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Home - Free Boot Manager with lot of features like USB, CDROM, partition hiding and much more. Plop Linux boot from CD, USB PXE Network and much more
The Raspberry Pi Launch
Welcome to the Linuceum! This website aims to promote the use of Linux in the home environment - so sit back and enjoy a mug of frothy cappuccino, as you have found the information you have been searching for! However you use the site, we hope that you will realise why we believe that Linux is the best PC Operating System not only for personal use, but for all of today's computers! As you may have noticed, we have enlarged our fonts and changed our navigation colour scheme to aid those visually impaired or viewing our site on smaller screened mobiles devices! Currently, everyone is talking about Cookies - following the EU Cookie Law implementation. Welcome to the Linuceum! Welcome to the Linuceum!
The 20th Anniversary of Linux
Objectives: The h-node project aims at the construction of a hardware database in order to identify what devices work with a fully free operating system. The website is structured like a wiki in which all the users can modify or insert new contents. The h-node project is developed in collaboration and as an activity of the FSF. home - home -
Home | Southeast LinuxFest Home | Southeast LinuxFest Thanks to all the sponsors, speakers, volunteers, supporting attendees, and attendees who helped make the 2013 SouthEast LinuxFest possible. We will be emailing everybody surveys soon, and posting an attendee map. The date of SELF 2014 should be June 6-8, 2014. Our contract with the current venue has expired, and the board will take a break for a week before looking into where to be next year. We made some backend structural and organizational improvements this year, and...
LVM HOWTO Logical volume management provides a higher-level view of the disk storage on a computer system than the traditional view of disks and partitions. This gives the system administrator much more flexibility in allocating storage to applications and users. Storage volumes created under the control of the logical volume manager can be resized and moved around almost at will, although this may need some upgrading of file system tools. LVM HOWTO
Update: A new, up-to-date collection is available. Please take a look! It's been approximately two years since I've written the first article, A (cool) list of Linux tools.

New cool list of Linux must-have programs

New cool list of Linux must-have programs
Learn UNIX in 10 minutes
Terminal commands
Respuestas a tus preguntas sobre GNU/Linux al instante
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Linux Freedom - Complete Computer Freedom
Linux, Open Source, Gadgets, and all things Digital - TechSource Linux, Open Source, Gadgets, and all things Digital - TechSource Programming is a beautiful art. Well, though traditionally, one might call it a science, it's more of an art if you look at it in an objective perspective. Programming, like painting or music, once learned, lets you create new things.

Linux tips every geek should know Linux tips every geek should know What separates average Linux users from the super-geeks? Simple: years spent learning the kinds of hacks, tricks, tips and techniques that turn long jobs into a moment's work. If you want to get up to speed without having to put in all that leg-work, we've rounded up over 50 easy-to-learn Linux tips to help you work smarter and get the most from your computer. Enjoy! UPDATE: If these tips aren't enough and you want even more, make sure you check out More Linux tips every geek should know!
Linux Command Line | Basic, Advanced, Useful commands