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Tanya Gambhir

Hi, My name is Tanya and I'm a book blogger. I read books originally to learn, progress, and feed my interests and love for good stories. This means that I mostly read non-fiction books about great personalities, lifestyle, and business/marketing, and then, of course, there’s a great deal of multi-genre reading. I later learned that book blogging was a thing and that I could do it all for free sitting at home. Reviewing meant I’d be responsible for thoughtfully reading through the books and explaining the good and the bad. So this made reading my addiction. I enjoy reading books and want to help others enjoy them too. I’ll review almost anything, fiction nonfiction and children’s books. I also do a writeup on authors. Feel Free to get in touch.

5 Ways to Develop a Reading Habit. 5 ways to develop a reading habit Do you keep buying new books but, eventually end up piling them?

5 Ways to Develop a Reading Habit

Do you blame it on the lack of time or interest to read? You get a few pages in and then get distraught, and turn to the Mobile phone or your television? If this “You” sounds familiar to you, and you’re tired of this habit, there’s still hope: reading is a habit that can be developed over a while. I have always enjoyed reading books and most of you would like to enjoy reading too, which means stabilising a constant reading habit. In this article, I will be explaining 5 ways through which you can form a routine reading habit. 1 ) Finding the Right Book Once you have decided to develop a reading habit, the first book that you will pick is going to make or break your interest in reading. Therefore, choose the topic you like. 2) Making time to Read Set aside little time from your busy schedule on a daily basis. 3) Prepare a Reading list Create a list of interesting books and stories.

Can Love Happen Twice by Ravinder Singh - FictionGeeks Bookclub. Indian Authors Can Love Happen Twice by Ravinder Singh About Can Love Happen Twice No.

Can Love Happen Twice by Ravinder Singh - FictionGeeks Bookclub

Of Pages – 224 Author – Ravinder Singh Publication Date – 6 November 2013 Main Characters – Ravin , Simar Genre – Romance Review: Can Love happen twice is a story of the author Ravinder Singh after his beloved , Khushi died. In this book , the author focus on Ravin’s life after Khushi passed away. The story can nowhere be said as unique . The story doesn’t makes you cry and feel attached with characters .

The book is okay for one time read but nothing more than that . What are your thoughts on this book ? I too had a love story novel by Ravinder Singh - FictionGeeks Bookclub. Indian Authors I too had a love story novel by Ravinder Singh About I too had a love story Published – Year 2008 Pages – 217 Genre- Romance Author – Ravinder Singh Review: This Novel, I too had a love story was suggested to me by a friend.

I too had a love story novel by Ravinder Singh - FictionGeeks Bookclub

Then I decided to give it a try. Once you start reading this book , you can’t put it down for sure .The narrator doesn’t go into too many details anywhere which is actually nice. he just describes as much he wants the readers to know .I cried my heart out after finishing the book. It was just one of those love stories which has nothing new, nothing special and very predictable. The way everything has been narrated, it makes you believe it actually happened.

If you liked my article , please check out some more reviews here. Also , you can read the in detail review of this book, I too had a love story here. Book Review: The Nameless Relationship - FictionGeeks Bookclub. Indian Authors Book Review: The Nameless Relationship About Nameless Relationship Published on- 18 February 2018 by Westland No. of Pages- 11 Pages Author – Preeti Shenoy Review: The book, Nameless Relationship is about an extramarital affair between a modern woman in her 50’s and her lover in his late 20’s.

Book Review: The Nameless Relationship - FictionGeeks Bookclub

She is in 7 years of nameless relationship with Dhiraj whom she met during one of her business trips. The author has captured the emotions and dilemma of infidelity in a beautiful way. My favorite quote from the book was – “Some of the best relationships that exist in this world are nameless ones. Let me know about your feedback and favorite lines from the book. If you want to read the reviews of other books by Preeti Shenoy, you may check here on my blog. Book Review - Unfinished: a Memoir by Priyanka Chopra. Book Review- Unfinished: a Memoir About Unfinished: A Memoir Published on– 09 February 2021 by Penguin Viking Author – Priyanka Chopra Jonas No. of Pages – 240 Pages Review: Priyanka Chopra’s unfinished released on 9th February this year.

Book Review - Unfinished: a Memoir by Priyanka Chopra

I was really curious to read this book so I pre-ordered it from amazon. Priyanka was born in Jamshedpur, India and lived in different parts of the country because of her father’s frequent transfers. At the age of 18, she won Miss India and Miss World. Moving further, the book reveals her Hollywood career. What I like about this Book! Unfinished shows that the most important things to Priyanka are family, friends, and her careers.