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8/14 juil. 14, Tinel de la Chartreuse. [VIDEO] Juil. 14, Jeunes critiques en Avignon : "Archive" et La Chartreuse. Juil. 14, Archive. B’Tselem is The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories.

Juil. 14, Archive

In 2007 the organization initiated a project, in which video cameras are distributed to Palestinians living in high-conflict areas. The project aims to provide an ongoing documentation of human rights violations and to expose the reality of life under occupation to both the Israeli and international public. In his new work Arkadi Zaides deepens his artistic exploration of the ongoing conflict in Israel/Palestine. Materials filmed by volunteers of the B'Tselem Camera Project are selected and reviewed.

Zaides brings the viewers’ attention to the bodies of Israelis, as they have been captured on camera, and to the physical reactions to which they resort in various confrontational situations. [VIDEO] 2012, Land-Research. [VIDEO] 2010, Quiet שקט هدوء. [VIDEO] 2009, Meeting Brian Wash.

2007-14, B'Tselem's camera project

Arkadi Zaides. Revue de presse.