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A&R Tips: The Art Of The Press Kit If every artist, band or group represents it’s own brand, and must be sold as such to the public and to the music industry, then every brand needs to be packaged in a way that will effectively showcase it’s strengths and marketability. By now, most musicians understand the importance of a press kit- it is your brand, your image, it is you in a package and is the key to selling venues and a&r reps from both major and indie labels on the fact that you WILL make them money. But just making a press kit isn’t enough. In an industry with such a low barrier of entry, anyone can make and submit a press kit, decreasing your chance of actually getting recognized by those who matter. So what will you do to make your press kit more remarkable than the rest? A&R Tips: The Art Of The Press Kit
Shameless Chords by Garth Brooks
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Products Even Fender likes to throw away the rulebook. With their unique circuitry, eccentric cosmetics and undeniable character, Modern Original amplifiers are constructed with the tonal explorer in mind. By breaking away from traditional features and tapping into imagination, Modern Originals redefine what a “Fender amplifier” can be. Fender Pawn Shop Special Excelsior™ Fender® Pawn Shop Special Greta™ Demo Products