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Harang bistro by PQNK, Los Angeles. Perception is everything in architecture.

Harang bistro by PQNK, Los Angeles

Bar La Bohème by AVA Architects. Ribbed timber framework folds around the walls and ceiling of this bar in Porto by Portuguese studio AVA Architects (photos by José Campos).

Bar La Bohème by AVA Architects

The three floors of La Bohème include a first-floor mezzanine and a basement. The walls between the wooden ribs are painted black, while all furniture is made from wood and black fabric. Noma restaurant by 3XN architects, Copenhagen. Noma, a Danish two-Michelin star restaurant in Copenhagen, has recently developed an “experimentarium” adjacent to its main premises.

Noma restaurant by 3XN architects, Copenhagen

This research lab was designed by 3XN architects’ Innovation Unit, GXN. The design sought to reflect Noma’s philosophy of pushing the boundaries in Nordic cuisine, by using solely Nordic materials—including several types of local wood—and seeking a raw and simple aesthetic. The tight restrictions derived from the building’s historical importance defined a non-intrusive approach. GXN designed four central multi-functional storage units, each composed from over five hundred uniquely formed wooden cubes. Curving throughout 200 square metres, these units divide the space into smaller areas accommodating the food lab, the herb garden, staff areas and office.

For the project, we developed a ‘living software’ which made it possible to send drawings direct to fabrication from the computer,” stated 3XN about their design process. Kinobar aero — A1. Svět venku a svět iluzí dělí filmová klapka baru, jde o kultovní atmosféru...

kinobar aero — A1

MístoPraha - Žižkov, Biskupcova ulice 31 Klientpro-AERO o.s. a městská část Praha 3 Autořilenka křemenová a david maštálka SpolupráceSilviě Luběnová - Maestrokatastrof - svítidla GrafikaMarta Maštálková Studieprosinec 201 realizaceprosinec 2011 Specialisti projektAPS projekt s.r.o. DodavatelARCUS Růžička s.r.o. ŘemeslaDodavatelské služby s.r.o. The Tang Palace by FCJZ. Allure Nightclub, Abu Dhabi Marina. Standing out in Abu Dhabi takes more than clever gimmicks.

Allure Nightclub, Abu Dhabi Marina

T-O 12, Stuttgart. T-O 12 is a new nightclub on Stuttgart's notorious 'party mile,' Theodor Heuss-Strasse.

T-O 12, Stuttgart

Like the street, the club is also named after the late Theodor Heuss, a fun-loving, dashing man and the first person elected for a full term as the President of the Federal Republic of Germany. Clubbers call the joint either Theo (T O sounds just like Theo in German) or Theo Zwulf (=Theo 12 in German). Blue Frog Lounge. Everybody is going crazy about Mumbai's Blue Frog, opened earlier this year.

Blue Frog Lounge

It's a 1,000-square-meter complex that includes a club, restaurant, lounge, sound stage, recording studio and sound lab, all encased within the massive walls of an old warehouse in Mumbai's mill district. The Blue Frog Club interior may remind you of those delirious nights at the end-of-summer Exhibition with its midway games, roller coasters and dizzy-making rides. Alice in Wonderland Restaurant. The Kith Café by Hjgher. Illy Shop by Caterina Tiazzoldi. Over 200 cubes display products by coffee brand Illy at this temporary shop in Milan.

Illy Shop by Caterina Tiazzoldi

Above: photograph by Federico Rizzo Designed by architect Caterina Tiazzoldi of Turin and New York, the Illy shop is furnished with nothing but the white cubes, which are exactly sized to fit coffee tins and espresso machines inside. A counter, tasting table and rubbish bins are also made from the cubes, as are lights affixed to the ceiling. We recently rounded up all of our stories about pop-up shops, see more of them here. Starbucks Coffee, Portland. A.R.E.

Starbucks Coffee, Portland

Awards – Specialty Food Retailer – Outstanding Merit This is the first company-branded store in Oregon to serve beer and wine alongside Starbucks’ coffee and tea beverages and to offer customers an elevated evening food program. Starbucks “Flower Market” by Starbucks Design team, Amsterdam. Red Pif Restaurant and Wine Shop by Aulík Fišer Architekti. Spinning the wine bottle-shaped shutters in the windows of this Prague shop reveals a wall of wine racks inside.

Red Pif Restaurant and Wine Shop by Aulík Fišer Architekti

Designed by Czeck studio Aulík Fišer Architekti, the Red Pif Restaurant and Wine Shop features an oak bar counter beside an adjacent dining area. A framework of steel rods supports the wine bottles stacked against the rear wall, dimly lit by bare light bulbs suspended from the ceiling. Food and drink on sale is chalked up on a wall-mounted blackboard, while an abstract landscape painting by artist Martina Chloupa hangs on the dining room wall. Another wine shop we've featured in the past features shelves built from crates - read about it here. Photography is by AI Photography. Odessa restaurant, Kiev – Ukraine.

The days of being a backwater town in the Soviet Union are long gone. Kiev is developing a lifestyle infrastructure that puts it more and more on a par with major capitals across the planet. Sure, there have been modern establishments early on but those catered to a more blinged up demographic. Fueled by a growing middle class, Kiev has recently seen a new transformation, and a growing number of appealing shops and restaurants now emerges that we’d happily patronize. One of the latest to open up is Odessa, a rather cool diner serving a wide array of international dishes. previously occupied by a fast-food joint, Odessa’s setting – and culinary standards – couldn’t be more different. Named after Odessa, the country’s undisputed culinary capital and third largest city, it features an elongated bar near the entrance that references the laden market stalls at the city’s renowned pivoz food market.

Paris New-York hamburger restaurant by Cut Architectures, Paris. Paris New-York hamburger restaurant by Cut Architectures, Paris. Noma Restaurant by Space Copenhagen. Danish studio Space Copenhagen has overhauled the interior of Copenhagen eatery Noma, which was this year named "World's Best Restaurant" for the third time in a row (+ slideshow). The designers have replaced the brown hues of the original interior with muted black and grey tones and have also swapped the tables and chairs with ones from the Ren collection they designed for furniture brand Stellar Works. Fur cloaks hung over the the chairs before and the designers have added more over the new ones. "We felt a great importance in protecting the honest, earthy feel of the restaurant and balancing it with refinement of detail and elegance," explained designers Peter Bundgaard Rützou and Signe Bindslev Henriksen. "It was very much about using organic materials such as wood, stone, leather, brass and linen in a new way; materials that age beautifully over time.

" MS café by Wunderteam. Polish design studio Wunderteam have completed a café with a faceted wooden bar, situated on the ground floor of the Muzeum Sztuki in Lodz, Poland. Called MS Café, the space features mobile wooden booths on wheels. The bar itself is made of wooden triangular planes with back-lit plexiglass panels. The space also incorporates a bookshop, which is enclosed in a glass room. The following information is from Wunderteam: Conversion design of the main building of the Museum of Art (ms) located at 36 Wi_ckowskiego Street in Lodz The Museum of Art in Lodz has an avant-garde tradition. The Museum also lacked a common space as a venue for social life.