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Health and wellness cannot be substituted for anything else. It is the basis for all the activities that we perform. We cannot ignore our health and expect our body and mind to perform at their best. This makes it clear that we all have to put in the effort every day to check-in and take the necessary steps to implement wellness into our lives. Many of us might be unaware of the right ways to bring health and wellness into our lives.

Health and Wellness Blog. The healthiest food that we eat is almost always made at home.

Health and Wellness Blog

Home-cooked meals are the best if one is trying to either shed excess weight or follow healthy eating habits. When we eat freshly cooked food it is not only tastier it is the most beneficial for the body as well. Healthy eating does not include eating half steamed vegetables and flavourless dishes for the rest of your life. Fine Fettle's answer to What causes poor nutrition? - Quora. What is the fastest way to get fit? Physical fitness is most people’s resolution on the first day of the year.

What is the fastest way to get fit?

As days go by, people lose their motivation and the resolution goes out of mind. It would be everyone’s choice to get fit in the least amount of time over striving for a long period. In reality, people are uninformed about how they can achieve this. Various quick fitness tips are available, but the question is if they are effective? Fitness is the ability of the human body and all its systems to function efficiently and allow you to perform daily activities most effectively. What are the signs of poor nutrition?

Poor nutrition, also known as malnutrition, is a condition where the person is either undernourished or over-nourished.

What are the signs of poor nutrition?

When a person is suffering from poor nutrition, there are various adverse effects on the body and mind of the person. To maintain a good nutritional level, it is crucial to consume a variety of foods that give wholesome nourishment to the body. Fine Fettle has various healthy nutrition tips to help you maintain a good nutrition level. Some of the effects of poor nutrition include.

What Are The Foods To Intake For Bone Health? Our human bodies function as a combination of various systems.

What Are The Foods To Intake For Bone Health?

The skeletal structure is one of these elements that is crucial in its function. The bones of the human body are the hoarding places for storing calcium and phosphorous. One of their major functions is to store these minerals and to supply them when needed. Another top responsibility of bones is to protect our vital organs from damage. With such significant roles bestowed upon it, it is a requisite to lead a healthy and active life. How do I know if my stomach pain is serious? Once in a while, when you eat that spicy biriyani or overeat to avoid wasting food, you might experience stomach pain.

How do I know if my stomach pain is serious?

It is common and nothing serious to worry about as it does not last for too long. A cup of lemon ginger tea will do the job of calming your stomach. What is the Healthiest Indian Food to Order? Let’s face it.

What is the Healthiest Indian Food to Order?

We all have cravings for outside food now and then. So what if you are in a situation where you have the necessity of eating outside. Foods For Hair Loss Recovery. Do you know that your hair grows up to… Do you know that your hair grows up to 6 inches in a year?

Foods For Hair Loss Recovery. Do you know that your hair grows up to…

Don’t panic. But, you might lose more than 6 hairs even from your root in a day. Food To Be Eaten To Prevent Hair Loss. When it comes to our kidneys, it helps in maintaining the levels of salts and minerals in the body like sodium, potassium, phosphorus, and calcium.

Food To Be Eaten To Prevent Hair Loss

We can help our kidneys with their process of cleansing and regulating by consuming these components at the optimal levels without under consuming or over-consuming. Our kidneys can function best if we provide all that is required for their health through our diet and conscious lifestyle choices. We might not even be aware of the ways we might be damaging our bodies by consuming even healthy natural foods but at higher quantities than what might be needed.

Food Which Is Damaging Bone — Teletype. Sugar Avoid eating sugar-containing foods.

Food Which Is Damaging Bone — Teletype

Because it contains phosphorus which reduces the calcium absorbing potential of our body. What Are The Foods To Intake For Bone Health? Which Rice is Best for Everyday Use? Rice is consumed almost every day by people in many countries.

Which Rice is Best for Everyday Use?

The highest rice consumption is found to be in China, followed by India. It is our staple food that has been an integral part of our meals for several ages. It is not very expensive but still has a lot of nutritional content, which makes it popular and widely consumed. What are Signs of a Weak Immune System? When the Coronavirus first started to spread, one of the most effective ways people were first informed to protect them was – to maintain a healthy immune system. People have taken their immune systems for granted their whole lives and paid little to no attention. Once there was an absolute necessity, people started surfing to find the list of top foods to boost your immune system during COVID-19. They started finding and following ways to keep their immune systems at their best.

It is better to start late than never to take the right step towards good immunity, which can boost your health and wellness. What Is An Immune System? What Foods Neutralize Stomach Acid? Stomach acid, also known as gastric acid is a colourless fluid that is secreted by the stomach’s lining. It is strongly acidic as it performs arduous functions like breaking down food to help with digestion. Only with the help of this acid, it is possible to absorb nutrients from the food that we consume. Stomach acid is also crucial for us to be able to make the best use of the food that we take in every day. Spicy Rice Samosa - Winter Recipe. Do you crave a spicy winter snack, but all you have is just a cup of leftover rice and a few veggies? Do not worry. Now, you can make a hot samosa from the leftover rice for your cold winter evening.

What are the most common causes of premature births? Premature birth denotes the cases where a baby is born before the appropriate time for it to be delivered. Generally, the necessary time that a baby is required to develop fully and to be able to come into the world as a fully grown infant is 37 weeks. If a baby is born before this time duration is complete, then it is termed as premature birth.

Premature birth can be also classified as late preterm, moderately preterm, very preterm, or extremely preterm. It can be determined based on the week in which the baby is born. Can Eye Cataracts be Cured? What's the correct amount of sleep that can benefit your everyday life? As human beings, we need to carry out certain functions daily to stay active and healthy. Sleep is one of the necessities for all of us to be able to function at our best. It is apparent knowledge, but one thing that people might not know is what is the right amount of sleep that is required daily.

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