car The Shine it Deserves

This is a good way to extend the life of paintwork, improve the finish, and repel dirt and debris. Waxoyl Silencer Coating. How to Clean Your Car Interior like A Pro! We all love the smell of that new car: new leather upholstery, plastic outside the factory, soft seats and the joy of driving in impeccable cars.

How to Clean Your Car Interior like A Pro!

With the right information, you too can get that new-car feeling with a professional cleaning system to keep your car in tip-top condition. Car interior cleaning doesn’t have to take its toll on your back. Of course, you will need a little elbow oil, but once you unearth the secrets of professional valeting services, you will be able to keep your car glowing with minimal effort. Take the time to understand the different surfaces of the interior of your cars, and know that there is a trick to clean each surface to get the best results. Car Cleaning Services & Car Spa Pune. Revamp Your Old Vehicle With FINORA Makeover! Auto Bumper Repair - Finora Car Care- Ceramic Coating & Smart Repair. It is easy to damage the car bumper.

Auto Bumper Repair - Finora Car Care- Ceramic Coating & Smart Repair

It does not take much more than light contact with any other vehicle, or parking post, causing dents and paint problems. The first step in repairing a damaged car bumper will be to assess the damage and determine what steps need to be taken. If the bumper is scratched, it will require more work to repair quality. Get the Right Authorized Car Service Center in your nearest area. Contact Us: 9881 729 730. Everything You Need to Know about Car Polishing. Why is the car an important process in maintaining the appearance of your vehicle?

Everything You Need to Know about Car Polishing

Car polishing prepares your car surface for waxing and sealing, gets rid of scratches on the windshield, and removes or coated contaminants from surfaces made of chrome. It repairs minor damage to your vehicle's windshield. Overall, polishing enhances the beauty of your vehicle. And, in the event that you want to sell your ride, you can expect a higher resale value. Car Polishing or Waxing: What’s the Difference? Some people think that polishing and waxing are the same process and are often used interchangeably. Car polishing comes before waxing, not the other way around. But what is buffering, you may ask.