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Promotional Events for Corporates. Corporate Events Organizer. How to Develop Kid's Mind in Younger Age. We all want our children to do well.

How to Develop Kid's Mind in Younger Age

We all would like to prepare them for a long life of education, as well as the life beyond. Real life requires us to solve complex problems. It requires confident application of mind and an ability to analyse. While we understand this well, unfortunately, we do not know what to do. Well, let us tell you how to start on one of the most important skills that you will teach your child – the ability to think. Plan. Skills are developed by doing. Get you arsenal ready. Ensure you have your arsenal of activities with you so that you are not wondering what to do next. Keep it fun. Whatever you do, don’t approach it the way some parents approach studies. Small to big. Always start with the simplest of problems.

Reward right. Remember, you must reward, but reward the effort and not the outcome. Personality Development Classes Near by in Mumbai. Western Dance Classes & Schools in Mumbai. Salsa Dance Classes and Schools in Mumbai. Latin American Dance Classes and Academies in Mumbai. 190+ Indian Classical Dance Classes in Mumbai - 80+ Indian Classical Dance Academies. Leading Hip Hop Dance Classes and Academies in Mumbai. Indian Folk Dance Classes & Schools in Mumbai. Western Contemporary Dance Classes & Schools in Mumbai. Top Belly Dancing Classes & Schools In Mumbai. 370+ Bollywood Dance Classes in Mumbai - 110+ Bollywood Dance Academies. Top 4 Summer Activities to Increase Your Child’s Brain Power. Top 4 summer activities for preschoolers & early school children Children in preschool and early school face academic challenges like learning to read and write, social challenges like making friends, building self-esteem, and physical challenges of strengthening gross/fine motor skills.

Top 4 Summer Activities to Increase Your Child’s Brain Power

In order to overcome these challenges parents would always prefer an overall development of their child. However, any concept learned at this stage becomes a life time reality for children. Besides, any activity that a child would perform contributes to his brain development as well. Thus, parents could make concerted efforts in this direction to achieve the desired objectives by choosing the right activities for learning to enhance overall brain development. Nevertheless, parents need to beware of the myth that any activity would independently develop the right or the left brain. Ballroom Dance Classes & Schools in Mumbai. 3 Reasons Why Great Parents Send Them Child for Summer Camp.

Summer is here and parents are plagued with thoughts on how to engage their children in summer holidays.

3 Reasons Why Great Parents Send Them Child for Summer Camp

Newspapers, magazines and the internet are inundated with activities to pursue during summer. However, making the right choice has often been the concern for most parents. Going along with a popular neighbourhood class is the easiest thing to fall prey to. Of course, that could be an option but, only if the goal is to keep children busy with just anything. Most parents like to engage their children into something apt. 1. Ballet Dance Classes for Kids and Adults in Mumbai.

800+ Summer Camps and Workshops for Kids at 130+ Locations in Mumbai. 2110+ Dance Classes in Mumbai - 240+ Dance Academies. Vocational Classes in Mumbai. How to improve your Kid’s Painting Skills. Got the next Pablo Picasso in the house?

How to improve your Kid’s Painting Skills

Well, they’re not going to flourish on their own. As a parent, you need to not only encourage and motivate them to take their painting seriously, but also provide to them the necessary materials that will take their art to another level. From finding out what really ticks them as a budding painter, to making their hobby an easier feat than it may really be, here go some excellent pointers that could nurture their art: #1: Find out about what they feel most comfortable to draw. 5 Simple Activities That Enhance Your Kid’s Math Skills. Let’s be honest.

5 Simple Activities That Enhance Your Kid’s Math Skills

Math is either very interesting, or very boring. There’s no in-between. You either love it to the core, or you hate it beyond measure. Unfortunately, most children hate calculations, which leads to unnecessary complications in understanding basic math concepts. Help Your Kids to Choose Right hobby. Unless your little one is a born prodigy with a very defined preference from an early age, it all falls upon you to pick the right after-school activity for them that will help them carve their niche in the years to come.

Help Your Kids to Choose Right hobby

The thing with hobbies, however, is that they don’t stay. One day, your child is raving about an adventure sport they saw on the Discovery channel, and the very next day, sitting at home doodling on a canvas may sound like a great idea to them. So, how does one pick the right hobby for these confused little minds? How to Pick Right Foreign Language for Learn. The craze for learning a foreign language is still very strong.

How to Pick Right Foreign Language for Learn

From being useful on the resume to having been declared as a great way to avoid Alzheimer’s, the reasons for learning a foreign language are many. 3 Ways to Develop Your Child’s Interest in Studies. Children start having a favourite subject and a hated one right from a young age.

3 Ways to Develop Your Child’s Interest in Studies

Ask them to study their favourite subjects and they do it happily. But on the other hand ask them to study something they don’t like and a tantrum erupts. Belly Dance Classes In Mumbai. Choosing the Right Dance form for Your Child. Dance is an expression which helps us channelize our energies and sync ourselves into an alignment with the vibe of the universe.

