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Durasafe flagship store by Ministry of Design, Singapore. Ministry of Design (MOD) continues its exploration of retail and exhibition design with the unique Durasafe Store – the flagship retail environment for Singapore’s leading supplier of premium safety gear and equipment – Durasafe.

Durasafe flagship store by Ministry of Design, Singapore

Extending its reach beyond the “business to business” model to include a consumer based store, Durasafe approached MOD to create a retail environment that would reinforce its existing strong brand presence as well as provide an exciting shopping environment for its predominantly male customer base. Pharmacy by Zouridakis Architects, Gazi – Crete, Greece. Pharmacies up to now had the tendencies of being actually boring and non wanted in the world of architecture.

Pharmacy by Zouridakis Architects, Gazi – Crete, Greece

From the time the actual medicine – drug became industrialized and not made by the pharmacist so did the the image of the establishment as well. This pharmacy in Gazi Crete Greece tries to tie the knot between specified ergonomics and needs of the trade to a modern design approach. The young pharmacist wanted a key in shop which will provide a fresh image, an easily recognized brand, an affordable construction and reduction in running costs.

Avril Supermarché Santé flagship store by TUXEDO, Granby – Canada. Montreal, October 17, 2013 — TUXEDO was tasked with designing the Cosmetics department of the Supermarché Santé Avril in Granby (flagship store).

Avril Supermarché Santé flagship store by TUXEDO, Granby – Canada

As a reminder, TUXEDO had also created this section for the Quartier DIX30’s Supermarché Avril back in 2011. Pharmacy by Farmatechnika, Athens – Greece. OTTO BOCK Lifestyle Store by Coordination Asia, Shanghai, Coordination Asia were recently approached by Otto Bock, world leaders in state-of-the-art orthotics, prosthetics and mobility devices for assistance in their recent move east.

OTTO BOCK Lifestyle Store by Coordination Asia, Shanghai,

Technological, forward-thinking and cutting-edge in their approach, Otto Bock was an obvious partner for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, but it was an invitation to return to China two years later to share their vision at the Life & Sunshine Pavilion of the World Expo 2010 Shanghai that proved the catalyst for the founding of a permanent China base in November of the same year. Kirk Originals Eyewear - London Flagship. Kirk Originals eyewear company opened its London flagship store on Conduit Street in the West End this week with a swanky launch party.

Kirk Originals Eyewear - London Flagship

Contact Lens Store - Tel Aviv, Israel. Complicated is easy, minimalist is difficult.

Contact Lens Store - Tel Aviv, Israel

Even more difficult is minimalist design that stands out. That is why we love this little contact lens shop in Tel Aviv, Israel. It is a store concept for Adashot by EyeCare designed by Lee-Ran Shlomi Gidron of Tel Aviv-based Miss Lee Design. It is apparently the first and only store in Israel that sells nothing but contact lenses.

And that posed the main challenge of this project: How to display something as tiny and indistinguishable as contact lenses? Trendy by Vision Express optician saloon by EMKWADRAT Architekci, Lodz – Poland. Trendy by Vision Express is a new place in Manufaktura Centre in Lodz designed by EMKWADRAT Architekci – an architecture studio from Warsaw.

Trendy by Vision Express optician saloon by EMKWADRAT Architekci, Lodz – Poland

The project covered creation of a new logo, the design of furnishing elements and most of all interior architecture of an optic saloon dedicated to people who appreciate the highest quality, elegance, comfort, but also like to be intrigued with an interesting, sophisticated form. The space, minimalistic in terms of color and material palette, draws attention with the play of strong contrasts and the dynamic modeling of refracting surfaces of walls, furniture and mirrors. The aesthetic counterpoints to this “geometry of crystal” are the ovals of soft seats, cozy carpets and natural feeling of wood. The interior is divided into clear zones of merchandise exposure and customer service. The luminous white wall surrounding the space is a spectacular background for each collection of glasses frames. AESOP - Skin Care That Thinks Outside The Box.

Since being established by Dennis Pahitis twenty years ago, Aésop skin care has become an uncontested success story in the notoriously fickle beauty industry — focused on providing its worldwide clientele with the highest quality botanical skin care, rather than subscribing to mainstream-cosmetic anti-aging hype.

AESOP - Skin Care That Thinks Outside The Box

Aésop now have 78 international stockists, plus 20 signature stores including stores in Paris, London, Sydney and their most recent Melbourne addition, Flinders Lane. In keeping with Aésop tradition — that every store is different; conceived and designed individually so as that each store is a reflection and celebration of its location — the Flinders Lane store does not disappoint, providing its customers with a design and infrastructure that is just as alternative as Aésop’s skin care products. Aesop at I.T Hysan One by Cheungvogl. Translucent boxes propped up on a forest of steel rods display products by skincare brand Aesop at a Hong Kong fashion store.

Aesop at I.T Hysan One by Cheungvogl

Designed by architects Cheungvogl, the monochrome display at I.T Hysan One was inspired by a black and white photograph of floating lanterns. The supporting rods become taller towards the back, so the 800 resin boxes appear to be stacked into a tower. Australian brand Aesop are renowned for creating unusual displays for their products - see more of their stores here. Here's some more information from Aesop: Aesop I.T Installation, Hong Kong by cheungvogl Aesop has created an installation in Hong Kong's I.T HYSAN ONE flagship store that builds on our reputation for architecturally remarkable retail spaces. The installation also operates as a counter. Aesop store by March Studio, New York. Aesop Fillmore Street by NADAAA. Reclaimed timber boxes are piled up to the ceiling to create a wall of shelves at the new San Francisco store for skin and haircare brand Aesop (+ slideshow).

Aesop Fillmore Street by NADAAA

Designed by Boston architects NADAAA, Aesop Fillmore Street draws inspiration from pre-twentieth century apothecaries, where assorted bottles and tubes would be displayed on a jumble of wall-mounted shelves. The boxes were made to measure using reclaimed wooden boards, which were sanded on one side to create a variation between the inside and outside surfaces. Architect Nader Tehrani explained: "Aesop has carefully considered dimensions of products as well as a clear methodology of display and presentation.

Aesop store at Covent Garden by Ciguë, London. Creme de la Creme - Vilnius, Lithuania.