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Fab GOUX-BAUDIMENT sur Twitter : "17heures fin des préparatifs du départ #futurcamp2015... Fab GOUX-BAUDIMENT sur Twitter : "#futurcamp2015... Fab GOUX-BAUDIMENT sur Twitter : "Nous sommes la ville ! Citoyens, acteurs locaux et makers... #futurcamp2015... Fab GOUX-BAUDIMENT sur Twitter : "Julien Dargaisse sur les startup week-end à Tours : le futur en marche !! #futurcamp2015... Fab GOUX-BAUDIMENT sur Twitter : "#futurcamp2015... Fab GOUX-BAUDIMENT sur Twitter : "#futurcamp2015 #Nao Nao, comme nos Futurcampeurs, est toujours très attentif... Fab GOUX-BAUDIMENT sur Twitter : "#futurcamp2015 Yvan SAUMET président de la CCI 41 et de la Polyclinique de Blois sur les évolutions du médical. Fab GOUX-BAUDIMENT sur Twitter : "#futurcamp2015 Intéressés par Loir et Cher 2020 ? Voir pour les données et les Labs 41. Pilote 41 - Plateforme de l'information territoriale du Loir-et-Cher - Observatoire de l'Economie et des Territoires de Loir-et-Cher.

Fab GOUX-BAUDIMENT sur Twitter : "#FuturCamp 2015. Florence Ducasse expose magistralement la démarche prospective Loir &Cher 2020 ! AssoPROSPECTIVE sur Twitter : "Plus qu'une semaine pour les places "early bird" du #FuturCamp2015 Réservez vite sur ! Billets pour FuturCamp2015, le Congrès bisannuel de la Société Française de Prospective à , Vineuil. Quantité non valide.

Billets pour FuturCamp2015, le Congrès bisannuel de la Société Française de Prospective à , Vineuil

Digital transformation: the key points and some bottom lines by keynote speaker Gerd Leonhard. Me and my colleagues at The Futures Agency are getting a lot of speaking requests on the Digital Transformation topic (or should I say ‘meme’) so I figured it would be good to share some of the key points here.

Digital transformation: the key points and some bottom lines by keynote speaker Gerd Leonhard

Enjoy and spread the word if you like the post. The valley of death Gradually then suddenly The Internet, and technology, is moving close-to (and inside??) Us Man and machine are increasingly overlapping Dealing with VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) Société Française de Prospective. Laurent Bindel sur Twitter : "Post-R : un voyage pédagogique pour comprendre son temps #projetpostr #futur #prospective. Post-R : un voyage pédagogique pour comprendre son temps. Future Hunt sur Twitter : "‘Thought vectors’ could revolutionize #artificialintelligence #futurehunt #neuralnetwork #data.

‘Thought vectors’ could revolutionize artificial intelligence. Despite all the recent hullabaloo concerning artificial intelligence, in part fueled by dire predictions made by the likes of Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk, there have been few breakthroughs in the field to warrant such fanfare.

‘Thought vectors’ could revolutionize artificial intelligence

The artificial neural networks that have caused so much controversy are a product of the 1950s and 60s, and remain relatively unchanged since then. The strides forward made in areas like speech recognition owe as much to improved datasets (think big data) and faster hardware than to actual changes in AI methodology. The thornier problems, like teaching computers to do natural language processing and leaps of logic remain nearly as intractable now as they were a decade ago.

This may all be about to change. AI Guru Geoffrey Hinton at the Google Campus The hope comes in the form of a concept called “thought vectors.” Now, you might ask, can’t computers already do that — when I ask Google the question, “Who was the first president of the United States?” Ford releases electric vehicle technology patents. 29th May 2015 Ford releases electric vehicle technology patents In June 2014, Tesla released its patents in an effort to accelerate the development of electric vehicles (EVs).

Ford releases electric vehicle technology patents

Following Tesla's lead, Ford has now taken similar action by opening its portfolio of EV technology patents to competitors. Last year, Ford filed more than 400 patent applications for EV technology amounting to over 20% of the company's 2,000 total applications. “Innovation is our goal,” says Kevin Layden, the director of Ford Electrification Programs. Futurcamp SFdP : Réservez vos dates du 27 au 30 août 2015. 2015 – Le krach mondial n’aura pas lieu. We could have also headed our article : “No, the inflating of the Chinese stock exchanges isn’t a bubble”.

2015 – Le krach mondial n’aura pas lieu

The Shanghai stock exchange’s exuberant 100% increase in one year is certainly frightening, but it reflects a real dynamic (or rather a correction) of the country’s economic development. One really has to wonder how real money (Chinese savings) invested in real needs (infrastructure, social systems, decontamination, Silk Road…) could create a bubble. Our team wants to pick up on the inconsistency that there is of being afraid of the financial centres’ gain in value in the obvious economic development zones like China whilst, for years, the whole world must marvel at the Western stock exchanges’ numbers, in particular in the US, in complete contradiction to the economic fundamentals of the areas concerned. Yes, the US stock exchange is in a full bubble (as well as, to a lesser extent, Japan and Europe).


Robots. 12 Laws of the Future. 12 Laws of the Future For several decades now I have been contemplating our relationship with the future. Many of my colleagues think of me as that crazy guy who assigns human attributes to this thing we call the future. On occasion you can hear me uttering phrases like, “I know it’s going to be a great day because the future is clearly happy with me today.” Or, “no, that’s not a good idea because the future is probably going to push it off a cliff.”

At one point I even tried to convince my wife that the future wanted me to buy a new car, but she wasn’t buying it. So why is it so important to study the future? The Physics of Time Vs the Physics of the Future “As physicists, we believe the separation between past, present, and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one.” – Albert Einstein From everything I’ve studied, past observers have focused on the concept of the future as being a consequence of time, rather than a stand-alone force of nature.

Futures. Space & Future... Future news & vision. Singularity-Emergence A.I. What Will the World Be Like in 2112? Daron Acemoglu What will life be like in 100 years?

What Will the World Be Like in 2112?

Daron Acemoglu, an Elizabeth and James Killian Professor in the Department of Economics, pondered this question as he awaited the birth of his son. Over time, Acemoglu’s contemplation led him to wonder what kind of world his potential grandchildren would inherit, and how recent political, social, and economic trends would shape this future society. Acemoglu tackles this question in “The World our Grandchildren Will Inherit: The Rights Revolution and Beyond,” published earlier this month by the National Bureau of Economic Research. The paper outlines what Acemoglu believes are the 10 most important trends since the early twentieth century, and Acemoglu makes 10 predictions on the next 100 years.

Outlook-wise, Acemoglu’s predictions are a mixed bag. Futurist. The actual programme which includes understanding change, innovation engineering, advanced thinking, organisational foresight and immersion projects is presented at a level to stimulate the best thinkers.


This will be a marvellous opportunity for our existing innovators and future leaders to acquire an understanding of futures thinking that will eventually contribute to our society. We look forward to hearing more. Yvonne CURTIS (New Zealand Futures Trust) This program contains many new and innovative aspects and is certain to attract a wide range of talented people who are seeking to understand and deal with our dynamically evolving world.

Foresight and innovation are not merely current ‘buzz words.’ Richard SLAUGHTER (Foresight International, Brisbane, Australia.) 2045: A New Era for Humanity. The Three Minute Futurist - Why Study the Future?