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Zoho发布网站创建工具Zoho Sites,让零编程基础的你快速创建网站. 基于 Web 的生产力工具套件服务商 Zoho 今日又发布一项新服务,再次与最大竞争对手 Google 针锋相对。

Zoho发布网站创建工具Zoho Sites,让零编程基础的你快速创建网站

新服务名为 Zoho Sites,是一个以拖拽方式创建网站的工具。 它可以让任何人在没有 HTML、CSS 基础的情况下,快速建立漂亮的网站。 Zoho Sites 同时集成了 Google 两个产品的功能:一个是简单的网站设计工具 Google Sites;另一个则是 Google 服务的新成员,由 DudaMobile提供的移动网站转换工具。 Google Sites 是一个非常基础的网站协作构建工具,更合适个人或小型团队使用,不适于制作面向用户的网页;而 Google DIY 移动网站工具,更多的是将一个专业设计过的网站转化为对移动设备友好的站点。 另一方面,Zoho Sites 允许企业建立为移动设备优化的小型桌面网站。 这个网站构建工具中还整合了 Zoho 其它生产力套件。 此外,Zoho Sites 提供的其他服务还包括网站主题、内置博客、域名注册、虚拟主机,与 Google Apps 整合,以及支持多个作者或网站管理员等。 Via TC. Home - Pencil Project. Bounce – A fun and easy way to share ideas on a webpage.

Tech Support Management. Split Testing and Multivariate Testing Software - Visual Website Optimizer. Mnutt/hummingbird @ GitHub. Hummingbird lets you see how visitors are interacting with your website in real time.

mnutt/hummingbird @ GitHub

And by “real time” we don’t mean it refreshes every 5 minutes—WebSockets enable Hummingbird to update 20 times per second. Hummingbird is built on top of Node.js, a set of event-driven javascript web libraries built on top of the V8 javascript engine. Go to the GitHub page View the Live Demo How It works Downloading You can clone the project with Git by running: $ git clone Installation Copy the default configuration file: $ cp config/config.js.sample config/config.js Retrieve the package dependencies using node's npm package manager: $ npm install Start the server and the monitor app: $ node server.js Deployment Hummingbird will deploy pretty much anywhere that supports node.js and websockets. . $ npm install -g jitsu $ jitsu signup $ jitsu deploy Presentations MongoSF A high-level overview of the motivations behind Hummingbird and how it was built. All Talks at MongoSF Contributors.

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