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40 anni buttati » Blog Archive » Performance corrette… Ecco, un regalino a Firefox per natale dovevo farlo, se poi questo comporta anche migliorare la mia terribile digitazione meglio ancora.

40 anni buttati » Blog Archive » Performance corrette…

Ecco quindi due plugin, uno di cui ho già parlato, ed uno nuovo nuovo. Performancing con questo plugin potete inviare i vostri post ai vostri blog senza aprire pannelli di controllo diversi, avendo una sola interfaccia WYSIWYG univoca, funziona con diversi servizi e piattaforme: Blogger.comWordPress.comTypepad.comLivejournalMSN SpacesWordPressMovableTypeDrupalTextPatternI Blog che utilizzano le API di Blogger e MetaWeblog. WordPress Plugins Database. Wordpress Snippets. Building a Stylish Blog Design Layout in WordPress. Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been through the process of creating a stylish blog design in Photoshop, coding it up into a static HTML and CSS concept, and now we’ll put the whole thing together as a fully working WordPress theme.

Building a Stylish Blog Design Layout in WordPress

Follow this step by step walkthrough of the various WordPress theme files, and see how the HTML is split up and injected with PHP tags to provide the complete blogging functionality. At the end of the last tutorial, we were left with a working HTML and CSS concept of the blog homepage. Since then, a generic inner page has been styled up, to give the CSS for page elements such as comments, author description etc that appear when viewing a complete blog post. A WordPress theme consists of multiple PHP files. Each one of these files is called from the index.php, so your header, footer and sidebar are separate files that are inserted into the index to render a full web page. Due chiacchiere. 40 anni buttati. Main / HomePage. WordPress Wiki - Home Page. Red Alt - Page tools and resources.