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FEU Institute of Technology is among the leading Information Technology School in the Philippines. We are one of the top colleges in Manila. Enroll now!

4 Things To Remember When Studying IT - techyed - Quora. Most IT courses are not all theory like many courses are.

4 Things To Remember When Studying IT - techyed - Quora

You won’t be doing much essays or any written activities that is usually due as early as 7 o’clock in the morning. IT is often far more practical, structured and creative in its own unique and a little bit complicated way. If you prefer write-ups, reports or the like, you might struggle in IT courses. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t succeed. Why You Should Study in the Best Colleges. Posted: May 2, 2017 Every year, high school graduates take entrance exams in top colleges in the Philippines.

Why You Should Study in the Best Colleges

Despite the annual increase in exam fees and tuition, they still burn the night oil and line up for admission. Why not, studying in the best universities in the country has its perks. Read on. Good Initial Impression from Employers Once you finish your degree, you will start looking for work. Pinoy Student Life Hacks You Should Know - techyed - Quora. Being a student is a mixture of multitasking, prioritizing, and enjoying youthful life all at the same time.

Pinoy Student Life Hacks You Should Know - techyed - Quora

This training to adulthood is not an easy task but if you know some useful hacks, student life can be more fun and worthwhile. Little emergency savings Budgeting your baon is important but having your own little savings is better. Google Slides - create and edit presentations online, for free. Pinoy Student Life Hacks You Should Know - techyed - Quora. Signs You’re A Future Engineer - techyed - Quora. Trying to search for your future?

Signs You’re A Future Engineer - techyed - Quora

The signs may have been there all along! You’ve probably belong to the next generation of problem solvers and innovators. Signs You’re A Future Programmer - techyed - Quora. As a kid, you were already curious about how a computer works, how a web page is built or how a game is created.

Signs You’re A Future Programmer - techyed - Quora

You’re even the “fixer” of broken tech in the family. Curiosity is good. From college to the future: Keys to stay focus ... - techyed - Quora. College is your door in having a better life and career for your future.

From college to the future: Keys to stay focus ... - techyed - Quora

However, you need some keys to open this door. How to make the most out of your college years - techyed - Quora. Nobody wants to waste time especially when you step into college.

How to make the most out of your college years - techyed - Quora

Entering a top performing school in the Philippines is your door to a great opportunity but besides studying and graduating, there are other things you can do to make the most out of your college years and get you a better opportunity. FInd a school full of opportunities For some, names don’t really matter but their programs and curriculum does. When finding the best colleges in Manila, you need to make sure they offer more than branding. Find a school where they can open up opportunities like having a student scholarship programs, student ambassador programs, internships, and even exchange student programs.

Organizations and clubs. How to work for Google - techyed - Quora. © Google Student Ambassadors Philippines Google is the number one search engine and one of the top tech companies in the world.

How to work for Google - techyed - Quora

It’s no wonder why tons of people would love to be part of this company and work at the amazing Googleplex. Besides the privilege of being a Googler, the company provides a healthy, fun and awesome working experience. If it’s your dream to work for the number one search engine then take these tips: Study HARD Love your studies because they’ll be taking you to the front steps of Google. Join an organization or seek experience Google wants to see your extra curricular activities or part time jobs in your resume. Amazing Engineering Marvels in The World - techyed - Quora. There are a lot of amazing engineering marvels in the world made by top engineers who came not only from the top engineering schools in manila but also from all over the world.

Amazing Engineering Marvels in The World - techyed - Quora

With their amazing talent and exceptional work, how could we not be inspired? I listed all my favorite engineering marvels around the world, see if they’re your favorites too! Note: This list is not the complete range of wonderful marvels but a list of my personal picks and in without any rank or order. Japan’s Maglev Train © Pinterest When it comes to innovation, Japan won’t be the last one on the list.

How To Become A Professional Animator - techyed - Quora. So you want to be an Animator?

How To Become A Professional Animator - techyed - Quora

Why not! But taking on such field is not as easy as what it seems. It’s a long process before you can even produce a short film. There’s the characters, the story, the lighting, details, coloring etc. Why Is Computer Science Degree Worth Pursuing? Posted: December 7, 2016 Nowadays, it’s easy to teach yourself how to code, and many people decide to pursue this as a career because of the demand and the salary it offers. In order to establish a steady professional career, one should first build a strong foundation in the field of Computer Science. Here are some viable reasons why Computer Science is worth studying. It’s A Progressive Industry There are so many innovations being invented and will be invented in the future. 5 Reasons To Study Electrical Engineering. Posted: November 28, 2016 There are various fields of engineering, and choosing the right engineering course should depend on your passion and interests.

While civil engineering and mechanical engineering are two of the most popular courses among other fields, courses such as electrical engineering, plays a big part on every project and has a lot to offer in our society. Electrical engineers are in-demand Whether you’re a fresh graduate or a long time practitioner, it’s always easy to find a job in the electrical engineering market.

With the rapid expansion of technologies, it’s no surprise that the demand for electrical engineers has also increased. Global opportunities Being an electrical engineer opens a lot of opportunities for you, locally and internationally. Know how stuff works and help yourself Electrical engineers are blessings to the society. Electrical engineering is the blood of innovation. Why you should choose a degree in Information T... - techyed - Quora. Nowadays, senior high school students are having a hard time in choosing a career path, particularly the degree to take in college. Several factors like skills, attitude, physical demand or the availability of jobs can influence every students mind. In today’s corporate world, one of the most in-demand field is Information Technology (IT) not just in the Philippines, but around the world. High school students might hear this on their senior year together with various advices about, career, success stories and how you should pursue your passion as you enter college.

5 Famous Women in Tech - techyed - Quora. If you ask somebody to describe a computer programmer, they will most likely answer a guy in glasses wearing a superhero shirt, it’s even a bonus if they mention wearing braces. Why such stereotype happened? Because it used to be true. Yes, used to be because nowadays, programmers are not all those stereotype features mentioned above and not all are men. Women started showing more interest as years go by and I listed 5 famous, brilliant women of tech.

Note: This is not the complete list of famous women in tech, there are so much more of them. Programming: How to Get Started & Achieve Your Goals. Posted: October 21, 2016 There are lots of traits and qualities needed for a student to be successful in the field of programming. This might surprise you but being good at math is not one of them. It’s all about attitude, motivation, discipline and much more. 6 Ways to Become a Good Developer. Posted: October 21, 2016 A lot of young people nowadays are starting to be curious about programming.

8 Popular Programming Myths Debunked. Posted: September 30, 2016. How To Become an Engineer and Be Like Tony Stark - techyed - Quora. Tony Stark, although a fictional character, is admired by many due to his intelligence, skills, humor and tough attitude. How to Get Into a Top IT School in Manila. Posted: September 30, 2016 Now that you have finally chosen your desired career, whether it’s information technology, programming or engineering, getting into an IT school is your next big step. Why Everyone Should Learn Programming - techyed - Quora. 4 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Mobile App... - techyed - Quora. Developing a mobile app takes a lot of effort and time. How to Become a Game Developer Even if You’re N... - techyed - Quora. Game developing is not just ideas and playing games. The Benefits of Being Part of One of the Top IT Schools in Manila. Posted: August 23, 2016. 6 Traits of a Top Performing School in the Philippines.

Posted: August 23, 2016 It takes a lot of effort and determination to be successful. And some of them is selecting the right path, being with the right people and choosing the right school. Boost Your Career with Masters in Information Technology. Posted: July 14, 2016. Why FEU Tech Is The College You’ve Been Looking For. Five Reasons Why The I.T. Field Is An Excellent Career Choice.