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The Rules of Styling the Tiny Handbag – Fin and Mo. We don’t have to repeat this, but the kind of bag you decide to carry says a lot about your sense of style, career and of course your life!

The Rules of Styling the Tiny Handbag – Fin and Mo

So even if you’re not thinking about it, people on the street, in your neighborhood, and in your life - make assumptions based on it, all the time. We are big advocates of shopping for yourself (and to not take too many opinions) but sometimes there are a few guidelines you should follow! Especially when it comes to the tiny handbag trend, you should know the rules to style this popular trend.

It ain’t easy looking good, you know. It’s important to find a handbag that fits your style and taste. Punk Rock Have you ever been a fan of the punk rock movement? Casual Are you someone who cringes at the sight of “overdressed” people? Bright as Sunshine Yellow-yellow bright fellow! Street Style All you street-style enthusiasts, this is your time to shine. 70s diva Channel your inner floral goddess with this stunning 70s style.

Trending handbags for Spring-Summer 2020 – Fin and Mo. Are you over the dreadful, harsh winter?

Trending handbags for Spring-Summer 2020 – Fin and Mo

Cause we are. While the warmer months of spring are just around the corner, you really don’t have to wait too long to get jumpstarted on buying a new bag! The spring 2020 runways back in September gave us a pretty good idea about what we could expect to trend in Spring-Summer 2020! The designers showcased tonnes of cute, unique styles that will give you all the shopping inspiration that you need. If you’re in a mood to accessorize like a boss, then 2020 is it. Micro-Dome Bag We’ve grown to love this tiny bag trend, and it’s clearly not going away anytime soon! Best Gucci bags to buy – Fin and Mo. Over the past few years, Gucci has undoubtedly become of the most sought-after brands in recent years.

Best Gucci bags to buy – Fin and Mo

This Italian luxury brand of leather and luxury fashion goods has seen a tremendous amount of success since Alessandro Michele took over the reins. In just a short period of time, the new creative director has turned the brand into one of the hottest designer brands of the decade. With so many new trendy pieces being released season after season, it’s very difficult to pick one out to add to your collection of designer bags. Gucci’s sales have a jaw-dropping increase month after month, and we could fairly state that purchasing any Gucci item, whether its a Gucci bag or a t-shirt, is well worth the investment.

To make life easier for you, we have curated a list of Gucci bags that are worth every buck. Since the moment this Gucci Marmont Collection was released, it’s become one of the biggest hits amongst luxury bag enthusiasts. Spring Bag trends 2020 – Fin and Mo. Are you over the fall-winter season before it even started?

Spring Bag trends 2020 – Fin and Mo

We hear you! Winter can sometimes become a depressing season to be in. All the short days, gloomy weather, the dearth of sunshine - all make us feel rather blue. But lucky for us, the runways are always alive to give us the fashion inspo we need for next spring! All the fashion craze has started and the creativity has been unleashed upon us. Spring 2020 saw designers turn to more innovative ideas for their collections. It’s 2020 people! The trend of teeny tiny bags had its moment and now its time for the big guns to come out and have some fun.

Many seasons have taught us that for spring/summer collections, designers tend to alternate between many nautical details, raffia, crochet or other accessories. Puffy Pouch It seems that overnight every fashion-savvy girl has gathered Bottega Veneta’s coveted leather bag in their arms. Recap 2019: A year of extremes in Bags – Fin and Mo. Fashion Trends in 2019 showcased throwback trends in the best possible way imaginable.

Recap 2019: A year of extremes in Bags – Fin and Mo

The revival of slip dresses, accessories and short shorts gave us a rerun of what the 90s looked like. Style icons have been sporting this trend too. Gigi Hadid, Kim Kardashian and Rihanna were all seen wearing the hottest old-school styles like mini-backpacks, oversized handbags, etc. Giant oversized bags were no longer only restricted to one brand (read: Jacquemus) or the enormous toes. We saw these oversized handbags in the arms of many models walking for brands like Bottega Veneta, Givenchy, Loewe and more. The Best of Gucci & Louis Vuitton: 6 Iconic Bags Perfect for Everyday – Fin and Mo. What makes a bag iconic?

The Best of Gucci & Louis Vuitton: 6 Iconic Bags Perfect for Everyday – Fin and Mo

Right from the fabric of the bag, to its construction - there are many things that a designer takes into consideration before designing a bag. Some bags have a harder exterior and appear very box-like, and still exude a timeless charm, while others like some Louis Vuitton classic bags and Gucci classic bags have a softer texture and finish. An iconic bag is one that empowers its wearer, leaves a lasting impression for all the right reasons, and stays true to its value for years to come.