Choosing the Right Dance form for Your Child

Hence, it is important to cultivate some dance form or another in our children. A little hobby which will help them overcome any sort of depressive phase later in life, even though it does not become a profession for them is great. Ballet Dancing: To Cultivate Poise and Grace Ballet dancing is hugely artistic and also very versatile. It originated in Italy and then spread to other European countries. There are differing styles of classical ballet, primarily French, Italian and Russian. 6 Easiest Ways to Improve Immediately English Skill. Although every nation has its own language, English is something that is common to almost all the nations.

6 Easiest Ways to Improve Immediately English Skill

Its impact has grown so much that today it has emerged as a medium for better relations, better jobs, better living, etc. In fact, with India emerging as a strong world contender in back office operations, knowledge processes, It enabled services and IT implementation services more and more countries from the Western world are doing business with India and Indians making fluency in English not only important, but imperative. Six Tips to Improve English 1. Watch English Movies And Programs. Fashion Designing classes in Mumbai- Findurclass. How to Control Breaths During Swimming! Sports must form an important part of your kids’ routine. Swimming, in particular, is believed to be one of the best ever sports activities for kids, because it gives them overall fitness. It is also an art of survival. Therefore, it is highly recommended that kids above 5 years should get introduced to the concept of swimming.

There are two major problems that children face when they start their swimming lessons – fear and breathlessness. If fear is controlled, breath control comes easily. Position of the body This is the most important tip that kids must work on, so that they are able to breathe easily while swimming. Holding breath Kids, who naturally have trouble controlling their breath while swimming, can try out this technique. Never use accessories. Panting Classes and Institutes in Mumbai, Pune & Bangalore. Boost Your Child IQ from Doing Simple Brain Exercises. Can we really make our children smarter? Of course! With a little manipulation – healthy manipulation – it’s very easy to improve your child’s Imagination Quotient (IQ) from an early age. The following exercises involve some basic techniques and methods that streamline their thought process in accordance with the environment.So, let’s take a look at them and figure out how we can make brain stimulation an easy feat: #1: Talk about anything and everything with them.

Don’t keep yourself from raising questions, and don’t ignore theirs if they do. Professional Cooking Classes in Mumbai, Pune & Bangalore. 5 Easy ways to Become Master in Keyboard and Piano Skills. Piano is, undoubtedly, one of the many hobbies by means of which, you can let go of everything and enter a different world altogether. There’s nothing quite like the sound each key produces, stringing along a beautiful melody on the way, and most importantly, soothing your senses. Whether you’re just starting, or are simply stuck in a creative rut, the following tricks are sure to help you play the piano more effectively.

Let’s take a look: Play Your Favourite Songs One of the simplest techniques to improve your skills as a pianist is to choose pieces you love. Play By Ear A tutor may very well help you with the technicalities of piano playing. Improvise Really Simple Tunes Some piano pieces are extremely simple, even for beginners. Play With Other Musicians. Mehendi Classes in Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru. How to Improve IQ Levels of Kids! Raising a kid is an art by itself. Child psychologists and education experts from all over the world have given many tips regarding raising children in an effective manner. When it comes to improving your kid’s IQ (Intelligence Quotient), there are some fundamental concepts that will give you phenomenal results. Guitar Classes in Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru. Make Your Own Roses and Carnations.

Cooking Classes in Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru. 4 Effective Singing Techniques from World Artists. “How do they do that?” Found yourself asking this question every time you heard a mind-blowing song from an exceptional artist? Well, you’re not alone. Every successful artist has their own technique and secrets to proper singing, four of which we’re going to share with you today.

Top Yoga Classes in Mumbai, Pune. Adorable Quilled DIY Arts and Crafts Must Visit. Quilling is the art of rolling coloured strips of paper and modelling them into different shapes. Quilling helps our kids in developing fine motor skills, creativity, patience, and diligence. Top Singing Classes in Mumbai, Pune. Top 6 Hottest Hair Colours for Winter. It’s not long before winter sets in, and our wardrobes ready themselves for a cozy, snuggly makeover. With a dry weather and chilly winds knocking at our doorstep, it’s time to show off your style with a fabulous hair makeover too! Dance Classes and Academy in Mumbai, Pune. Guitar Classes in Mumbai, Pune. FindUrClass. FindUrClass. Indian Classical Dancing. FindUrClass. Best Thing About Music is Once it Hits You, You Feel No Pain! “Can’t go a day without listening to music!” We are sure you also belong to this group. Don’t you? It’s a fact that not only human beings, but plants and pets are also affected when they hear music?

Yes, Music seems to have a lasting effect on everyone. When does a song become a favorite song? Learning music also receives its fair portion of benefits. Here are a few startling facts about learning music - 1) Cuts down tension - Any hobby can reduce stress, its proven scientifically. Cooking Classes in Mumbai & Pune.