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Edgard Varèse et Léon Theremin. • Edgard Varèse et Léon Theremin VARESE : Libérer les sonsDe 1914à 1927, Edgar Varèse (1883-1965) émigre à New-York où il demeure très fortement marqué par les expériences et les théories des futuristes et notamment celles de Luigi Russolo et Ferruccio Busoni.

Edgard Varèse et Léon Theremin

Varèse souhaite faire de la musique avec des sons et non plus avec des no tes, tous les univers sonores ont le droit de cité dans sa musique : les bruits et les sons "purs". Il compose "Amériques" (1918-21), une pièce écrite pour des instruments traditionnels avec un goût très prononcé pour les "arrêts subits", les "intensités brusquement coupées", les percussions, la vitesse, la vitalité, où il intègre même les hurlements de la sirène des pompiers de New York. Cet aspect de son œuvre se renforce en 1931 avec "Ionisations" : première œuvre occidentale pour percussion seule, écrite pour trente-sept instruments, cette fois-ci l'intrumentarium inclut : sirène, enclume et un tambour à corde pour simuler le rugissement du lion.

Big Science lyrics. From The Air n Big Science Sweaters Walking And Falling.

Big Science lyrics

Club écoute n°47: Laurie Anderson. O Superman. This page is an annotated response to Laurie Anderson's early 80's alternative hit, O Superman, which was written in the context of the Iran/contra scandal.

O Superman

Laurie Anderson is a New York performance artist, the wife of Lou Reed. For some reason, O Superman resonnated in my mind when the Iraqi situation reached a climax in early March 2003 (even though I'd not listened to it for more than a decade). I googled for internet sites that could shed some light on why it might have struck such a resonance. I found site (a more comprehensive catalogue of Laurie's work, with annotations of many of her works). Jim's site inspired me to try my hand at annotating its meaning for me... O Superman. Introduces the 3 central actors in the ballad: force (superman), justice (judge), love (mom and dad).

Hi. Just start talking at the sound of the tone. Robotic answering machine message expresses the idea that love is gone - the receiver of the call is gone - supplanted by technology. Hello? And I said: OK. O Superman. The song topped the 1981 Village Voice Pazz & Jop singles poll.

O Superman

Structure and release[edit] The song's introduction consists of a repetition of the "O superman/ O judge/ O mom and dad" stanza. The rest of the song's lyrics are loosely structured around a phone conversation between the narrator and a mysterious voice. Alice Shields. Alice Shields (born Alice F.

Alice Shields

Shields, Manhattan, New York, February 18, 1943) is an American composer. She is a respected electronic composer[1] particularly known for her work in opera. In an interview with Peter Shea in 2013, she talked about her early training, about her work as an opera singer (and how it connected to her work as a composer), her training in bharatanayam modes, and her work in the psychology of music.[2] She is also trained as an opera singer, and since the 1990s has acquired skill as a performer of nattuvangam, a form of South Indian rhythmic recitation used to accompany bharatanatyam dance.

Shields earned a D.M.A. degree from Columbia University, where she worked at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center and studied composition with Jack Beeson and Vladimir Ussachevsky. References[edit] External links[edit] Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments. Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments is a manufacturer of electronic musical instruments, synthesizers and unique MIDI controllers.

Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments

The company was originally founded as Buchla & Associates by synthesizer pioneer Don Buchla in 1963 in Berkeley, California. Buchla. Electronic Girls. Studio di Fonologia, Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center et autres studios. Electronic Girls: Alice F. Shields (1943) Alice F.

Electronic Girls: Alice F. Shields (1943)

Shields (Manhattan, New York, February 18th, 1943) In 1950 Vladimir Ussachevsky (Columbia University) and Otto Luening (Princeton University) set up the Electronic Music Center. Based in New York in one of the areas of Columbia University, the Center gets legitimated in 1959 thank to a Rockefeller Foundation. EMC's aim is to teach to young musicians the new techniques of electronic music; the instruments (oscillators, phonographs, microphones, sequencers, electronic organs, filters, recorders and much more) were at the complete disposal of the students for recordings and live-sets. From 1959 to 1970, when the studio's direction is entrusted to Ussacevsky, the most famous artists and composers visit, study or work at the EMC.Alice Sherds gets to the Columbia in 1961 to study music and literature. “When in 1964 I walked into the building for the first time, I could see and hear the laboratory monkeys screeching in their cages. "The Sunbather. Alice Shields. Electronic Music Interviews, 2007-2014.

Joel Chadabe Download: audio, small video, or original.

Electronic Music Interviews, 2007-2014

QUELLE EST LA PLACE DES FEMMES DANS LA MUSIQUE ÉLECTRONIQUE ? Quelle est la place des femmes dans la musique électronique ?


Le symbole Ö avant ou après un mot indique un lien vers une autre fiche des " Les Basiques : La musique électronique ? ". 1. Deux figures emblématiques Le domaine de la composition musicale est longtemps resté fermé aux femmes. ALICE SHIELDS -"STUDY FOR VOICE AND TAPE" (1968) An Error Occurred Setting Your User Cookie.