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UM men’s underwear store by AS Design, Shenzen. The ”kingliness” is what men have been pursuing Virile, Self confidence, Capability, steady, and Dignity; the ism can be explained by these characteristics.

UM men’s underwear store by AS Design, Shenzen

Designer Four Lau and Sam Sum based on “male traits” as the design concept of this top fashion men’s underwear brand shop. They endeavored to inject humanity into interior architecture, searched for the modern and abstract styles, and used deep charcoal gray and yellow colors as focus point. A variety of deep charcoal gray materials (suede wallpaper, travertine, black stainless steel and black glass) and the geometric form are used to bring out the steady and virile side of men, along with yellow mannequins that are with tall and strong image, the purpose is to highlight the extraordinary metropolis royal demeanor that made him the limelight.

Delicatessen - Tel Aviv. In 2004, fashion designer Idit Barak opened her tiny 34 square-metre store Delicatessen in her native Tel Aviv, Israel.

Delicatessen - Tel Aviv

Barak’s store fit right in with the designers, artists, boutiques and coffee shops that were slowly turning the Gan Hahasmal (=Electric Garden, named for Israel’s first power station opened in 1923) neighborhood funky after its unofficial role as Tel Aviv’s red-light district for some time. Linea Piu by Kois Associated Architects, Mykonos – Greece. Kois Associated Architects have designed a contemporary interior for the new Linea Piu boutique, inside a traditional building on the Greek island of Mykonos.

Linea Piu by Kois Associated Architects, Mykonos – Greece

Indulgi by Nendo. This boutique by Japanese designers Nendo is full of fake doors.

Indulgi by Nendo

The extra doors break up sight lines in the long narrow Indulgi clothes store in Kyoto, meaning customers must explore the interior if they want to see all the merchandise. Esprit Lighthouse store by Reich und Wamser. German designers Reich und Wamser have completed a Cologne store with exposed brick walls and gauzy curtains for fashion brand Esprit.

Esprit Lighthouse store by Reich und Wamser

The Lighthouse shop is furnished with walnut tables and cabinets that display an assortment of garments and accessories. Plants and flowers fill a courtyard-like room behind glazing at the centre of the store, which is naturally lit from a large skylight overhead. The translucent white curtains conceal a fitting room at the rear of the shop, where lampshades resemble upturned woven baskets. Isabel Marant boutique by Nicolas André, Paris. Isabel Marant boutique by Nicolas André, New York April 5th, 2012 by retail design blog.

Isabel Marant boutique by Nicolas André, Paris

Bow Berlin. Faraone - Milan. Repetto - Vitrine interactive. Run Colors store by mode:lina, Poznań – Poland. Puma House. Le studio japonais Nendo a pensé et conçu le design pour ce magasin de chaussures « Puma » à Tokyo.

Puma House

En acier, avec des escaliers en bois, la boutique a été imaginée pour donner un effet de mouvement et procurer une ambiance proche de la vision de la marque Puma. Plus dans la suite. Adidas Original’s Atelier by Sid Lee Architecture, New York. When adidas Original hired Sid Lee, in partnership with Aedifica, to review the overall concept and setup of its stores worldwide, the design team came up with a plan that invites visitors to interact with the adidas Trefoil brand in an enjoyable and educational way.

Adidas Original’s Atelier by Sid Lee Architecture, New York

Nike “Sport is Art” promotion by Studio ARRT, Hong Kong – China. The shop design is for the sales promotion of NIKE PS7 “SPORTS IS ART”.

Nike “Sport is Art” promotion by Studio ARRT, Hong Kong – China

The concept of design is to integrate the space with art and product as an Artistic gallery space rather than conventional retails shop. The entrance was consisted of minimal art installation – like Donald Judd works, and reminiscent of neon symbolized the modern art. Art T-shirts display on the zigzag-shaped wall creates visual rhythm. And it makes Art T-shirts as an emerging individual ART display with Artist index. The package design is pre-considered to be apart of artistic interior design element. Roca London Gallery by Zaha Hadid Architects. Zaha Hadid Architects have completed a showroom in London for Spanish bathroom brand Roca.

Roca London Gallery by Zaha Hadid Architects

Undulating white walls surround a reception and lounge area that snakes through the interior of the Roca London Gallery, which is located on the ground floor of a mixed-use building near Chelsea Harbour. Shiny plastic benches and desks furnish the space, while bulbous light fittings of the same material are suspended overhead. Flagship Store Neil Barrett par Zaha HADID (Tokyo, JAPON) By Jo Yana, 4 novembre 2008 Ce pays – où toutes les extravagances semblent être possible – est le lieu idéal pour accueillir ce style de magasin aux lignes avangardistes. Ces blocs de corian blanc qui séparent les deux étages du flagship store Neil Barrett, sont les stars de cette mise en scène imaginée par le groupe Zaha Hadid Architects.

En effet c’est eux qui régulent le passage des clients dans le magasin, et sont mis à contribution pour présenter les différentes collections d’accessoires. A travers ces immenses blocs de corian, Zaha Hadid propose une dualité entre les hommes et les femmes. Ainsi le rez-de-chaussée destiné aux hommes est conçu comme un fort, masculin et dynamique alors que le premier étage énonce plus de féminité par le biais de lignes aux contours fluides. Dunhill - NY Fashion Week. John Lewis Fashion Pavilion by Grimshaw. Architects Grimshaw have completed an installation for London department store John Lewis that's made of suspended cardboard tubes. The tubes vary in length and sit in the circular holes cut from two vertical sheets of clear acrylic. The design will debut at John Lewis' Oxford Street shop for two months before moving around the UK to stores including Cardiff, Edinburgh and Liverpool.

The modular nature of the design allows for various configurations at each department store and designers can either use the tubes to display garments or as screens to enclose their collections. Other projects by Grimshaw include bus shelters in New York, the RIBA Stirling Prize nominated Bijlmer Station in Amsterdam and an extension to the Excel Exhibition Centre in London.