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Useful ed sites. For Parents. Art. My sites. Linda's Classroom - Welcome to PYP 6. Learning Tips. Quadramas as a Reflection Tool - Teaching in the Early Years. I am so excited about our second Bright Ideas Blog Hop! We have over 180 participants this time around, all with a fantastic idea on their blogs! Get your paper and pencil ready for all of the great ideas you are about to find! This month my “Bright Idea” is using quadramas as a reflection tool. Giving students the opportunity to reflect on their learning and develop metacognition is so important.

But, reflection worksheets can get tiring. This post will show you how can use quadramas, a very hands-on project, as a reflection tool. I have used quadramas with my students for many different purposes – reading response activities, research presentation, etc. Below are the instructions for making a quadrama: Begin with 4 pieces of cardstock paper.

Next, each piece needs to be cut into a perfect square. When you unfold the piece of paper after cutting, you will get a nice square. When you unfold you will see two distinct creases. Here is a view from the top: And now, to continue our blog hop!


The 6 types of Questions your Students Need to Know about. Learning is all about asking questions and finding answers to them. An inquisitive mind is one that goes beyond the status quo and probes deep below surface meanings. To foster such kind of thinking inside our classroom requires some hard work and a serious investment in time and efforts. We, as teachers and educators, need to prepare the right environment where inquisitive minds can nourish and grow. We need to water this environment with a culture of asking questions. Yes you can put it in your teaching plans for this new school year.


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