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WikiMatrix / Wagn Features. Feature ListShow flagged only » Wagn DocumentationWagn Details RailsInside says Wagn is "revolutionary" and "advancing the state of the art" Wagn is a wiki approach to building great web tools.

WikiMatrix / Wagn Features

Using building blocks called "cards", each of which has a unique name and revision history, you can build up powerful, efficient structures that save you a ton of work and cultivate healthy organizational patterns. Ward Cunningham calls Wagn "one of the freshest contributions to wiki since I coined the term. " Hosted services for Enterprise 2.0 with unlimited shared workspaces. WikiMatrix / Socialtext Features. » Socialtext DocumentationSocialtext Details Established in 2002, Socialtext is the first company to deliver social software to businesses.

WikiMatrix / Socialtext Features

By unlocking knowledge, expertise, ideas and data, Socialtext eliminates information silos across the enterprise to drive superior business performance. Socialtext's enterprise social networking products — including microblogging, blogs, wikis, profiles and social spreadsheets — provide simpler ways for employees to share vital information and work together in real-time.

Delivered in a variety of hosted cloud services, as well as on-site appliances, enterprise customers are provided with flexible deployment options that meet their security requirements. Free and professional wiki hosting and file sharin. WikiMatrix / Confluence Features. » Confluence DocumentationConfluence Details Give your team one place to share, find, and collaborate on information they need to get work done.

WikiMatrix / Confluence Features

Give your team Confluence. No email. Central Desktop - Organize, Share, Collaborate. Questions?

Central Desktop - Organize, Share, Collaborate

Call us toll-free: 866-900-7646 Are you a Marketer or Agency? Try Central Desktop for Marketers Join hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide who trust Central Desktop every day! 15 Day Unlimited Trial! Enterprise Wiki. WikiMatrix / BrainKeeper Features. Feature ListShow flagged only » BrainKeeper DocumentationBrainKeeper Details Information that is critical to the success of a business resides in the minds of its employees.

WikiMatrix / BrainKeeper Features

BrainKeeper offers the best method to capture and retrieve this knowledge by giving you the tools you need to manage the ever-changing landscape of your corporate information. With BrainKeeper, every member of your organization has instant access to the entire company knowledegebase, providing complete access to your most valuable resource. Get Support and Consulting for BrainKeeper 1 consultant for BrainKeeper listed.Does your company provide wiki services like consulting, installation, support or customizing? Compare it Compare BrainKeeper to other, possibly similar Wikis using the widget to the left. Get widget code Upcoming Wiki Events There are no events.

Something wrong? Is something wrong with this entry? WikiMatrix. Atlassian Confluence. First year of maintenance is on us Server licenses entitle you to perpetual use.

Atlassian Confluence

The first 12 months of maintenance – product updates and support – are included free. Source code included The full source code is available for commercial and academic licenses to help with any desired product customizations. 30-day money-back Guarantee If you want to discontinue use of any Atlassian product, Atlassian offers a 30–day money–back guarantee with no questions asked. Discounts for academic institutions Qualified academic institutions receive a 50% discount on download licenses.

Free for open source, nonprofits, and classrooms. MindTouch Features. » MindTouch DocumentationMindTouch Details MindTouch is a provider of cloud based customer success software.

MindTouch Features

This is a new kind of technology that creates shorter sales cycles, increases organic site traffic, and turns new users into experts and brand advocates. It can be deployed standalone or can be integrated into existing customer support systems like Salesforce. MindTouch will reduce the effort to locate information which will improve your net promoter score. DokuWiki Features. Feature ListShow flagged only » DokuWiki DocumentationDokuWiki Details DokuWiki is a standards compliant, simple to use Wiki, mainly aimed at creating documentation of any kind.

DokuWiki Features

It is targeted at developer teams, workgroups and small companies. TWiki - the Open Source Enterprise Wiki and Web Application Platform. TWiki Features. » TWiki DocumentationTWiki Details TWiki is a flexible, powerful, and easy to use enterprise wiki and web application platform.

TWiki Features

The structured wiki is typically used to run a project development space, a document management system, a knowledge base, or any other groupware tool, on an intranet or on the internet. Users without programming skills can create web applications that run on TWiki. Developers can extend the functionality of TWiki with Plugins. Administrators can tailor their TWiki installation with over 400 extensions available from TWiki is the most popular wiki used behind corporate firewall; it gets downloaded 3,000 times a month and is in use by the majority of Fortune 500 companies.

See overview presentation at. WikiMatrix / MoinMoin Features. Feature ListShow flagged only » MoinMoin DocumentationMoinMoin Details MoinMoin is an advanced, easy to use, fast and modular Wiki engine written in Python.

WikiMatrix / MoinMoin Features

Untitled. BrainKeeper Enterprise Wiki. WikiMatrix / Zoho Wiki Features. Feature ListShow flagged only. WikiMatrix / Wikispaces Features. » Wikispaces DocumentationWikispaces Details Wikispaces makes wikis easy: 10 second signup, WYSIWYG editing, free and paid plans, and a huge list of standard features. We're one of the largest wiki platforms on earth, with a community of over 4 million members and 1.5 million wikis. Users get a subdomain on Free version supported by Google ads. WikiMatrix / Wetpaint Features. Feature ListShow flagged only » Wetpaint DocumentationWetpaint Details Wetpaint ( let's anyone create a free hosted wiki website in minutes. Wetpaint sites are different from other wikis because anyone can easily add text, photos, or links to other websites just by clicking on the "EasyEdit" button and typing.

Online Collaboration for Business. WikiMatrix / SamePage Features. » SamePage DocumentationSamePage Details SamePage is the enterprise-strength wiki solution that combines the best of wikis and blogs to effectively support, streamline, and manage collaborative team efforts. Our solution provides a wiki for teams to work together more effectively, making collaboration, communication, and sharing knowledge across project and geographies easier than ever. SamePage taps into the collective knowledge of the organization, taking full advantage of the vast network of social and organizational connections to leverage the value of collaborative work and turn it into real business results. The free Community Edition of SamePage which includes all end-user features provides an excellent option to get started at zero cost and gauge end-user traction.

Screenshots These screenshots should give you a first impression how SamePage looks like. Personalized Dashboards.