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Yoga Bridge Pose for Overall Healthy Body | My Yoga Planet. Setu Bandhasana, Yoga Bridge Pose, purifies and strengthens the waist and neck, purifies the root chakra and increases the digestive fire.

It also purifies the esophagus, heart, and lungs. The asana described should only be practiced in the order in which it is presented here. Benefits of Yoga Bridge Pose Strengthens legs, back, neck, and chestReduces stressEnhances digestionImproves circulation of bloodQuiets the mind and diminishes tensionEmpowers the lungs, thyroid organs, and stomach organsSafe and excellent for pregnant womenRelieves back painCures insomniaHelps relieve symptoms of menopausestrengthens the back, buttocks, and hamstringsRejuvenates tired legs How To Do Yoga Bridge Pose Like this: Like Loading... Related.