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Beginning UICollectionView In iOS 6: Part 1/2. This post is also available in: Chinese (Simplified), Spanish, Korean, Turkish Note from Ray: This is the fourth iOS 6 tutorial in the iOS 6 Feast!

Beginning UICollectionView In iOS 6: Part 1/2

This tutorial comes from our new book iOS 6 By Tutorials. Brandon Trebitowski wrote this chapter – a friend of mine and one of the newest members of the Tutorial Team. Enjoy! This is a blog post by iOS Tutorial Team member Brandon Trebitowski, a software developer and author who regularly blogs at When Apple first launched the iPad in 2010, you might have been particularly impressed by the Photos app bundled with the device. Or you could view your photo albums at the top level as stacks: You could even transition between the two layouts with a cool pinch gesture.

Well, implementing a grid view and other alternative layouts like this was possible to get working on your own, but also quite tricky! iPhone UIButton with UISwitch functionality.

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Iphone - Combine longpress gesture and drag gesture together. Ios7 - Create iOS 7 UIButton With Text And Image Using Autolayout. UIWebView html link to Objective-C. UIWebViews allow for rich content presentation within your iOS application.

UIWebView html link to Objective-C

A bit of CSS, some images, and control over the font display means your applications can look much, much better in places. Depending on the content, you might be able to mirror the content online if you’d like as well outside of the application – the content serves double-duty. I recently had a situation where a main content area was being displayed in a UIWebView… pages of content. The user could use a UITableView to select the page they wanted to display in the web control. Easy enough.

However the content needed links within it that would jump to other pages as well – as typical web pages do… but these links needed to be intercepted and my own logic applied to them. If you’ve ever wanted to call an Objective-C method from links in a UIWebView and you weren’t quite sure how to go about the business, this post will show you the light. Now, you’ll want to evaluate the link destination. Page View Controllers Doc. You use a page view controller to present content in a page-by-page manner.

Page View Controllers Doc

A page view controller manages a self-contained view hierarchy. The parent view of this hierarchy is managed by the page view controller, and the child views are managed by the content view controllers that you provide. Apple says: Presenting View Controllers. Storyboard: NavigationController: color: bar. View Controller Containment - iOS 5. How to build a Simple Painting App for iOS. Our UX strategists have tailored a set of strategic offerings around a common set of enterprise needs: “Our system is no longer meeting the needs of our users” The ‘Effective’ System, User and Domain Audit is a comprehensive evaluation of an existing enterprise system from user, business and technical perspectives.

How to build a Simple Painting App for iOS

While our assessment articulates what changes need to be made to the system, we also help prioritize the work and create internal alignment across organizational silos. “We need a coherent mobile strategy” The ‘Effective’ Mobile Opportunity Assessment identifies and prioritizes ways a company, its suppliers and its customers should be able to interact via mobile technology.

“We need to make better use of data to drive performance” The ‘Effective’ Data Assessment frames high-impact data problems, identifies data opportunities and presents actionable findings for driving product strategy and performance. Frame vs Bounds. A view is responsible for the drawing and event handling in a rectangular area of a window.

Frame vs Bounds

In order to specify that rectangle of responsibility, you define its location as an origin point and size using a coordinate system. This chapter describes the coordinate system used by views, how a view's location and size is specified, and how the size of a view interacts with its content. The View Coordinate System From its inception, the Quartz graphics environment was designed to be resolution independent across output devices. That is, 1 unit square does not necessarily correspond directly to 1 pixel.

UI Widget Effects and Libraries

UI Customization in iOS 6. This post is also available in: Japanese, Korean Note from Ray: This is the fifth iOS 6 tutorial in the iOS 6 Feast!

UI Customization in iOS 6

In this tutorial, we’re updating one of our older tutorials to iOS 6 so it’s fully up-to-date with the latest features like the new UIKit controls that can be customized in iOS 6. Parts of this tutorial come from Steve Baranski and Adam Burkepile’s chapters in iOS 5 and iOS 6 by Tutorials, although the book covers a lot more than this simple example, such as beautifying table views, dynamically theming your apps, and more. Enjoy! Update 9/22/12: Fully updated for iOS 6 by Adam Burkepile. 10/12/11: Original post by Steve Baranski. To be successful on the App Store, your app needs to stand out. Many of the most popular apps on the App Store present standard iOS UI elements in a non-standard fashion: Twitter employs a custom UITabBarInstagram uses both a custom UITabBar and a custom UINavigationBarEpicurious for iPad customizes elements of the standard split-view interface Huh.

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