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SB-Projects: Projects: Raspberry Pi. Temperature Measurements When you're backing a raspberry pie it is very important to keep a close eye on the temperature.

SB-Projects: Projects: Raspberry Pi

This page explains some ways to measure the temperature with your Raspberry Pi. It won't show all possibilities though. I will stick to the easiest ways, reading directly from digital sensors, so we don't have to worry about Analog to Digital conversion or calibrating the sensors. Core Temperature By far the easiest temperature to measure is the internal CPU core temperature. Vcgencmd measure_temp The temperature is shown in a nicely human readable way in degrees Celsius, like: temp=40.1'C The harder you make Raspberry Pi to work, the warmer it gets. 1-Wire Thermometers Dallas Semiconductors, now part of Maxim Integrated, has some very nice thermometer chips in their DS1820 series. In the diagram below you see how to connect one or more thermometers to the Raspberry Pi. Warning: Don't use the DS18x20-P versions!

w1-gpio w1-therm cat 10-000800575c8b/w1_slave.

IoT Internet of Everything

Embedded. Images VMWare. Linux PPPoE Server With RADIUS support. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to configure Roaring Penguin PPPoE server, on Ubuntu 9.10 server (amd64).

Linux PPPoE Server With RADIUS support

Check if you have PPP development files. nas100 ~ # dpkg -l | grep ppp ii ppp 2.4.5~git20081126t100229-0ubuntu2 Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) - daemon ii pppconfig 2.3.18ubuntu2 A text menu based utility for configuring pp ii pppoeconf 1.18ubuntu1 configures PPPoE/ADSL connections. Setting up a FreeRadius test lab (HOWTO) It’s quite handy to have one of these labs to test your radius configs, especially in the ISP world.

Setting up a FreeRadius test lab (HOWTO)

This is mainly for testing radius attributes as it’s very easy to get a Cisco box to actually be a regular PPPoE server. I have an old 7200 NPE-300 connected to a virtual machine running in VMware I’m running Ubuntu server 12.04 so installing freeradius is pretty painless: darreno@radius:~$ sudo apt-get install freeradius Now we need to configure the box. Darreno@radius:/etc/freeradius$ sudo vi radius.conf listen { type = auth ipaddr = port = 1645 } listen { ipaddr = port = 1646 type = acct } log { destination = files file = ${logdir}/radius.log syslog_facility = daemon stripped_names = no auth = yes auth_badpass = yes auth_goodpass = yes } It’s always good to have a fair amount of logging, especially in a lab. We also need to tell the FreeRadius server that a radius client will be coming in and making authentication requests. Short and sweet. How to save configurations using SNMP.

Aug222013 Everyone knows there are software to get the configuration using SNMP; but how can you copy the configuration if you don’t have any tool?

How to save configurations using SNMP

Let me explain what is SNMP before show you how to implement it. Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is an “Internet-standard protocol for managing devices on IP networks”. Devices that typically support SNMP include routers, switches, servers, workstations, printers, modem racks, and more. Configuring basic cisco network traffic monitoring with ntop and NetFlow. If you are the admin of a cisco (and sonicwall now in the newer firmware) network, NetFlow is a good and easy way of gathering insight into what exactly is passing through your cisco.

Configuring basic cisco network traffic monitoring with ntop and NetFlow

Apart from seeing link usage, netflow also allows the admin to see which protocols, ports and hosts are being used. This is much more granular and informative than the simple interface utilization that SNMP offers. this allows for easier troubleshooting such as helping to identify worms, or P2P usage, and so on. There are several Netflow collectors out there, but my favourite is by far Ntop ( It’s free, open source and easy to setup. Ntop usually works by listening on an interface, and parsing packet capture files to display the results in a nice graph format.

In this particular case, I will disable Ntop listening on an interface and will not feed Ntop any pcap files. Setting up a FreeRadius test lab (HOWTO) PPPoE Client-Server setup and configuration. Install and configure GNS3 with TunTap on the Mac. Renewing a DHCP lease. If you have a cable modem, you may have to sometimes "renew your DHCP lease" — in other words, get a new IP address from your Internet provider's DHCP server.

Renewing a DHCP lease

This is particularly useful when your ISP has recently been suffering connectivity problems and your earlier established connection was disrupted. There are two ways to do this: the 'normal' way, and also the 'shell' way. This is shortened somewhat from this webpage... The 'normal' way involves the Network preference pane in the System Preferences application. Comprendre la redirection de port (Port Forwarding) Avant d'aller plus loin il est important de bien comprendre ce qu'est le "port forwarding".

Comprendre la redirection de port (Port Forwarding)

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