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Why Trade in Forex Market ? Why Trade in Forex Market?

Why Trade in Forex Market ?

The foreign exchange market has been the stronghold of banks and financial institutions for a long time. It was only in 1971 that the currency exchange market opened up to retail investors when exchange rates were allowed to float freely. Today, the foreign exchange market is accessible to experienced as well as new traders.

Individuals, corporations, brokers, fund managers, day traders, speculators - everyone has access to the riches of the forex market. PRINCE OF PIPS II - LIVE TRADING CONTEST - Fidelis CM. Introducing "Prince of Pips" - a Live Trading Forex Contest the most exciting live contest for Fidelis Capital Markets Clients and Forex traders yet!!!


Register and you will have the chance to put your expertise and trading skills against other traders with one goal in mind; to win the incredible cash prizes!!! Fidelis Capital Markets is thrilled to announce the launch of Prince of Pips, an electrifying live trading competition for all traders. Best Execution Speeds For Every Trade. Best Execution Speeds For Every Trade They said, be so good that no one can ignore you.

Best Execution Speeds For Every Trade

So we became the best. Best Social Trading Platform. What is Social Trading?

Best Social Trading Platform

Social trading is a revolutionary concept which is redefining the way investors have been trading in markets for years. Social trading allows investors world over to connect on a social platform that updates their investment performance and helps in exchange of market related information. This tool can be a monumental part of your investment strategy as it gets you an access to winning investment techniques and styles.

Best Social Trading Platform. FidelisCM - Trusted CFD Trading Platform. What is CFD?

FidelisCM - Trusted CFD Trading Platform

CFDs are trading instruments in the derivatives market. Being a derivative trading instrument, its value is determined by the underlying asset which can be anything - shares, commodities, indices or anything else. A CFD (Contract for difference) is an agreement to exchange the difference in asset value accrued between the time of opening and closing the contract. A CFD trader never actually owns the asset but still benefits from the trade if the market moves in his favor. Navy Ships Run Tighter Than Our Spreads. Open Demo Account with Fidelis CM. Trade Online with FidelisCM. MT4 Trading Platforms. The Meta Trader 4 is an extensively equipped trading platform that allows trading in financial markets and provides the trader with the necessary tools and resources to analyze price developments and trends of financial instruments, take investment decisions, create and use Expert Advisors (Automated Trading).

MT4 Trading Platforms

It represents the universal concept in trading and is by far the number platform choice of traders in the world. The Fidelis MT4 provides you direct market access and straight through processing. Additionally, due to our solid relationships with liquidity providers we are able to provide you with the lowest spreads starting from 0.0 pips on EURUSD. Since our MT4 servers are co-located with our banks you receive mili-sub second execution. Ingenious Analytical Tools. Certified Forex ECN Broker.