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Sniff: Wedo physics. I'm really excited about getting the Wedo working with Sniff - it seems to be a missing piece of the puzzle that makes it easier to get in on the fun of physical computing without having to wire stuff up, or worry about class 6B shorting out the GPIO on all your Pi's!

Sniff: Wedo physics

It's been ages since we've done any science here on the Sniff blog, so lets do some basic physics with the Wedo... One of the really useful parts - perhaps one of the most culturally significant of its day is the discovery of the pendulum. A pendulums period depends on its length, and NOT its mass. That let people build clocks, and measure time accurately - without the pendulum there'd be not time keeping, which rules out accurate navigation (remember the original Longitude prize?) , pretty much any kind of science (cause we're always measuring how long things take), no school time tables, and no iWatch. WeDo Chain Reaction – toneyhawk5. Over the course of two classes, we were assigned to create a chain reaction with lego motors and a variety of building materials.

WeDo Chain Reaction – toneyhawk5

The reaction was started by a scratch program that simulated a ball hitting a switch which then turned on a lego motor. Then this motor was used in any way to activate a motion sensor which triggered the next series. The use of the lego motor to trigger the next motion sensor in the series was where we were allowed to get creative. There were a variety of methods used to trigger the next motion sensor, including cars and ramps, dominoes, and various projectiles, including my partner’s and my catapult. We attached an arm to the end of our motor and used it to launch a lincoln log towards our target. Didakti-ingenia. 'lego wedo' on SlideShare. Computing support for primary schools Loopy Computy - Loopy Computy. WeDo Gymnasts Magic. K12 Outreach with Linda Hamilton. Acrobat or Gymnasts White sets and WeDoTM My favorite game is to get the acrobat to hang by his toes.

K12 Outreach with Linda Hamilton

Aula Robótica: Onda Sinusoidal con Lego Education WeDo. Una onda sinusoidal es un cambio o movimiento repetitivo que, cuando se representa como un gráfico, tiene la misma forma que la función seno.

Aula Robótica: Onda Sinusoidal con Lego Education WeDo.

A sine wave is a repetitive change or motion which, when plotted as a graph, has the same shape as the sine function. LEGO MOC-1789 Lego WeDo Joystick (Technic 2014) WeDo Monsters - Pictures, building instructions and contact. This is the home page for the instructions on how to build and repair the WeDo monsters.

WeDo Monsters - Pictures, building instructions and contact

Please contact Lasse Deleuran for any questions regarding the construction of the models or this page. Contact Ole Caprani for questions regarding exhibiting the models. Building Instructions Downloading Building Instructions The building instructions for each creature can be opened in LEGO Digital Designer Click here to go to its download page. Aula de Innovación Pedagógica "Felipe Huamán Poma de Ayala" LEGO Education WeDo Egg Decorator. Jorge Armando Lazo Moscoso. Sesionesde aprendizaje. WeDo Robotics - Reimagine your classroom......                                Brick by Brick.

LEGO Robotics. Lego WeDo Rocket. Stefan Bracher A rocket built and programmed in Lego Wedo.

Lego WeDo Rocket

After an initial countdown, the rocket accelerates and takes off into space. The program includes a background-image and a sound. Video Description A rocket is placed on a moon of Saturn and ready to lift up. To do so, an almost invisible string is attacked to the rocket. Program The program is controlled using the keyboard of the computer with the following commands: "L" Key: Liftoff sequence startDown Key: The Rocket returns to the surfaceEscape: Stop all movement. Lego WeDo Speed Governor. Stefan Bracher The centrifugal speed governor is a mechanical device to measure and control the speed of a machine by transforming the rotational speed to a mechanical displacement.

Lego WeDo Speed Governor

A model is built and programmed using Lego WeDo to demonstrate the physics behind it. Video Description. Lego WeDo — Gibraltar School District. Engineering with LEGOS. Videojuegos y robots. El propósito de esta unidad es iniciarse en el diseño de 4 tipos de producciones usando Scratch: 1) Videojuegos.

Videojuegos y robots

Un videojuego es una animación interactiva multimedia. Animación = Muestra imágenes que se mueven por el escenario.Interactiva = Responde a las acciones que el usuario/a realiza con el teclado o el ratón del ordenador y en función de ellas responde de una forma u otra.Multimedia = Utiliza imágenes y audios. En esta unidad aprenderemos a diseñar videojuegos muy divertidos que nos darán una pequeña idea de cómo se crean los videojuegos comerciales. 2) Diálogos. Rube Goldberg – Who is this guy and how can he help me teach STEM? Rube Goldberg Machine – a mechanism that performs a simple task using a complicated series of actions, named after an American cartoonist/artist/writer/inventor My name is Matthew Dear and I am the Senior Curriculum Developer here at Enable Education.

Rube Goldberg – Who is this guy and how can he help me teach STEM?

I have my Masters in Education and have had the wonderful opportunity to teach multiple grades and levels of learners. My background and the bulk of my teaching experience has included learners with multiple exceptionalities. Like everyone here at Enable, I’m passionate about finding ways to engage all types of learners. As is the case with many teachers, I was committed to teaching quality science lessons that were both innovative and inclusive. Working here at Enable Education has allowed me to really explore science education, including the elementary level. To demonstrate the potential of science and engineering in the classroom, over the next six weeks, we’ll be releasing sample resources for elementary and upper elementary learners.

Robot y Yo: Recursos externos Lego WeDo. RECURSOS PARA LA RÉPLICA DE ROBÓTICA EDUCATIVA WEDO. LEGOeducationUK. Our WeDo Adventure continues and this weeks’ adventure focuses on Language.


Stefan's Robots. Not Just Bricks. WeDoUser. Support - Product Support - LEGO Education WeDo Robotics - WeDo Base Set (9580) - WeDo Building Instructions. Tufts STOMP Activity Database. Adding&Subtracting. We Do WeDo. Scratch version 1.4 has special programming blocks to interact with motors and sensors in LEGO WeDo robotic creations. As a part of a course that Mitch Resnick is teaching this term at MIT Media Lab (and I'm TAing), we asked the participants to create a story that combines on-screen and off-screen, using LEGO WeDo and Scratch. To get them started, Mitch did a brief demo of the WeDo and Scratch, showing some of the key blocks and a sample project about a friendly (but misunderstood) alligator. We created a miniguide (which is available on ScratchEd ) and linked to a series of WeDo building instructions. The participants worked in teams of 2 or 3, and they ended up producing a wide variety of imaginative projects. Here are some photos and videos of the projects that the participants created: Submarine Rescue (Project attached) Balancing Robot (Project attached) King Duck vs.

More documentation of the project is available here . Caterpillar Love Story (Project Attached) Lego Phonograph. Step #10: Attach arm/horn assembly. PrevNext Attach arm assembly to Lego Base Plate. Make sure your record fits and does not touch the arm assembly. Move the motor and turntable assembly if necessary. WeDoBots: LEGO WeDo. Dr. E's WeDo Challenges.