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Has the color of your waterslide started to fade? There is a way by which you will be able to restore the life to your waterslide, and that is with the help of FibeRestore! FibeRestore is a cost-effective product which can be applied in a wide variety of ways, such as with the use of a brush or a sprayer and which has a very low cost per gallon, while still covering a great area.

Faded Waterslide Refinish, Waterslide Restoration. Watersliderefinish. FibeRestore water slide color restoration coating product can make faded waterslides seem as good as new with minimum effort.


Yes; water slides in water parks are exposed to water throughout 365 days of the year. They are meant to be; yet they are not really waterproof. Like everything else, heavy use and consistent exposure to the sun eventually robs the water slides of their color and sparkle. Despite the best care and maintenance, these water slides lose their color; and in turn their initial appeal. With the lost appeal, they often lose their customers to the competitor next door. Bring It Back However, there’s good news in store. Welcome to a “NEW” Water Park. Welcome to a “NEW” Water Park Water restoration products will make your water slides sparkle and glisten before the forthcoming season Water parks are a place associated with fun, thrill and enjoyment.

Welcome to a “NEW” Water Park

Quick, Easy and Affordable Color Restoration and Substrate Protection. Higher profits for your Water Park! Are your clients driving right past your park, on over to your competitors park just because your waterslides and park features are looking old and faded?

Higher profits for your Water Park!

The fact is people see something that looks in dis-repair, and they assume it must also have safety issues. "Sorry kids, not that park". Water slides can be most fun for customers when they are well maintained and look great. However, these slides need regular inspection and maintenance to look as good as new. Installing the best made water slides and creating a wonderful Waterpark, or Aquatic Center is just the beginning as you well know. Yes, water slides are strong and well-built, but they can start looking bad even within the first year of operation.

Here’s what you will possibly find. New water slides mostly come with a protective gel coating, which not only protect the slides from damage, but also provide them with an attractive appearance. Waterslide Restoration: Inflating the Fun in Water Slides. Inflatable water slides are a boon in disguise.

Waterslide Restoration: Inflating the Fun in Water Slides

Although they cannot substitute the fun of a water park, they are a close substitute; especially if you have young kids looking for a fun-filled time with water in summer. The best part about an inflatable water slide is the ease in storing it too. You can inflate it when required and stack it back under the table or cupboard in adverse weather conditions. All good things come with a tinge of cons too. Unlike the fiberglass water slides in water parks, the inflatable water slides are prone to damages in the form of tiny punctures. Here are a few ways to rectify these punctures. · Inflatable water slide punctures mostly work well despite having pin-sized holes. . · Another tip is to vulcanize the hole with iron.

. · You can use duct tape to seal small holes. Apart from damage, fadedwaterslide is yet another common problem. Waterslide Restoration: Spot Restorations Effective with FibeRestore. My water park is the pride of Arizona and I take great pleasure in keeping it gleaming bright always.

Waterslide Restoration: Spot Restorations Effective with FibeRestore

I know that the excellent maintenance plays a big role in the popularity and safety of the water rides that keeps joyful customers coming back for more! The sun and elements try hard to diminish the look of my shiny waterpark, but our crew easily maintains color and shine throughout my entire park. All thanks to FibeRestore! This patented color restoration coating works wonders on the discolored and washed out signs, the faded waterslide and other features spread around the park. I can personally vouch that the coating truly restores the original color and gloss thus keeping it looking just like new!

FibeRestore is easy to apply and affordable on the pocket as well. And you never have to worry about the coating standing out like a ‘shining’ sore thumb because the old and new coatings simply melt together to form a uniform look! Keeping Water Parks Looking Just Like New! Keeping Water Parks Looking Just Like New!

Keeping Water Parks Looking Just Like New!

Water parks are a source of great delight for kids and adults alike. After all, who doesn’t love to whiz down a waterslide, undulate in the rippling wave pool or just splash around in the wading water! Excited whoops and gleeful yells ring all around especially in the hot summer months as this is one of the best ways to cool off. Quick, Easy and Affordable Color Restoration and Substrate Protection - Home.