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How Pixar Fosters Collective Creativity. ♦ Listen to Ed Catmull discuss managing creativity.

How Pixar Fosters Collective Creativity

A few years ago, I had lunch with the head of a major motion picture studio, who declared that his central problem was not finding good people—it was finding good ideas. Since then, when giving talks, I’ve asked audiences whether they agree with him. Almost always there’s a 50/50 split, which has astounded me because I couldn’t disagree more with the studio executive. His belief is rooted in a misguided view of creativity that exaggerates the importance of the initial idea in creating an original product. And it reflects a profound misunderstanding of how to manage the large risks inherent in producing breakthroughs. The view that good ideas are rarer and more valuable than good people is rooted in a misconception of creativity. When it comes to producing breakthroughs, both technological and artistic, Pixar’s track record is unique. A Consultant Tells You What To Do, A Coach Shows You How To Do It. 8 Best Practices to Start a Scrum Project - Community Blog.

Currently I’m writing a series of blog posts about the retrospective I facilitated during Scrum Day Europe.

8 Best Practices to Start a Scrum Project - Community Blog

I’ll describe the strength of Scrum, experienced frustrations, small improvements and also what should be the focus the upcoming years. For the latter the participants suggested Scrum should focus on creating value-driven organizations. While doing some research on this idea I stumbled upon an old blog post I wrote two years ago: ‘6 Best Practices to Kick Start Your Scrum Team‘. The idea was to copy a small part of this article but I ended up rewriting the entire blog post. The result is what you’re currently reading. Customer Collaboration over Contract Negotiation The purpose of Scrum is to create ‘done’, usable, and potentially releasable increments. A truly value-driven organization also embraces value-driven contracts.

In reality however, agreeing upon an Agile, value-driven contract is difficult. The difficulty with contracts is that it’s all about trust. 1. 2. 3. 4. Tips for Scaling Retrospectives/ Posted 2 days ago by RICH VISOTCKY, Having a retrospective is an important part of the inspect/adapt loop for any team.

Tips for Scaling Retrospectives/

No matter the batch size of your work, from one item at a time to a month’s worth of work, it can be helpful for people to periodically and regularly look at how they’re operating and ask what they could change in their personal or work process to make things a bit better. That self introspection can be daunting for many, even with a team of people who work closely with and trust each other. When expanding this to many teams, the challenges expand immensely beyond teasing out the quiet voice. How does information get processed by the group? Below are some thoughts to help your organization the next time you gather as a community for a retrospective. Elect representatives One way to keep the group size manageable is to have elected representatives from each team participate.

Keep the focus on the system. 'Scrum', 'agile'... así son las nuevas formas de trabajo para la transformación de BBVA - (Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria) El proceso de transformación de BBVA conlleva la adopción de una nueva cultura empresarial con nuevas formas de trabajo, más ágiles y flexibles.

'Scrum', 'agile'... así son las nuevas formas de trabajo para la transformación de BBVA - (Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria)

Durante dos días nos sumergimos en una de las planificaciones trimestrales que la entidad lleva a cabo en todo el mundo, para conocer de primera mano cómo es esta nueva forma de trabajar. Scrum, agile, scrum master, product owner… palabras de uso común en el mundo del desarrollo de software, pero desconocidas para un neófito. Scaled Professional Scrum on July 13-14, 2016 in Boston with Ken Schwaber, Richard Hundhausen, Rob Maher and - The home of Scrum. Class Scaled Professional Scrum Taught by Ken Schwaber, Richard Hundhausen, and Rob Maher July 13-14, 2016 in Boston, MA, United States OVERVIEW The Scaled Professional Scrum (SPS) Workshop will show you how to launch, structure, staff, and manage a large agile or Scrum project.

Scaled Professional Scrum on July 13-14, 2016 in Boston with Ken Schwaber, Richard Hundhausen, Rob Maher and - The home of Scrum

In this 2-day workshop you will organize and simulate a scaled software development project to learn the infrastructure, tools and practices needed for success. You will leave knowing how to scale Scrum in order to maximize the value of your software development initiative. The price of this class is USD 2,100 You will be redirected to Description.


I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Agile Beyond IT. Evolution of the Product Owner - Community Blog. What is a good Product Owner and am I the right person to fill in this role?

Evolution of the Product Owner - Community Blog

If you have ever struggled with this question, you should propably keep reading. The advantage of beeing a trainer and a consultant at the same time is that you get the chance to meet a lot of Product Owners. I hear the stories of Product Owners struggling with their daily challenges. Sometimes these stories are beautifull & inspiring, but mostly they look like an episode of ‘House of Cards’ (meaning it’s ugly and full of politics and tough decision making).

Looking at all these stories you can see an evolutionary pattern appear, describing how a Product Owner grows in his role. The pattern. Intimate CSM.