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Fire Engineering Technology

Established in the year 2014, at Delhi, (Delhi, India), “Fire Engineering Technology”, are the world best Wholesaler, Trader, Retailer, and Service Provider of Fire Suppression System, Gas Flooding System, Fire hydrant System, Fire Alarm System, Fire Extinguishers, Refilling Service and much more. All these fire engineering products are easy to install, jerk free in functionality and available in many specifications. All these fire engineering products are acquired from the best vendors of the market. Our vendors are talented and most skilled in this realm.

Fire Alarm System Manufacturer. Heat detectors are the oldest type of automatic fire detection device.

Fire Alarm System Manufacturer

Heat detectors feature a detecting element inside the unit that activates when it reaches a predetermined fixed temperature or when a specific increase in temperature has occurred. Heat detectors are best suited for: applications where detection speed is not a prime consideration or where ambient conditions would not allow the use of a smoke detector fire detection in small, confined spaces where rapidly burning, high heat fires are anticipated Heat detectors have a lower false alarm rate, but they are also slower than smoke detectors in detecting fires.

Studies have shown that heat detectors are not as effective as smoke detectors in detecting fires in residential homes. Send Enquiry. Modular Type Fire Extinguisher Manufacturer. These are the Modular Type Fire Extinguisher from Fire Engineering. massive storage areas, warehouses or industries aren't perpetually below human police work.

Modular Type Fire Extinguisher Manufacturer

If a fireplace breaks get in such places, immediate human activity to combat them can not be attainable. However, such fires cause heaps of resource harm and generally even harm life. Being your protectors against all such fireplace hazards, we've got return up with the standard kind fireplace extinguishers. they're designed with top-notch quality that ensures automatic fireplace detection. In any given state of affairs, these extinguishers will notice the presence of a fireplace and may counter them effectively. Thus, they secure all the resources and lives at your energy unit. Send Enquiry. Clean Agent Based Fire Extinguishers Manufacturer. Foam Based Fire Extinguishers Manufacturer. Water Based Fire Extinguishers Manufacturer.

Carbon Dioxide CO2 Fire Extinguishers Manufacturer. Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher Manufacturer. Abc Powder Based Fire Extinguishers Manufacturer. CO2 Flooding Rooms Manufacturer. The Fire Engineering CO2 Flooding Rooms may be a specialised vary of firefighting instrumentation that's specifically designed to be used in places sort of a boiler space, pump room, engineering, etc. of ships. they will be utilized in any sizeable however closed house under attack for termination the fireplace quickly and robustly.

CO2 Flooding Rooms Manufacturer

There square measure high possibilities of fireside to erupt in varied ship rooms. Once erupted, it will chop-chop unfold to alternative components of the ship inflicting severe harm to lives and resources. Since a ship is on a voyage throughout the fireplace, it is extraordinarily troublesome to vacant the house of lives and resources and therefore the solely solution is termination the fireplace. Inert Gas System Manufacturer. Are you trying to find Inert Gas Systems?

Inert Gas System Manufacturer

At Fire Engineering Technology, we tend to forever work towards innovation to make sure that our systems square measure the most effective alternative for our customers yet because the setting. Following this property belief of ours, we've return up with the Inergen fireplace Suppression Systems. this technique may be used effectively in environments like laboratories, laptop and server rooms, telecommunication rooms, etc. With this technique put in in your work units, you'll take care to save lots of the utmost lives and resources within the case of venturous things. Our Inergen System is meant in an exceedingly thanks to make sure that it doesn't cause any damage to your technical instrumentation whereas effectively termination the fireplace. mistreatment sure agents in technically equipped rooms will cause damage to the instrumentation.

However, with our gas System, you don’t have to be compelled to worry this. Send Enquiry. FM200 Fire System Manufacturer. As a part of our ensemble range of fire protection systems, we at Fire Engineering also provide superior quality FM200 Fire System.

FM200 Fire System Manufacturer

This fire suppression system is ideal for combating critical fires in areas with multiple electrically-charged devices such server rooms. Due to the elaborate number of appliances in such places, there are very high chances of a fire erupting here. In order to ensure that you stay protected even in such critical situations, we have come up with the FM200 Fire Suppression System. It is a staunch fire suppression system which provides immediate action in the most critical of the situations. The Perfect Mechanism With a unique design and superior quality materials, this FM200 System works with a specialised mechanism which is useful for countering the class A, class B, class C and electric fires.

CNC Machine Fire Suppressions System Manufacturer. Vehicle Engine Fire Suppression System Manufacturer. Fire Engineering Technology offers a fully automatic, standalone fire protection system for vehicles, buses, and other engine and hydraulic system.

Vehicle Engine Fire Suppression System Manufacturer

We offer custom suppression systems to protect the vehicles, equipment, and vital assets. Automatic vehicle suppression systems are designed with detection wires that are wrapped around the perimeter of the vehicle’s engine. When the insulation on one wire melts (reaching a temperature of 356? Or higher), the melted wire touches the other wire and a message is sent to the control panel to dump the system and extinguish the fire Manual systems on the other hand require the operator of the vehicle to push a button to initiate the suppression system. Clean Agent Based Fire Extinguishers Manufacturer.

Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression System Manufacturer. Restaurant kitchens area unit significantly pre-disposed to fireside hazards.

Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression System Manufacturer

Despite the constant destruction of flames, the massive range of practical gas stoves will cause a fireplace to erupt. Such a scenario in your edifice wouldn't solely impact your business adversely however additionally hurt your staff, resources and time. At fireplace Engineering, we've got in an elaborate way designed a room fireplace suppression system which will safeguard you against all such hazards. Product potency The system mechanically detects the presence of fireside while not the necessity for any human intervention. Our system uses 3 strategies to discover the presence of fireside – liquified links, linear gas, and linear liquified links.

As presently as detected, the system straight off begins the method of fireside suppression to confirm minimum harm to life and resources. We use a wet chemical for extinction the fireplace. Send Enquiry. Fume Hood Cabinets Manufacturer. Electric Panels Manufacturer. Fire Suppression System Manufacturer.