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[Video Comparison] Magic Lantern Analog & Digital Gain Test. Pretty cool lighting effect.

[Video Comparison] Magic Lantern Analog & Digital Gain Test

Can you tell me how you accomplished it? I got a DIY photo studio in my basement where (from the camera's perspective) the key light is on the right at about head level (4 500w Home Depot tungsten work lamps diffused with a white, semi-translucent shower curtain on a PVC piping frame), a fill light at foot level pointing up (1 300w tungsten work lamp diffused with same thing as key light), a hair light behind the subject to the left a bit (white chinese lantern from Ikea with tungsten filament bulb), and a background light to the right and slightly behind the subject aimed at the background curtain (crappy Ikea desk lamp with tungsten bulb).

The desk lamp that I use for the background sucks. I need to replace with something brighter. I used the Blockbuster effect in Magic Bullet Looks to get that particular look. RE:Vision Effects, Inc. : Products. If a product is listed for a host, please know that at least one of the plugins of the product plugin set are known to work in the host.

RE:Vision Effects, Inc. : Products

Please see each products' compatibility subsections for more information on which plugins are known to work or not work in the host. If no special mention is made, then all plugins of the product are known to work within the host. Products by Name DE:Flicker Your solution for removing flicker and other artifacts in high frame rate and timelapse footage. DE:Noise Reduces noise using smart spatial and time-based (optical flow) methods. Effections Our specially-priced bundled collections. FieldsKit Provides smarter deinterlacing and more workflow options for interlacing and pulldown. PV Feather Provides per-vertex feather control for After Effects. RE:Fill RE:Fill mends holes in images by intelligently filling user-specified regions.

RE:Flex RE:Flex creates visually stunning morphs and warps with an easy-to-use interface. Products by HostProduct Support Matrix. Video School. Recent Lessons Hey there, mobile meanderers, This spring tease of warm weather in NYC has awoken a sedentary population.

Video School

Feet are hitting the pavement with more enthusiasm than in previous months, and it seems like the world is more kinetic than before. I'm no longer the lone dancer on the train — everyone's got a little pep in their step! My challenge to you this weekend is to create a video that focuses on human movement, at any scale. Let's take a look at a few examples of videos that focus on movement, be it dance, play, or the shuffle of daily life.

Continue reading… Category: Editing Shooting Difficulty: beginner Hey there, my metaphor-making multitudes, How about a little lesson before I triple dog dare ya? Match cuts are used for to create continuity between two dissimilar scenes, as they are less jarring than a jump cut. The most frequent use of a match cut is for "matching on action" — cutting from one shot to another view that matches the action in the first shot.