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Logiciel libre d'enregistrement et de montage audio. 29 septembre 2014: Audacity 2.0.6 Released Audacity 2.0.6 replaces all previous versions.

Logiciel libre d'enregistrement et de montage audio

Improvements: better user interface for Keyboard Preferences streamlining of several Menus LV2 now supported on all platforms, and improved VST settings interface translations updated, including adding Tamil language other improvements, including to import/export and ease of installation on Mac OS X Bug Fixes: user interface bug fixes to Region Restore, dragging selections, and many others effects bug fixes to add missing effects to Chains, fix accuracy of Analyze > Contrast, fix accuracy of Noise Removal attack and decay, and improve speed of Nyquist effects on OS X and Linux other bug fixes to Timeline after Loop Play, Transcription Toolbar, and Linux build issues See 2.0.6 Release Notes for all the details. 14 juillet 2014: Audacity Unconference (AU14) Update The first-ever Audacity Unconference (AU14) was a great success.

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