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An Insight into Online Auctions- What You Need to Know

08 january 2018

An Insight into Online Auctions- What You Need to Know

Arguably, online auctions provide sellers and buyers of a vast range of goods with a large trading platform. However, as much as they open the world to art buyers, they also open those buyers to a world of risks as well. Purchasers are able to access a virtual flea market that is managed by experts. Moreover, sellers are provided with a unique storefront to market their merchandise to global customers.  


How online auctions work  

Typically, public web auctions operate just like the large flea markets. Vendors have an option of supplying a single product at a time or two or more deals of that same product. We all know how regional public auctions work, right? In this platform, there are multiple sellers and multiple bidders. This means that there must be winners as well as losers in this marketplace. The winning bidders are expected to pay at the end of the auctions. Like auctions that take place in-person, online auctions happen in real-time, so you must be ready to bid when the auction opens.  


How to enroll to online auction sites  

You aspire to join an online auction site, but do you know where to start? Well, first and foremost, you are required to sign up just before you can buy or sell any product. Needless to say, registering is handy as it helps to track the goods you sell or bid on, identify the winning bid, and create a data source not only on sellers but bidder comments as well. Turns out, creating a separate e-mail from your primary e-mail for online auction sites is the best decision to make. This is imperative as it helps you to keep an eye of your bids without spamming your main e-mail account.  


About the winning bids  

Bidding process starts at a given moment and ends at the scheduled time. Usually, the highest bidder is more likely to win. In other words, if your proposal is the highest and it is close to that of the auction, you stand a better chance of acquiring the products. However, if no proposals are meeting or exceeding the reserved cost, the auction will end without a winner. Once the public auction is successful, the vendor and the customer are obliged to communicate to discuss the settlement as well as the distribution of the products. Communication usually takes place via email.  


What are the different types of internet auctions?  

Internet auctions exist in two broad categories: person to person (P2P) and business to person (B2P).  

In B2P, the vendors have physical control of the products offered, and they can accept any payments for those goods.  

In P2P, sellers will supply the auction goods directly to the customer. In other words, the seller has physical possession of their goods instead of the site.  


Accepted Payment Options  

Public auction platforms offer many payment options for its users, including individual checks, debit cards, money orders, charge cards, and even escrow services. The only problem is that not all sellers accept all these forms of payment. Charge cards are the most popular means of payment as they are the most secure. Moreover, these cards give the purchaser an option to ask for credit history from the relevant credit card company in case the seller supplies a wrong product or doesn’t provide the product completely.  

For sellers operating in a B2P auction site, a bank card is among the best payment options available. On the other hand, however, P2P public auctions don’t approve repayment by bank cards. They instead call for payment by money order or cashier’s check before delivering the product to the highest possible bidder.  


Escrow Services  

In online auctions, some vendors use escrow services. An escrow service will do settlement for the purchaser using charge cards, money order, or check but five percent of the price is deducted as service charge. The seller will receive the money after the purchaser authorizes the merchandise sent by the seller. The primary purpose of this is to ensure that the purchaser does not end up losing their money without receiving any items. However, it is worth noting that escrow services may delay your offer, and so it’s important to do your assignment of investigating the escrow service’s history before joining.  


Customer Claims Reports by the Federal Trade Commission have indicated that internet public fraud is continually becoming a headache. Some of the problems include: promoted items are not delivered, the seller may deliver a product that is not the product advertised, and delayed deliveries.  

Despite the concerns, online auctions are taking the business world by storm. The honesty of buyers and sellers has contributed to the success of online auctions.